3A League Breakdown

Class 3A Football Top Games by Jeremiah Johnson

Well it’s a football fans dream, last regular season of the week and we have 2 league championships for 3A to be decided, as well as an estimated 6 teams fighting for the last 2 spots, there is a good chance it will be almost all sorted out by the end of the night Thursday, I will start with top games for league championships then add in the teams I believe are fighting for a playoff berth and the scenario for each team to make the final 16 bracket.

We start off with #8 Frederick going to #12 George Washington Thursday night, I believe both teams are already in the playoffs, but league 6 championship and possible seeding are up for grabs.

Also, we have 3 teams with a potential chance at winning league 2 championship, we have #29 Pueblo County traveling to play #14 Pueblo East, the third team in the mix is #22 Discovery Canyon who host #39 Sand Creek, with a win Discovery Canyon will win the league and guarantee a playoff bid, however if they lose then winner of County and East would win the league. Looking at it the only chance that Pueblo County or Discovery Canyon make the playoffs is to win the league, speaking to Coach Valdez with East and Coach Enriquez with County all they can do is tell their teams to handle business and win and let the rest sort itself out.

Current teams that have won league championships and secured a playoff berth is:

#16 Harrison

#2 Durango

#3 Green Mountain

#4 Lutheran

#1 Roosevelt

As of Thursday morning, the 6 teams fighting for the last playoffs and playoff scenarios are:

• #22 Discovery Canyon (Win and in)

• #29 Pueblo County (Win and a loss by Discovery Canyon)

• #17 Pueblo Central (Win, + East win, + Discovery Canyon loss, + Glenwood loss)

• #14 Pueblo East (I believe win and they are in)

• #15 Glenwood Springs (Win, + Discovery Canyon loss, +East loss)

• #18 Palisade (Win, + Central loss, + Discovery Canyon loss, + East win)

There are some other factors that will go for or against teams mainly strength of schedule is the 2nd most important stat aside from wins of course, I want to wish all the coaches, players, teams and fans good luck this week, I will have an updated playoff look Friday.