Class 2A Boys Basketball Breakdown

Class 2A Boys Basketball Regional Predictions

Class 2A Boys Basketball Regional Predictions

Regionals is here and it’s win or go home time.  Reaching Regionals is one of many steps for teams looking to reach the State Championship.  To reach the state tournament is simple.  Win your Region and you will go to the State Tournament. 8 regions and 8 teams advance to the State Tournament. Send me your picks would love to hear from you.

Region 1 at Crowley County

#1 Crowley County over #32 Rangely

#17 Del Norte over #16 Denver Christian

I think the #16 vs #17 game will be a good one.  Two teams looking to take their shot at the #1 team in the state and both with different play styles.  I don’t see Crowley County being upset in this game and expect them to get the win.

#1 Crowley County over #17 Del Norte

Crowley County is my pick to advance to the state tournament.  Crowley County has the size to give Del Norte problems.  Del Norte can pull the upset but will need a huge game from Ben Parra and support from the cast around him.  I just think the size for Crowley County proves to be the difference.

Region 2 at Heritage Christian

#8 Heritage Christian over #25 Holyoke

#9 Evangelical Christian over #24 Cotopaxi

I truly believe this whole regional will be a battle.  The first-round games will be tightly contested the first-round games being rematches from earlier in the season.  Heritage Christian beat Holyoke by 17 and Evangelical Christian beat Cotopaxi by 11.  Never easy to beat an opponent a second time. 

#8 Heritage Christian over #9 Evangelical Christian

Heritage Christian has shown late in the year they can hang with some of the top teams.  ECA has also played tough against top teams as well.  This will be a tightly contested regional final, but I am giving the slight edge to Heritage Christian.  Should be a great game.

Region 3 at Plateau Valley

#5 Plateau Valley over #28 Telluride

#12 Vail Christian over #21 Hoehne

Vail Christian vs Hoehne will be a great opening round game.  This should be a good matchup but giving the edge to Vail Christian I think their run and gun style will help them in that game.  I do think Hoehne could get the upset.  The Plateau Valley vs Telluride game is interesting matchup as Plateau Valley only beat Telluride by 11 earlier in the year.  I don’t see either game being a blowout.

#5 Plateau Valley over #12 Vail Christian

I changed this pick at least 3 or four times.  Both matchups were close during the regular season and if they meet again in the regional finals this will be the rubber match.  Plateau Valley was able to slow Vail Christian run, and gun style play last time and will need to do a similar if they meet again.

Region 4 at Wray

#4 Wray over #29 Vail Mountain

#13 Wiggins over #20 Byers

Wiggins vs Byers I believe will be one of the best games in the first round of regionals.  Byers won the first meeting by 7 and expect a similar spread if not closer.  Wiggins does have momentum going into the matchup.  Should be a great game.  I don’t see Wray being upset in the first round.

#4 Wray over #13 Wiggins

If this is the regional finals expect another fantastic game.  Wray beat Wiggins 67 to 63 their last meeting and don’t expect much to change if they meet again.  Wray I am giving the edge with experience but never easy beating a team a second time.

Region 5 at Simla

#2 Simla over #31 Las Animas

#15 Custer County over #18 Front Range Christian

Another fantastic matchup occurs when Custer County and Front Range Christian clash. Look for a high scoring game with each team’s star players stepping up.  I am giving the edge to Custer County because I think they have more depth pieces in this game.  Front Range Christian can easily flip this script if Shane Curry goes off in this game.

#2 Simla over #15 Custer County

Simla is playing some of the best basketball in Class 2A.  I think Custer County will give Simla everything they have but I think Simla defensively has the edge.  Will be a great game, but Simla is the hot team right now.

Region 6 at Sanford

#7 Sanford over #26 Haxtun

#10 Merino over #23 Monte Vista

This is another regional that will be hotly contested by all four teams.  The lower seeds in Monte Vista and Haxtun have both proven they can hang with the higher ranked teams, and I believe both games could be closer.  Sanford, I think has the slight advantage McCray Larsen and he must have a big game against Haxtun.  Merino vs Monte Vista could be defensive matchup.  Monte Vista is playing their best basketball and Merino will need to clamp down defensively.  If an upset happens in either game, I wouldn’t be surprised.

#7 Sanford over #10 Merino

I think whoever can bounce back the best for the game the next day will be key.   I do give the slight edge to Sanford with the size they have.  Look for another defensive game in this matchup.  This could go either way.

Region 7 at Colorado Christian University-Golden View Classical Region

#6 Golden View Classical over #27 Akron

#11 Holly over #22 Mancos

Holly vs Mancos will be a good matchup and I think the winner will have a very good shot at the upset.  I like Holly in this matchup if they play to their strengths.  Mancos will be out to prove they should have been allowed to host a region.  Akron will give Golden View their best shot and need their defense to clamp down if they want the upset.

#11 Holly over #6 Golden View Classical

Holly has the potential to be a top team and they proved it in a pair of close losses to Crowley County.  Now can they put it all together is the question.  Golden View is playing their best basketball of the season and we will see if they can avoid the upset.

Region 8 at Limon

#3 Limon over #30 Elbert

#14 Burlington over #19 Fowler

Burlington vs Fowler should be a great matchup.  Burlington is probably playing their best basketball of the season and that gives them the edge.  Limon, I think cruise into the regional finals.

#3 Limon vs #14 Burlington

Round 3-Fight! For all my video game people.  Limon vs Burlington for the 3rd time could be the best matchup in the regional finals.  Limon beat Burlington by just 2 in the district tournament and we all know how hard it’s to beat a team 3 times in one season.  I still feel Limon gets by Burlington but expect an amazing game!

State Tournament Matchups

#1 Crowley County vs #8 Heritage Christian

#4 Wray vs #5 Plateau Valley

#2 Simla vs #7 Sanford

#3 Limon vs #11 Holly


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