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MileHigh Prep Report Class 1A Football League Awards

MileHigh Prep Report Class 1A League Awards.

My Fourth annual All-League Awards.  1 Player Per Offensive and Defensive Team If you make offense or defense, you will not be on both.  I will pick a Player of the League, Coach of the League, Special Teams Player of the League, and Surprise Team of the League.  If you would like a certificate, let me know and will mail you one or email them to you. Also, I do miss people if I missed someone let me know and I will look.  Remember these awards are from MileHigh Prep Report and not from the Official Leagues. 

Quick Note: If your team has not posted stats, it is very hard for me to give awards to players with no stats even if your team is doing good, I cannot guess stats.

One other Note: Being a lineman in high school it also hurt me inside not giving any offensive lineman awards.  I will give 1 to 2 Offensive Line Units out.  If you know the exact names and year, please message me and I will add names next to the offensive line.

If you think I missed someone, just send me a message.

League One

Player of the League:

Haden Camp Sr. Buena Vista, 795 yards passing, 9 TDs, 6 INTs, 731 yards rushing, 9 rushing TDs, 7 Tackles, and 1 Kickoff Return for a TD

Coach of the League:

Paul Vickers, Gunnison High School

Surprise Team of the League:

North Fork High School

All League One Awards

League One Offensive Team

QB Rocky Marchitelli Sr. Gunnison

RB Peyton Frias Sr. Gunnison

RB Royce Jr. Gunnison

QB Haden Camp Sr. Buena Vista

RB Jacob Phelps Sr. Buena Vista

WR Tam Flowers Sr. Buena Vista

QB Ryan Sullivan Jr. Meeker

RB Clay Crawford So. Meeker

QB Hayden Moreno Jr. North Fork

QB Luke Maxey Jr. Cedaredge

WR Brady Cooper So. Cedaredge

QB Max Bollock Jr. Roaring Fork

Dove Creek Offensive Line

Gunnison Offensive Line

Buena Vista Offensive Line

Meeker Offensive Line

League One Defensive Team

Kellan Yoder So. Gunnison

Michael Riser Sr. Gunnison

Ty Taramarcaz Sr. Gunnison

Ethan Flavin Sr. Buena Vista

Colton Montoya Jr. Buena Vista

Elijah Flowers Jr. Buena Vista

Elijah Leblanc Sr. Meeker

Connor Blunt Sr. Meeker

Daniel Owens Jr. North Fork

Josiah Peters Jr. North Fork

Malachi Deck Sr. North Fork

Ryan Brunk Sr. Cedaredge

Kole Hawkins Sr. Cedaredge

Tyler Sieders Sr. Roaring Fork

Honorable Mention Offense & Defense

North Fork Offensive Line, Cedaredge Offensive Line, Kleber Flores So. Gunnison, Grady Buckhanan So. Gunnison, Elijah Evans Sr. Buena Vista, Zandon Mitchell Sr. Buena Vista, Aman Wingo Jr. Buena Vista, Jace Mobley Jr. Meeker, Hayden Shults Jr. Meeker, Buzz Clatterbaugh Jr. Meeker, Cade Blunt So. Meeker, Judd Harvey Jr. Meeker, Ace Connolly Sr. North Fork, Payson Pene So. North Fork, Kohen Booth Jr. North Fork, Sam Ware Sr. North Fork, Logan Tullis Jr. Cedaredge, Ethan Toothaker Sr. Cedaredge, Jackson Cooper Sr. Cedaredge, Oscar Barraza Sr. Roaring Fork, Zack Bollock Fr. Roaring Fork, Cooper Chacos jr. Roaring Fork, Zane Garcia Sr. Roaring Fork, Sebastian Silva Sr. Roaring Fork, Brock Colvin Sr. Gunnison

Special Teams Player of the League

Tam Flower Sr. Buena Vista

(Limited Stats Gunnison all stats) (No Stats Olathe)

League Two Awards

Player of the League:

Leighton Curtis Sr. Centauri, 867 yards passing, 12 TDs, 5 INTs, 596 yards rushing, 10 rushing TDs, 48 Tackles, 3.5 TFL, 1 Sack, and 1 Forced Fumble

Coach of the League:

Kyle Forster, Centauri High School

Surprise Team of the League:

Ignacio High School

All League Two Awards

League Two Offensive Team

QB Leighton Curtis Sr. Centauri

RB Austin Stockebrand Sr. Centauri

WR Chaz Holman Jr. Centauri

QB Andrew Chavez Sr. Monte Vista

RB DeAngelo Archuleta Sr. Monte Vista

RB Khegan Gunter Sr. Monte Vista

QB Jesus Valadez Jr. Center

RB Cael Ruggles Sr. Center

WR Alexis Villagomez Sr. Center

QB Jace Pacheco Sr. Del Norte

WR Cody Worz Jr. Del Norte

Centauri Offensive Line

Monte Vista Offensive Line

League Two Defensive Team

Josh Polkowske Jr. Centauri

Troy Huffaker Jr. Centauri

Ivan Lopez Sr. Centauri

Blade Absmeier Sr. Centauri

Jack Noonan Jr. Monte Vista

Jaxon Martinez Sr. Monte Vista

Alejandro Felix Sr. Monte Vista

Esteban Lujan Sr. Monte Vista

Luis Valadez So. Center

Ricardo Maldonado Sr. Center

Joaquin Moreno Sr. Center

Michael Laymon Sr. Del Norte

Paul Neal Fr. Del Norte

Honorable Mention Offense & Defense

Ignacio Offensive Line, Center Offensive Line, Dylan Vasquez Sr. Centauri, Keegan Huffaker Jr. Centauri, Adrian Prieto Sr. Centauri, Diego Hernandez Jr. Centauri, Coby Thomas Sr. Centauri, Jacob Pacheco So. Monte Vista, Kevin Cisneros So. Monte Vista, Jonah Waggoner Sr. Monte Vista, Addan Heredia Sr. Monte Vista, Lorenzo Trujillo Jr. Center, Chayse Bouet Fr. Center, Ryder Whitehorn Sr. Del Norte, Kelby Mondragon Fr. Del Norte, Craig Williams Jr. Del Norte

Special Teams Player of the League

Chaz Holman Jr. Centauri

(No Stats Ignacio and Trinidad)

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League Three Awards

Player of the League:

Dylan Hurne Jr. Rye, 961 yards rushing, 9.2 yards per carry, 13 rushing TDs, 36 Tackles, 5.0 TFL, 3.0 Sacks, and 1 Forced Fumble

Coach of the League:

Conner Pigg, Rye High School

Surprise Team of the League:

C.S Christian

All League Three Awards

League Three Offensive Team

QB Nolan Schauer Jr. Rye

RB Dylan Hurne Jr. Rye

WR Taye McCauley Sr. Rye

QB Jace Velasquez So. C.S Christian

RB Ahston Lofton Sr. C.S Christian

WR Taylor Mcleod Sr. C.S Christian

WR Casey Orawiec Sr. C.S Christian

QB Sam Bell Jr. Banning Lewis

RB Chase Riehle So. Banning Lewis

TE Ben Early Jr. Banning Lewis

QB Noah Martin So. Peyton

RB Ries Trumbo Sr. Peyton

WR Jasha Smith Sr. Rocky Ford

Rye Offensive Line

C.S Christian Offensive Line

League Three Defensive Team

Derick Bak Jr. Rye

Jose Martinez So. Rye

Codah Graber Jr. Rye

Nate Tonnessen Sr. C.S Christian

Jonah Bullock Sr. C.S Christian

Corban Coletti Sr. C.S Christian

Julian Laderman Jr. Banning Lewis

Riley Dotson Jr. Banning Lewis

Brayden Skinner Jr. Banning Lewis

Lucas Boisvert Jr. Peyton

John Turner Jr. Peyton

Benny Gonzalez Sr. Rocky Ford

Honorable Mention Offense & Defense

Banning Lewis Offensive Line, Peyton Offensive Line, Caleb Hurne Sr. Rye, Devin Samuelson Sr. Rye, James Scott Jr. Rye, Samuel Adams Jr. Rye, Conner Thomas Sr. C.S Christian, Josh Neal Sr. C.S Christian, Andrew Pauls Sr. C.S Christian, Joseph Bjegovich Jr. Banning Lewis, Liam Kitzmiller Jr. Banning Lewis, Kevin Fudge Jr. Banning Lewis, John Childers Jr. Banning Lewis, Brian Keairnes Jr. Peyton, Caden Trim Sr. Peyton, Daniel Ornelas Jr. Peyton, Jakob Bushnell Sr. Peyton, Zach Hendricks Sr. Peyton, Ayden Sisneros Jr. Rocky Ford, Cayson Van Dyk Fr. Rocky Ford, Joe Zamora Sr. Rocky Ford, Kevin Tillman Sr. Rocky Ford

Special Teams Player of the League

Cole Cooper Sr. Rye

(No Stats Elllicott)

League Four Awards

Player of the League:

Gabe Schubarth Sr. Limon, 1079 yards rushing, 13 rushing TDs, 1 receiving TD, 57 Tackles, 5 TFL, and I Interception

Coach of the League:

Mike O’Dwyer, Limon High School

Surprise Team of the League:

Yuma High School

All League Four Awards

League Four Offensive Team

QB Jordan Rockwell Jr. Limon

RB Gabe Schubarth Sr. Limon

RB Lohgan Bottjer Jr. Limon

WR Michael Hoffman Sr. Limon

QB Cole Kerr Sr. Wiggins

RB Julio Flores Sr. Wiggins

WR Omar Perez Sr. Wiggins

WR Trey Fehseki Sr. Wiggins

QB Casey Midcap So. Wray

RB Samuel Miesner So. Wray

RB Brady Collins Sr. Wray

QB Wyatt Sprague Jr. Holyoke

WR Cash Weber Jr. Holyoke

QB Nash Richardson Sr. Yuma

RB Ethan Goeglein Sr. Yuma

QB/RB Garrett Richardson Sr. Burlington

Limon Offensive Line

Wray Offensive Line

Wiggins Offensive Line

League Four Defensive Team

Treyton Marx Jr. Limon

Keon Bandy Jr. Limon

Ahren Schubarth Sr. Limon

Pepper Rusher Sr. Wiggins

Laith Ibrahim Sr. Wiggins

Tell Wade Sr. Wray

Chris Arambula Sr. Wray

Camden Riggleman Sr. Wray

Tyson Mosenteen Jr. Holyoke

Luke Roberts So. Holyoke

Kallen Blach Sr. Yuma

Kevin Hermosillo Sr. Yuma

Daman Hernandez Sr. Yuma

Matthew Guiterrez Jr. Burlington

Honorable Mention Offense & Defense

Holyoke Offensive Line, Yuma Offensive Line, Lance Beedy Jr. Limon, Miguel Nunez Sr. Limon, Dontarius Arnold Sr. Limon, Jorge Mendez So. Wiggins, JR Meyer So. Wiggins, Cameron Schmidt So. Wiggins, Americo Lorenzini Jr. Wiggins, Ben Harms Jr. Wray, Ronnie Shay Sr. Wray, Caeden Bauer Sr. Wray, Reid Sprague So. Holyoke, Bryson Dirks Jr. Holyoke, Carson Hein So. Holyoke, Irving Dominguez So. Holyoke, Jack Blecha Sr. Yuma, Silas Baucke So. Yuma, Victor Perez Sr. Yuma, Cesar Varela Sr. Yuma, Trey Stegman Jr. Yuma, Alex Lonzano Sr. Yuma, Angel Vela Jr. Burlington, Logan Boyd Sr. Burlington, Dominic Conrardy Sr. Burlington, Trenton Smith Jr. Burlington, Stanton Cure So. Burlington

Special Teams Player of the League

Alex Lonzano Sr. Yuma

League Five Awards

Player of the League:

Zach Marrero Sr. Strasburg, 1187 yards rushing, 10.4 yards per carry, 20 rushing TDs, 4 receiving TDs, 36 Tackles, 2 TFL, and 1 Interception

Coach of the League:

Brian Brown, Strasburg High School

Surprise Team of the League:

Denver Christian

All League Five Awards

League Five Offensive Team

QB Landen Martin Jr. Strasburg

RB Zach Marrero Sr. Strasburg

RB Thomas Devlin Jr. Strasburg

WR Austin Velasco Jr. Strasburg

RB Xavier Martinez Sr. Middle Park

RB Lucas Conger Jr. Middle Park

QB Nathan Buehrer Jr. Denver Christian

WR Luke Dorsey Sr. Denver Christian

QB David Fouts Sr. Platte Canyon

RB Sam Patterson Jr. Platte Canyon

QB Demitrias Martinez So. Jefferson

WR Damien Worthy Sr. Jefferson

RB/WR Bode Baker Sr. Clear Creek

Strasburg Offensive Line

Middle Park Offensive Line

League Five Defensive Team

Zach Rushman Sr. Strasburg

Egen Stephens Sr. Strasburg

Dalton Bergstorm Sr. Strasburg

Alex Dickens Jr. Strasburg

Micah Byrum Sr. Middle Park

Garrett Gillest Jr. Middle Park

Tanner Schnurr Jr. Middle Park

Eli Brody Jr. Middle Park

Austin Johnson Sr. Denver Christian

Sam Waanders Sr. Denver Christian

Luke Booysen Jr. Denver Christian

Kamron Skouge Jr. Platte Canyon

Dean McMahen Jr. Platte Canyon

Sebastin Torres Jr. Jefferson

Frank Trujillo Sr. Jefferson

Logan Ginter So. Clear Creek

Honorable Mention Offense & Defense

Denver Christian Offensive Line, Platte Canyon Offensive Line, Hayden Turner Sr. Strasburg, DJ Cannon Jr. Strasburg, Ian Ross So. Strasburg, Forest Schofield Sr. Middle Park, Dante Franks Jr. Middle Park, Marqes Pasillas So. Middle Park, TJ Tibbetts Sr. Middle Park, Diego Pellegrini So. Denver Christian, Nate Dorsey Sr. Denver Christian, Ben Pereria So. Denver Christian, Ian Twaddell Jr. Platte Canyon, Kolton Brown Sr. Platte Canyon, Davin Yakubson Jr. Platte Canyon, Usher Pyne Sr. Jefferson, Tim Gomez Jr. Jefferson, Enzo Hernandez Fr. Jefferson, Carlos Sanchez-Diaz Fr. Jefferson, Jacob Young Fr. Clear Creek, Asher Isaacson So. Clear Creek, Anthony Zacharias So. Clear Creek

Special Teams Player of the League

Julian Valencia Jr. Strasburg

League Six Awards

Player of League:

Devin Glowicki Sr. Flatirons Academy

Coach of the League:

Jared Wallen, Flatirons Academy

Surprise Team of the League:

Highland HS

All League Six Awards

League Six Offensive Team

QB Nolan Sheppard Sr. Flatirons Academy

RB Devin Glowicki Sr. Flatirons Academy

QB John Bingley So. Highland

RB Issac Desantiago Jr. Highland

QB Ryland Reetz Jr. Estes Park

WR Jose Gonzalez Jr. Estes Park

WR Michael McCown Sr. Estes Park

QB Cartail Dickey Jr. Manual

RB DeAmonte Maynard Jr. Manual

WR Deshawn Fox Jr. Manual

RB Noah Estes Sr. Pinnacle

Flatirons Academy Offensive Line

Estes Park Offensive Line

League Six Defensive Team

Josiah Durrill Sr. Flatirons Academy

Rex Beck So. Flatirons Academy

Judah Burgess So. Flatirons Academy

Carter Jennings Sr. Highland

Ira Sittner So. Highland

Josh Delaney Sr. Highland

Travis Houser Sr. Estes Park

Calvin Larson Jr. Estes Park

Kenny Cromer Jr. Estes Park

Daishaun Long Sr. Manual

Dilan Gaytan Sr. Manual

Miles Johnson Jr. Manual

Josiah Mendoza Sr. Pinnacle

Honorable Mention Offense & Defense

Highland Offensive Line, Manual Offensive Line, Michael Kingery Sr. Flatirons Academy, Jackson Hengst Jr. Flatirons Academy, Steven Austermann Jr. Flatirons Academy, Elijah Ruble Sr. Flatirons Academy, Brogan Palmer Fr. Highland, Deandre DeHoyos So. Highland, Wyat Woods Sr. Highland, Tyler Varra Fr. Highland, Matthew Asche Jr. Estes Park, Caleb Macgregor Sr. Estes Park, Santiago Salgado Sro. Estes Park, Jack Stegeman So. Estes Park, Torrice Bell So. Manual, Jemir Wyatt Sr. Manual, Adam Akakpo Sr. Manual, Alfredo Moctezuma Jr. Pinnacle, Jacob Madrid Jr. Pinnacle, Alonzo Aguirre Sr. Pinnacle, Jose Mata Sr. Pinnacle,

Special Teams Player of the League

Jonah Elstad Sr. Flatirons Academy

(No stats Sheridan)

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