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MileHigh Prep Report 8-Man Football League Awards.

MileHigh Prep Report 8-Man Football League Awards.

My Fourth annual All-League Awards.  1 Player Per Offensive and Defensive Team If you make offense or defense, you will not be on both.  I will pick a Player of the League, Coach of the League, Special Teams Player of the League, and Surprise Team of the League.  If you would like a certificate, let me know and will mail you one or email them to you. Also, I do miss people if I missed someone let me know and I will look.  Remember these awards are from MileHigh Prep Report and not from the Official Leagues. 

Quick Note: If your team has not posted stats, it is very hard for me to give awards to players with no stats even if your team is doing good, I cannot guess stats.

One other Note: Being a lineman in high school it also hurt me inside not giving any offensive lineman awards.  I will give 2 to 3 Offensive Line Units out.  If you are a coach and want the names listed or if you know the Names and Years let me know and I will add them.

League One Awards

Player of the League:

Kade Hankins Sr. Dove Creek; 760 yards passing, 63% completion, 10 TDs, 3 INT, 1141 yards rushing, 16 rushing TDs, 42 tackles, 1 TFL, and 1 Sack

Coach of the League:

Shane Baughman, Dove Creek HS

Surprise Team of the League:

Sargent HS

All League One Awards

League One Offensive Team

QB Kade Hankins Sr. Dove Creek

RB Gage Buffington Jr. Dove Creek

QB Ayden Mathews Sr. Mancos

RB Kail Wayman Jr. Mancos

RB Levi Martin Jr. Mancos

QB Cash Caldon Jr. Sanford

RB Lincoln Reynolds JR. Sanford

Wyatt Cross Sr. Sargent

Cooper Gosar SO. Sargent

Dove Creek Offensive Line

Mancos Offensive Line

Sanford Offensive Line

League One Defensive Team

Quaden Huffaker Sr. Dove Creek

Dustin Glover Sr. Dove Creek

Tyson Beanland Jr. Dove Creek

Kendall Gardner Sr. Dove Creek

Andrew Jaime Jr. Mancos

Cole Dainty-Guilfoyle Jr. Mancos

McCray Larsen Sr. Sanford

Gauge Lewis Sr. Sanford

Jaycian Sierra So. Sargent

Mitchell Plane Sr. Sargent

Honorable Mention Offense & Defense

Taber Dejane Jr. Dove Creek, Audric Chadd Sr. Dove Creek, Broc Imel Jr. Mancos, Chris Medina Jr. mancos, Lane Greenlee Sr. Mancos, Justin McCarroll Sr. Sanford, Roj Larson Jr. Sanford, Trason Gartrell Fr. Sanford, Fernando Venzor So. Sargent, Sargent Offensive Line

Special Teams Player of the League

Kail Wayman Jr. Mancos

(No Stats for Dolores)

League Two Awards

Player of the League:

Taylor Shull Sr. Vail Christian, 787 yards passing, 10 TDs, 4 INTs, 1961 yards rushing, and 24 rushing TDs

Coach of the League:

Tim Pierson, Vail Christian

Surprise Team of the League:

West Grand High School

All League Two Awards

League Two Offensive Team

QB Taylor Shull Sr. Vail Christian

RB Hunter Gilbert So. Vail Christian

QB Brayden Dale Sr. Hayden

RB Kodi Ingols Sr. Hayden

QB Wyatt Shearer Sr. West Grand

RB Wyatt Howell Sr. West Grand

WR Ollie Bergman Sr. West Grand

RB Marsten Wagner Sr. Rangely

QB Kobey Chism Jr. Rangely

QB Parker Richardson Jr. Plateau Valley

RB Dalton Crites Sr. Plateau Valley

QB Lucas Koler Sr. Soroco

Vail Christian Offensive Line

West Grand Offensive Line

Hayden Offensive Line

League Two Defensive Team

Cody Hawn Sr. Hayden

Wes Gioia Sr. Hayden

Sabyn Hager Sr. Hayden

Jake Lindley Sr. Hayden

Evan Crandall So. West Grand

Jackson Steinle So. West Grand

Blake Terryberry Fr. West Grand

Lawson Landrus So. West Grand

Luis Quintana Sr. Rangely

Jaxon Torsell Jr. Rangely

Wyatt Wiley Sr. Rangely

Cadden Rocha Sr. Plateau Valley

Jackson Bevan So. Plateau Valley

Virgil Kuper Fr. Plateau Valley

Honorable Mention Offense & Defense

Rangely Offensive Line, Theo Moritz Sr. Vail Christian, Will Neumann Jr. Vail Christian, Grady Fretress Jr. Hayden, Owen Miller Sr. Hayden, Aaron Fuentes Sr. Hayden, Joe Probst So. West Grand, Landon Williams Jr. Rangely, Gage Fielder So. Rangely, Ayden Christian So. Rangely, Taylor Schluchter Sr. Plateau Valley, Hunter White Fr. Plateau Valley, Heston Bevan So. Plateau Valley, Rusty Junge Jr. Plateau Valley, Bradley Hoskinson Sr. Soroco, Dorian Hotchkiss Jr. Soroco

Special Teams Player of the League

Marstan Wagner Sr. Rangely

(No Defensive Stats for Vail Christian and Soroco)

League Three Awards

Player of the League:

QB Caston Cox So. Simla HS; 1207 yards passing, 16 TDs, 2 INTs, 194 yards rushing and 3 rushing TDs

Coach of the League:

David Guy, Simla High School

Surprise Team of the League:

St. Mary’s

All League Three Awards

League Three Offensive Team

QB Caston Cox So. Simla

RB TJ Eurich So. Simla

WR Brent Bowker Jr. Simla

QB Aiden Jack Sr. Calhan

RB Logan Jack Jr. Calhan

QB Ethan Tesman Fr. Elbert

RB Logan LaFollette Jr. Elbert

RB Dominick Martinez Jr. St. Mary’s

QB Caden Jamieson Fr. South Park

Simla Offensive Line

Calhan Offensive Line

League Three Defensive Team

Brayden Glover Sr. Simla

Jared Hodgson Jr. Simla

Willie Swennes Sr. Simla

Christian Aljets Sr. Calhan

Austin Cochran Jr. Calhan

Logan Johnson So. Calhan

Zane Wilson Sr. Elbert

Waylen Potestio Sr. Elbert

Chris Allen Jr. St. Mary’s

Ryan Strub So. St. Mary’s

Dyllan Newman Jr. South Park

Gavin Street So. South Park

Honorable Mention Offense & Defense

Elbert Offensive Line, St. Mary’s Offensive Line, Wyatt Stanko So. Simla, Jonathan Zimmerman Sr. Simla, Treven Kocerha So. Simla, Riley Cochran Fr. Calhan, Noah Nelson So. Calhan, Trevor Hendrix Jr. Calhan, Peyton McDonald Sr. Elbert, Brody Thompson Sr. Elbert, Matt Dooley So. Elbert, William Trechter Sr. St. Mary’s, Dillon Barrett Sr. St. Mary’s, Ezekiel Farnham Jr. St. Mary’s, John Krasovec So. St. Mary’s, Noah Anderson Jr. South Park, Riley Bogart Sr. South Park

Special Teams Player of the League

Jared Hodgson Jr. Simla

(No Stats Pikes Peak Christian)

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League Four Awards

Player of the League:

Michael Gerk Sr. Haxtun; 1239 yards rushing, 11 yards per carry, 16 rushing TDs, 287 yards receiving, 3 receiving TDs, 96 Tackles, 5 TFL, 5 INTS, 2 Forced Fumbles, 1 Defensive TD, and 1 Punt Return for a TD

Coach of the League:

JD Stone, Haxtun High School

Surprise Team of the League:

Dayspring Christian

All League Four Awards

League Four Offensive Team

QB Ryland Wolff So. Haxtun

RB Michael Gerk Sr. Haxtun

WR Kyle Fryrear Sr. Haxtun

QB Ryan McCaffrey Jr. Akron

RB Anderson Filla So. Akron

WR/RB Ivan Losa Sr. Akron

QB Coen Schmidt So. Merino

RB Deacon Trenkle Sr. Merino

RB Elijah Fusco Jr. Dayspring Christian

QB Isaiah Bryant Jr. Dayspring Christian

QB Seth Marick Sr. Caliche

WR Tanner Gerk Sr. Caliche

Haxtun Offensive Line

Akron Offensive Line

Merino Offensive Line

League Four Defensive Team

Kailin Kelley Jr. Haxtun

Keegan Colglazier Jr. Haxtun

Macklin Tempel Sr. Haxtun

Kaiden Schelling Jr. Haxtun

Brock Swedlund Jr. Akron

Wesley Couch Jr. Akron

Landen Bonnell Sr. Dayspring Christian

Gatlin Gunn Sr. Dayspring Christian

Chance Mitchell Jr. Caliche

Orran Adolf Jr. Caliche

Honorable Mention Offense & Defense

Dayspring Christian Offensive Line, Caliche Offensive Line, Sedgwick County Offensive Line, Grant Statz So. Haxtun, Mason Bornhoft Jr. Haxtun, Brandon Nall So. Haxtun, Anthony Benavidez Sr. Akron, Caleb Poss So. Akron, Jackson Filla Sr. Akron, Caleb Kayl Sr. Dayspring Christian, Jackson Steward Jr. Dayspring Christian, Elijah Martin Fr. Dayspring Christian, Logan Clark So. Dayspring Christian, Dylan Harms Jr. Caliche, Clint Rockwell So. Caliche

(Missing Sedgwick County Stats, Merino)

Special Teams Player of the League

Michael Gerk Sr. Haxtun

League Five Awards

Player of the League:

Malik Sigg-Brown So. Lyons

Coach of the League:

Jason Yantzer, Lyons High School

Surprise Team of the League:

Belleview Christian

All League Five Awards

League Five Offensive Team

QB Miles Dumbauld Jr. Lyons

RB Malik Sigg-Brown So. Lyons

WR/RB Maregu Sullivan Jr. Lyons

QB Chase Long So. Byers

WR AJ Engle So. Byers

RB Kaleb Willoughby So. Byers

QB Ethan Whatmore Sr. Front Range Christian

WR Nolan Potts Sr. Front Range Christian

QB Collin Polson So. Belleview Christian

RB Davin Hunter Sr. Belleview Christian

WR Matthew Norman Jr. Belleview Christian

RB Bradley Robinson Sr. Gilpin County

Lyons Offensive Line

Byers Offensive Line

League Five Defensive Team

Dequlyn Keller Sr. Lyons

Lochlan Osborne Sr. Lyons

Young Keenan Jr. Lyons

Kaiden Powell Jr. Byers

Wyatt Harris Sr. Byers

Jack Edwards Jr. Front Range Christian

Caedan Whatmore So. Front Range Christian

Jaden Giannatala So. Front Range Christian

Ryan Reyes So. Belleview Christian

Kevin Nayyar Jr. Belleview Christian

Connor Holloway So. Gilpin County

Honorable Mention Offense & Defense

Front Range Christian Offensive Line, Belleview Christian Offensive Line, Finn Oetting Jr. Lyons, Harper Leino Jr. Lyons, Lucas Wilson Sr. Lyons, Herman Holt Fr. Byers, Krayton Ebert Fr. Byers, Cody Harris So. Byers, Cameron Eastwood So. Byers, Thomas Dean So. Front Range Christian, Will Deering Jr. Front Range Christian, Jayson Flack Sr. Belleview Christian, Jagga Sandhu Jr. Belleview Christian, Justin Johnson Fr. Gilpin County, Ryan Hanssen So. Gilpin County

Special Teams Player of the League

Zach Kerr Sr. Front Range Christian

(No Stats Justice)

League Six Awards

Player of League:

Dillon Buford Sr. Crowley County, 924 yards rushing, 8.8 yards per carry, 12 rushing TDs, 1 Passing TD, 34 Tackles, 2 TFL, 4 INTs, 3 Punt Returns for TD, and 2 Kickoff Returns for TDs

Coach of the League:

Tuff Gibson, Crowley County HS

Surprise Team of the League:

John Mall HS

All League Six Awards

League Six Offensive Team

QB Blevyns Brown So. Crowley County

RB Dillon Buford Sr. Crowley County

WR Gunner Hughes So. Crowley County

QB Gage Gottbehuet Jr. Fowler

RB Trever Ketner Jr. Fowler

WR/RB Erick Hernandez Sr. Fowler

QB Elton Chavez Jr. John Mall

RB Giovanni Aldretti So. John Mall

WR Nino Cisneros Jr. John Mall

RB Andres Rubio Sr. Dolores Huerta

QB Bryan Mendoza Jr. Dolores Huerta

Crowley County Offensive Line

Fowler Offensive Line

John Mall Offensive Line

League Six Defensive Team

Skeeter Baker Sr. Crowley County

Keegan Halloran Fr. Crowley County

Byars Brown Sr. Crowley County

Harrison Proctor Jr. Fowler

Dominic Armijo So. Fowler

Ty Pieper Sr. Fowler

Bernard Espinoza Sr. John Mall

Jonathan Bobian Sr. John Mall

Marcos Lerma Jr. Dolores Huerta

Zechariah Maldonado Jr. Dolores Huerta

Honorable Mention Offense & Defense

Hoehne Offensive Line, CJ Accord Sr. Crowley County, Noah Aguilar Sr. Crowley County, Sam Parker Sr. Crowley County, Boyd Rogers Sr. Fowler, Gavin Unrein Sr. Fowler, Jake Manchego Sr. Fowler, Dante Pino So. John Mall, Logan Tenorio So. John Mall, Barry Fox Jr. Dolores Huerta, Eric Barajas Sr. Dolores Huerta

Special Teams Player of the League

Dillon Buford Sr. Crowley County

(No stats Hoehne and Custer County)

League Seven Awards

Player of League:

Hunter Bauserman Jr. Swink, 1473 yards passing, 19 TDs, 4 INTs, 60% completion, 423 yards rushing, 4 rushing TDs, 31 Tackles, 4 TFL, and 1 Sack

Coach of the League:

Dan Hiltz, Swink High School

Surprise Team of the League:

Wiley High School

All League Seven Awards

League Seven Offensive Team

QB Hunter Bauserman Jr. Swink

RB Garlon Guerin Sr. Swink

WR Hunter Reynolds Jr. Swink

QB Andre Salgado Jr. Holly

RB/WR Daunte Maldonado Sr. Holly

WR/RB Dominique Maldonado Jr. Holly

QB Ayden Gomez Sr. McClave

RB Braden Marks Sr. McClave

WR Aiden Martinez Sr. McClave

Cade Phillips Sr. Wiley

WR Dev Louellien Sr. Wiley

WR Evan Larrick Jr. Wiley

RB Slayde Cohoon Fr. Springfield

RB Marcus Sandoval So. Springfield

RB Dayton Morlan Sr. Las Animas

Holly Offensive Line

Swink Offensive Line

McClave Offensive Line

League Seven Defensive Team

Ben Miner Sr. Swink

Jace Hall Sr. Swink

Cody Lockhart Sr. Swink

Dylan Tamayo Jr. Holly

Nick Vazquez Jr. Holly

Colby Swopes Sr. Holly

Devin Eaton So. Holly

Cooper Elam Sr. McClave

Gavin Tempel Jr. McClave

Kolten Smartt Sr. McClave

Cooper Tixier Sr. Wiley

Jace Parker Sr. Wiley

Daigan Adame Sr. Wiley

Reese Porter Sr. Springfield

Tucker McGeary Sr. Springfield

Rome Martinez Sr. Las Animas

Honorable Mention Offense & Defense

Wiley Offensive Line, Diego Enciso Sr. Holly, Huston Rushton Sr. Holly, Roque Torres Sr. Holly, Will Pacino So. McClave, JR Mungaray Fr. McClave, Karson Roesch Jr. McClave, Ty Michael Sr. Wiley, Brenden Campbell So. Wiley, Jett Knokel Fr. Springfield, Nano Gutierrez Jr. Springfield, Wyatt Cohoon Fr. Springfield, Conan Tyler Jr. Las Animas, Caleb Wagner Jr. Las Animas, Dayton Morlan Sr. Las Animas

Special Teams Player of the League

Arnol Bobadilla Sr. Holly

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