Volleyball Top Ten Breakdown (All Classes)

Class 2A Regional Volleyball Predictions

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Class 2A Regional Volleyball Predictions

Here are my Predictions on who is going to win the 12 regionals taking place this weekend.  I will give a quick breakdown of why I am picking each team to win.

Region 1

Winner: Wiggins

Wiggins will be the favorite to win Region 1 and probably most people’s favorite to win the Class 2A State Title.  Wiggins got a great draw and will face Olathe and Calhan.  I don’t see much of a test for Wiggins in Region 1.

Region 2

Winner: Sedgwick County

Sedgwick County will be the favorite to win Region 2 and my pick to win Region 2.  Sedgwick County has had a great season with just 2 losses to Wiggins and Merino (#1 in their respective classes).  Sedgwick County will host West Grand and Crowley County and I believe this is a great draw.  Sedgwick County could get a test by West Grand, but I expect Sedgwick County to move into the State Tournament.

Region 3

Winner: Meeker

Meeker will be the favorite to win Region 3 and my pick to win Region 3.  Meeker has just two loses on the season to Sedgwick County and Centauri and both host regions in their respective classes.  Meeker will host Mancos and Heritage Christian.  Meeker could be tested by Mancos and look for the top hitters on each team to try and carry their teams to wins. 

Region 4

Winner: Fowler

Fowler will be the favorite to win Region 4 and my pick to win Region 4.  Fowler has just 1 loss on the season to #1 Lamar 3A.  Fowler did not play the most difficult schedule, but they dominated their schedule losing just 8 sets all season.  Fowler ended the season on an 8-game winning streak.  Fowler will host Cedaredge and Hayden.  This is a great draw for Fowler, and I don’t see Fowler getting much of a challenge in Region 4 but that is why you play the matches. 

Region 5

Winner: Strasburg

Strasburg will be the favorite to win Region 5 and my pick to win Region 5.  Strasburg surprised many with their run this season and finished the year 20-3.  Strasburg has 3 quality losses on their resume plus plenty of great wins along the way.  Strasburg will host Plateau Valley and Gilpin County.  This is a bit more of a difficult draw especially with Gilpin County.  Strasburg will face a athletic Gilpin County team and I think is the match to watch in Region 5.

Region 6

Winner: Lake County

Vail Christian is the high seed and for most people the favorite to win Region 6.  I am going with Lake County to win Region 6.  Lake County, I believe has the fire power to pull the upset and I think playing a 3A schedule prepared them for this game.  The main question mark is if Jaycee Windorski is back and if she is I do think they win this region.  Region 6 features Vail Christian, Lake County, and Ignacio.  I fully believe this could go to any of the 3 teams, but I think Lake County moves onto state.

Region 7

Winner: Del Norte

Denver Christian is the high seed and probably the favorite in this Region.  But, I am going with Del Norte to win Region 7.  Del Norte finished the season 17-6 and they played a difficult schedule.  Del Norte has some keys wins on the season plus they played both Rye and Sanford tough.  Denver Christian is entering regionals on a hot streak winning 8 straight games.  I think Del Norte vs Denver Christian will be a great match and could go either way.  The third team at region 7 is Vail Mountain.

Region 8

Winner: Hoehne

Holyoke is the high seed and probably the favorite to win Region 8.  I am going in a different direction and picking Hoehne to win Region 8.  Hoehne has been ranked in my volleyball rankings the entire year and most of their losses are to top teams in Class 1A or 2A.  Holyoke is the top seed in the region, and they also played a very difficult schedule.  They won the games they needed to including a key win against Burlington to end the season.  Holyoke vs Hoehne should be a great game and probably goes 5 sets.  Addenbrooke Classical is the third team in region 8 and they won the 3A/2A Confluence league.  They could also be in the mix, but I believe they lack a quality win on their schedule.

Region 9

Winner: St. Mary’s

St. Mary’s will be the favorite in Region 9 and my pick to win Region 9.  St. Mary’s enters regionals with a 17-6 record and all their losses came to 3A/4A teams this season.  St. Mary’s also picked up some key wins over Rye, Mancos, Palmer, and Vista Ridge.  St. Mary’s will be tested by a very good Burlington team.  Burlington is a very tough team with a 15-8 record.  Burlington had a rough ending to the season, but they have proven at points to be very good.  Look for Burlington to make a run at St. Mary’s.  The third team at Region 9 is Rangely. 

Region 10

Winner: Dayspring Christian

Dayspring Christian will be the favorite in Region 10 and my pick to win Region 10.  This in my opinion is one of the toughest regions in Class 2A.  I could easily see any of the 3 teams winning this region.  Dayspring Christian will host Buena Vista and Limon.  All three matches should be very good.  At different points this season all three teams were ranked.  I am giving Dayspring Christian the edge over Limon and Buena Vista due to their 10-game winning streak and they seem to be peaking at the right time.  Buena Vista on the other hand enters losing 3 of their last 7 games.  Buena Vista does have the talent though to pull the upset.  Limon also enters losing 5 of their last 7 games but all were quality opponents.  Limon tough schedule could give them an edge. 

Region 11

Winner: Sanford

Sanford will be the favorite in Region 11 and my pick to win Region 11.  This is another very tough region with both Front Range Christian and Byers being solid teams.  Sanford ended the season on a 3 game winning streak including a key Five Set win over Byers to help get a home Regional.  Sanford does have some losses at the end of the season but their ability to bounce back is key.  Front Range Christian is a tough team to evaluate.  They started the season 7-0 then hit a round patch losing 4 of their next 5.  FRC then ended the season winning 4 straight but lack the quality wins to end the season.  Byers I also feel is a quality opponent who played a very difficult schedule.  Most of Byer’s losses are to top teams in Class 2A and 1A.  My only concern for Byers is ending the season losing 3 of their last 4.  I do believe this will be a great regional.

Region 12

Winner: Rye

Rye will be the favorite in Region 12 and my pick to win Region 12.  Region 12 has the most questions with Rye hosting North Fork and Yuma.  North Fork went 17-5 but never left the Western Slope to play against other competition.  North Fork lost to Meeker, Rangely, Vail Christian, Delta, Grand Junction Central.  I have also had a tough time with the strength of the Western Slope teams so North Fork is a bit of a mystery to me.  Yuma enters regionals at 11-12 and they played a tough schedule against quality 1A and 2A opponents.  Yuma does lack wins against quality opponents with their best win over Holyoke and Byers.  Yuma, I think could shock everyone at this region if they play consistent.  Rye as mentioned is my pick to win this region and they also played at quality schedule going 16-6.  Rye has quality wins over Del Norte, Hoehne, Crowley County, and Buena Vista.  Rye did end the season on a loss to bouncing back will be key.  I fully believe Region 12 is up for grabs.