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MileHigh Prep Report Girls Basketball Regional Power Rankings (Class 3A thru 1A)

Picture by OTSportChek (Sedgwick County vs Merino)

MileHigh Prep Report Girls Basketball Regional Power Rankings (Class 3A thru 1A)

Regional are here and like I have done for the past few years I am going to rank the top 16 teams in each class regardless of their seed.  I will be considering how teams did at Districts, but also the week before the tournament.  I would love to see your top 10 teams before we head into regionals.  I am very excited for this upcoming weekend.

Class 3A

1. Peyton (21-0)
2. Platte Valley (15-7)
3. Centauri (19-2)
4. Vanguard (17-5)
5. C.S Christian (20-2)
6. Yuma (14-7)
7. Ellicott (17-5)
8. St. Mary’s (17-5)
9. North Fork (17-5)
10. Strasburg (13-9)
11. Highland (14-8)
12. Ignacio (11-10)
13. Brush (13-9)
14. Grand Valley (16-6)
15. Buena Vista (14-8)
16. Olathe (14-7)
Notes: I think the top 8 have remained around the top 10 all year.  Grand Valley is the one team that if healthy would be ranked higher but missing a key piece to their team has hurt.  I think the main question in 3A is can anyone beat Platte Valley, they have still not lost to a 3A team. 

Class 2A

1. Sedgwick County (17-5)
2. Merino (19-3)
3. Burlington (17-4)
4. Wiggins (15-7)
5. Simla (15-7)
6. Dayspring Christian (17-4)
7. Akron (13-9)
8. Wray (11-8)
9. Gilpin County (17-4)
10. Heritage Christian (16-5)
11. Del Norte (17-5)
12. Limon (15-6)
13. Fowler (16-6)
14. Hoehne (19-3)
15. Sanford (16-6)
16.  Rangely (17-4)
Notes: Some great district battles and a few results that shake the order up.  I think some regionals will be absolute battles with top teams fighting for a spot in the great 8.  I am excited to break these regions down more in depth.

Class 1A

1. Flatirons Academy (20-1)
2. Briggsdale (19-2)
3. McClave (21-0)
4. Fleming (13-7)
5. Dove Creek (18-2)
6. Granada (18-3)
7. Kit Carson (15-7)
8. Stratton (14-8)
9. Kiowa (18-3)
10. Sangre De Cristo (19-2)
11. Springfield (15-6)
12. Idalia (14-8)
13. Cheraw (14-6)
14. Eads (11-11)
15. Cheyenne Wells (7-13)
16. Hi-Plains (11-8)
Notes: This was one of the tougher lists to put together.  Some teams like Granada and Kit Carson faced each other 3 times and makes you wonder how to weight each battle.  I think we have some great teams in 1A and looking forward to seeing who emerges as the top 8.

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  1. Fairly close on 1A. Have watched most of the top teams in 1A on NFHS. The top 6 are very close. I will be rooting for Dove Creek because of being an alum. But even more so because they are a team that is 100% home grown and are not located where most of the other teams are who can pull athletes from bigger towns that are in close proximity to their school. Flatirons is a prime example of this. Call it stacking teams, or whatever, but CHsaa’s rules still have loopholes. How can a team like Kit Carson continue to field competitive teams where the town itself does not have a gas station, a convenience store, maybe a town of around 250 people? Any time a team from the west slope travels east, they are at a disadvantage already. Local schools like Mancos pull athletes from Cortez, so when Dove Creek won the 8 man title, totally with home grown kids, that is a rare accomplishment in Colorado athletics.

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