Girls Basketball Rankings

MileHigh Prep Report Girls Basketball Week 4 Rankings (Class 3A thru 1A)

Picture by Ty Lin Williams (McClave vs Kit Carson)

MileHigh Prep Report Girls Basketball Week 4 Rankings (Class 3A thru 1A)

We wrap up the pre-Christmas part of the season with are final rankings of the year.  I won’t update my rankings again till January 3rd.  I am only covering 3A thru 1A until Christmas and then I will be adding 4A basketball into the mix.

Class 3A

 Last Week’s Result
1. Platte Valley (1-5)1 (3 weeks)
2. Vanguard (3-1)2
3. Grand Valley (0-3)3
4. Centauri (5-2)4
5. C.S Christian (5-0)5
6. St. Mary’s (4-2)6
7. Peyton (5-0)7
8. Highland (4-2)8
9. Ellicott (3-2)9
10. Brush (4-1)10
Others: Ignacio, Buena Vista, Bennett, Liberty Common, SkyView Academy, Olathe

Dropped out:
Notes: Class 3A is off to an interesting start with top teams like Platte Valley and Grand Valley playing heavy 4A and 5A schedules.  Their records now are not great, but they played against top teams.  No new teams and no movement in Class 3A.  Don’t look for much movement until 2023.

Class 2A

 Last Week’s Results
1. Burlington (4-1)2
2. Akron (4-1)10
3. Sedgwick County (4-1)1
4. Merino (3-1)7
5. Wiggins (3-2)3
6. Limon (1-1)5
7. Sanford (3-2)6
8. Heritage Christian (2-2)5
9. Wray (3-2)9
10. Dayspring Christian (3-2)8
Others: Hoehne, Gilpin County, Simla, Denver Christian, Mancos, Del Norte,

Dropped out: None
Notes: Some great tournaments this past week and still on going (NJC Shootout) have pitted plenty of top teams against each other.  We have a new #1 team in Burlington this week with Sedgwick County losing to our new #2 team in Akron.  Sedgwick County falls to #3 and Merino also makes a big jump to #4.  Expect a few more changes once 2023 hits especially with a few big games tonight.

Class 1A

 Last Week’s Results
1. Flatirons Academy (7-0)1 (3 weeks)
2. Briggsdale (4-0)2
3. Fleming (3-0)3
4. Dove Creek (6-2)4
5. McClave (6-0)10
6. Kit Carson (4-1)7
7. Granada (2-1)NR
8. Kiowa (5-0)9
9. Springfield (5-1)5
10. Sangre De Cristo (6-1)6
·Others: Cheyenne Wells, Idalia, Cheraw, Kim/Branson, Eads

Dropped out: Cheyenne Wells (8)
Notes: After the top 4 we have a lot of movement in Class 1A.  McClave is playing like a top team and winning the Lamar Holiday Tournament shows that.  They jump to #5 in the rankings.  Granada joins the rankings for the first time this season.  They had a great tournament beating Holly and Springfield before falling to McClave in a close game.  Cheyenne Wells falls out of the top 10 but don’t expect them to be out long.