Boys Basketball Rankings

MileHigh Prep Report Boys Basketball Week 4 Rankings (Class 3A thru 1A)

Picture by Ty Lin Williams (McClave vs Granada)

MileHigh Prep Report Boys Basketball Week 4 Rankings (Class 3A thru 1A)

A great week of games last week and plenty of movement in the polls.  Still a few games to be played this week and the next time I update my rankings will be January 3rd.  Remember, I am only covering 3A thru 1A until Christmas and then I will be adding 4A basketball into the mix.

Class 3A

 Last Week Result
1. Faith Christian (5-02
2. Prospect Ridge Academy (6-1)9
3. Centauri (6-1)4
4. Highland (4-2)3
5. C.S Christian (5-0)7
6. Salida (4-1)1
7. Platte Valley (3-1)6
8. Yuma (2-1)8
9. Vanguard (3-0)NR
10. Manual (1-1)5
Others: Vanguard, Lake County, Rye, Stargate School, Cedaredge, St. Mary’s, Peyton

Dropped out: Pinnacle (10)
Notes: Tons of movement in Class 3A.  We have a new #1 in Faith Christian and 1 new team added in Pagosa Springs.  Pinnacle drops out of the rankings this week. 

Class 2A

 Last Year’s Results
1. Limon (2-0)1 (2 weeks)
2. Crowley County (7-0)3
3. Wray (2-3)4
4. Custer County (3-1)5
5. Evangelical Christian (5-0)10
6. Merino (3-1)7
7. Simla (4-2)8
8. Holly (6-1)6
9. Byers (3-1)9
10. Sanford (3-2)2
Others: Haxtun, Golden View Classical, Plateau Valley, Vail Christian, Monte Vista, Burlington,

Dropped out: None
Notes: No new teams inside the top 10.  Plenty of movement inside the top 10.  Crowley County, Wray, Custer County all move up 1 spot.  ECA has the biggest jump going up to #5.  Merino and Simla also improve 1 spot.  Sanford has the biggest drops falling from #2 to #10. 

Class 1A

 Last Year’s Results
1. McClave (4-2)4
2. Denver Jewish Day (4-0)2
3. Belleview Christian (7-0)3
4. Granada (2-2)1
5. Genoa-Hugo (5-0)5
6. Flatirons Academy (6-1)7
7. Stratton (2-1)8
8. Briggsdale (3-0)10
9. Cheraw (5-1)NR
10. Dove Creek (6-2)9
Others: Ouray, Wiley, Sierra Grande, Otis, Idalia, Prairie, Fleming

Dropped out:
Notes:  We have a new #1 in Class 1A.  McClave takes over the #1 spot after a head to head win over Granada.  Granada falls to the #4 spot.  We also add a new team to the rankings in Cheraw who sits at 5-1 with their lone loss to 2A undefeated ECA.