Class 3A Boys Basketball Breakdown

Class 3A Boys Basketball Regional Predictions

Class 3A Boys Basketball Regional Predictions

Regionals is here and it’s win or go home time.  Reaching Regionals is one of many steps for teams looking to reach the State Championship.  To reach the state tournament is simple.  Win your Region and you will go to the State Tournament. 8 regions and 8 teams advance to the State Tournament.

Region 1 at Faith Christian

#1 Faith Christian over #32 Grand Valley

#17 Roaring Fork over #16 Woodland Park

Roaring Fork vs Woodland Park should be a great matchup and I think comes down to the wire.  I think either could advance.  Faith Christian, I don’t think gets pushed in the opening round.

#1 Faith Christian over #17 Roaring Fork

Faith Christian is playing their best basketball and I don’t see them being upset at regionals. 

Region 2 at Lake County

#8 Lake County over #25 Meeker

#9 Yuma over #24 Bayfield

Lake County vs Meeker does have me intrigued.  Lake County weaker schedule has me worried about how they will do at regionals.  I do think they advance.  I also think Yuma vs Bayfield could be close at half, but Yuma always seems to make key adjustments at halftime.

#9 Yuma over #8 Lake County

Yuma has the experience and I think proves to be the difference.  Yuma defense is on a different level until you see in person.  Lake County will need to be efficient on offense to snag the win and I do think this could be a good game if Lake County plays efficient offensive basketball.

Region 3 at Cedaredge

#5 Cedaredge over #28 Strasburg

#12 Ellicott over #21 SkyView Academy

I believe the game to watch for in this opening round is Cedaredge vs Strasburg.  Strasburg has played a tough schedule and will give Cedaredge all they can handle.  Ellicott vs SkyView Academy is another interesting matchup, but I like Ellicott in that game.

#5 Cedaredge over #12 Ellicott

I kept changing this pick.  I think both have a good shot at advancing and there always seems to be at least one or two upsets in Class 3A.  This will be a great game.

Region 4 at Highland

#4 Highland over #29 Thomas MacLaren

#13 C.S Christian over #20 Stargate School

I don’t see any upsets in this round but, I think Stargate School could make things interesting and push C.S Christian. 

#4 Highland over #13 C.S Christian

Can C.S Christian slow down or score with Highland is the key.  Highland loves to score and will be key if C.S Christian wants to pull the upset.

Region 5 at Salida

#2 Salida over #31 Montezuma-Cortez

#18 Brush over #15 Machebeuf

Brush vs Machebeuf should be an interesting matchup.  I think Brush played a tough schedule and that is why I am giving them the edge over Machebeuf.

#2 Salida over #18 Brush

Brush will have to play a physical defensive game if they plan to upset Salida.  Brush has shown it can play with top 10 teams and will challenge a very good Salida team.

Region 6 at Peyton

#7 Peyton over #26 Ignacio

#10 Vanguard over #23 Pinnacle

I don’t see any upsets in the opening round of regionals.  I think we could see close matchups, but I am leaning with the higher seeds in the matchups.

#7 Peyton over #10 Vanguard

This will be a great matchup if it happens.  I think it could go either way and look for a tight matchup. 

Region 7 at Berthoud HS-Windsor Charter

#6 Windsor Charter over #27 Florence

#11 Platte Valley vs #22 Manual

Platte Valley vs Manual may be one of the best opening round matchups in the 3A Regionals.  Manual seems to be playing their best basketball and will push Platte Valley in this game.  I am still not sure about Windsor Charter and if Florence can play their style could make for an interesting game.

#11 Platte Valley over #6 Windsor Charter

Platte Valley is battle tested playing one of the tougher schedules in Class 3A.  I think that proves to be the difference in this game.

Region 8 at Centauri

#3 Centauri over #30 Rye

#14 Prospect Ridge over #19 Banning Lewis

Prospect Ridge vs Banning Lewis will be an intriguing matchup.  Prospect Ridge did not end their season on the best note so seeing how they bounce back will be key. 

#3 Centauri over #14 Prospect Ridge

This would be a great matchup and look for the two key players in Max Vacco (prospect) and Chaz Holman (Centauri) to step up and be leaders.  I am giving the edge to Centauri due to their defensive pressure.  This will be a good matchup.

State Tournament Matchups

#1 Faith Christian vs #9 Yuma

#4 Highland vs #5 Cedaredge

#2 Salida vs #7 Peyton

#3 Centauri vs #11 Platte Valley