Boys Basketball Rankings

MileHigh Prep Report Boys Basketball Week 7 Rankings (Class 4A thru 1A)

Picture by OTSportChek (Merino vs Wiggins)

MileHigh Prep Report Boys Basketball Week 7 Rankings (Class 4A thru 1A)

We move deeper into January and I feel this is when things really start to matter in terms of Districts, Regionals, and State.  I feel the basketball season has 4 parts.  Part 1 is before Christmas, Part 2 is after Christmas/League Play, Part 3 is the District Tournament/Regionals, and Part 4 is the State Tournament.  Also, this week look for an article by Kerry Sherman on 1A Boys and Girls basketball.

Class 4A

 Last Week Result
1. Holy Family (9-2)1 (3 weeks)
2. Eaton (11-1)3
3. Kent Denver (10-2)4
4. Eagle Ridge Academy (9-2)2
5. Resurrection Christian (7-3)10
6. Lutheran (9-4)6
7. Riverdale Ridge (7-3)7
8. Alamosa (10-1)8
9. Severance (7-3)9
10. Pagosa Springs (9-2)5
Others: University, DSST-Green Valley, Sterling, Jeffesron Academy, DSST-Montview, Pueblo Central, Weld Central, Fort Lupton

Dropped out: None
Notes: A few changes to the top 10 this week.  Resurrection Christian makes the biggest jump after beating Lutheran.  Pagosa Springs also falls after losing to Centauri.  No new teams inside the top 10 this week.

Class 3A

 Last Week Result
1. Faith Christian (9-0)1 (4 weeks)
2. Salida (8-1)2
3. Centauri (10-1)3
4. Highland (8-2)4
5. C.S Christian (7-0)5
6. Prospect Ridge Academy (8-2)6
7. Yuma (6-2)8
8. Vanguard (7-0)9
9. Platte Valley (5-3)7
10. Stargate School (6-3)NR
Others: Brush, Windsor Charter, Lake County, Pinnacle, Cedaredge, Roaring Fork, Woodland Park

Dropped out: Brush (10)
Notes: Once again we shake up the top 10 a bit in Class 3A.  We add a new team in Stargate School.  Brush falls out but I expect them back as they have played a tough schedule.  The top 6 remains the same for the first time this year.

Class 2A

 Last Week Rankings
1. Limon (7-0)1 (5 weeks)
2. Crowley County (11-0)2
3. Wray (6-4)3
4. Custer County (5-1)4
5. Evangelical Christian (8-0)5
6. Simla (8-2)6
7. Merino (6-3)9
8. Byers (5-3)7
9. Wiggins (6-4)8
10. Holly (8-2)10
Others: Plateau Valley, Heritage Christian, Monte Vista, Haxtun, Vail Christian, Del Norte, Burlington, Fowler, Mancos, Fowler

Dropped out: None
Notes: No new teams added to the top 10 this week.  We do have movement from #7 to #9.  I believe this is the first week we have no new teams.

Class 1A

 Last Week Rankings
1. Belleview Christian (11-0)1 (2 weeks)
2. Denver Jewish Day (7-1)2
3. McClave (7-3)3
4. Genoa-Hugo (7-2)4
5. Flatirons Academy (7-2)5
6. Cheraw (7-2)8
7. Briggsdale (5-1)6
8. Wiley (7-2)10
9. Dove Creek (7-2)9
10. Cheyenne Wells (4-5)NR
Others: Stratton, Fleming, Front Range Baptist, Sierra Grande, SpringfieldDropped out: Stratton (7)
Notes:  We have movement once again in Class 1A.  The top 5 remain the same but we have movement the rest of the way. Stratton falls out of the rankings being replaced by Cheyenne Wells who are finally healthy and playing good basketball.