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Class 2A Individual State Wrestling Picks by Carlos Valencia

Class 2A Individual State Wrestling Picks by Carlos Valencia

First and foremost Good Luck to all wrestlers this weekend. Leave it all on the mat! With these predictions we are not cheering against any wrestlers and this is something we at MileHigh Prep Report love doing.

Again, Good Luck to all wrestlers! I believe Myself and Tayler will be at State on Saturday and we will be taking as many pictures as possible!

Class 2A


1st Austin Collins Wray

2nd Waitley Sharon Fowler

3rd Jordan Duran Center

4th Dominic Guana Rocky Ford

5th AJ Jaramillo Dolores Huerta 

6th Derreck Buford Crowley County 


1st Traven Sharon Fowler

2nd Miguel Franco Dolores Huerta 

3rd Josh Martinez Cedaredge 

4th Kaiden Schelling Sedgwick County

5th Austin Snapp Wray 

6th Thomas Valdez Swink


1st Coen Schimidt Merino

2nd Ethan Hice Cedaredge 

3rd Andrew Isek St. Mary

4th Benny Carlo Gonzales RockyFord

5th Isaiah Martinez Mancos

6th Alex Martinez Trinidad 


1st Anthony Isek St.Mary

2nd Caleb Camp Buena Vista 

3rd Damian Lopez Monte Vista 

4th Tayton Nelson Cedaredge 

5th Tripp Duval Holly

6th Jon Yapoujian Byers


1st Levi Martin Mancos

2nd Eddie Bowman Trinidad 

3rd Trae Kennedy Meeker

4th Landon Martin Cedaredge 

5th Peyton Armstrong North Fork

6th Bernard Espinoza John Mall


1st Brady Collins Wray 

2nd Dillion Buford Crowley County 

3rd Brandon Vannest Mancos 

4th DeAngelo Archuleta  Monte Vist

5th Ty Micheal County Line

6th Elias Hanson Cedaredge 


1st Lain Yapoujian Byers 

2nd Abe Maupin Meeker

3rd Samuel Meisner Wray 

4th Aaron Valadez Center

5th Logan Clark Discovery Canyon

6th Lane Stroh Northfork


1st Ethan Toothaker Cedaredge 

2nd Joe Zamora RockyFord 

3rd Trey Stegman Yuma

4th Matthew Gutierrez Burlington 

5th Colton Montoya Buena Vista 

6th Tyson Beanland Dove Creek


1st David Arellano Buena Vista 

2nd Connor Blunt Meeker

3rd Jaden Gardner Lyons

4th Martin Palma Center

5th Keenan Smith Countyline

6th Bryan Van Houten Bagb Sedgwick County 


1st Skeater Baker Crowley County 

2nd Cade Blunt Meeker 

3rd Keon Bandy Limon 

4th Wyatt Howell West Grand 

5th Ayden Mathews Mancos 

6th Lochian Osborne Lyons


1st Caeden Bauer Wray 

2nd Cole Dainty-Gullfoyl Mancos

3rd Arthur Connelly Nucla

4th Kevin Hermosillo Yuma

5th Cael Nordyke Holly

6th Chasin Turner Countyline


1st Pepper Rusher Wiggins 

2nd Brendan Clatterbaugh Meeker

3rd Payton Wade Wray 

4th Ira Sittner Highland

5th Gabe Schubarth Limon

6th Hayden Camp Buena Vista 


1st Judd Harvey Meeker 

2nd Cartel Jennings Highland

3rd Tavery Chappell Wray 

4th Jake Armijo Trinidad 

5th Kevin Tillman Rocky Ford 

6th Trenton Lovelace Sargent


1st Laith Ibrahim Wiggins 

2nd Tanner Musser Meeker 

3rd Jackson Bledsoe Wray 

4th Aj Bowman Trinidad 

5th Elliot Sam Mancos 

6th Lincoln Tomky Swink