Class 3A Girls Basketball Breakdowns

Class 3A Girls State Tournament Predictions

Class 3A Girls State Tournament Predictions

We are a few days from the State Tournament kicking off.  I have decided to deem Tuesday as Prediction Tuesday.  I will give my predictions for all 3 Classes boys and girls.  Tomorrow we will have something special for all 3 classes boys and girls. 

Remember I am not cheering against any teams! Good Luck to all 8 teams competing for a State Championship!

Class 3A Girls Regional Prediction Review

I did my predictions for Regional last week.  I predicted 7 of the 8 state qualifiers correct.  I missed only 1 and I am not sure many who had it.  My only missed pick was Peyton advancing and they were upset. 

Class 3A Girls State Tournament Predictions

Elite 8 Predictions

#9 Ellicott over #16 Buena Vista

These two teams have met at least once this season.  I have said it countless times this year that it’s not easy to beat a team a second or third time in a season.  Look for each team to adjust and look for this to be a great matchup.

#5 Vanguard over #13 Grand Valley

This is a rematch of the 3rd place game from last year.  Vanguard won by 14 points, but I don’t expect that big a spread this time around.  I do feel Vanguard is playing their best basketball and that is why I am leaning with Vanguard.

#2 Centauri over #7 St. Mary’s

I believe this will be a fantastic matchup.  Two teams with tons of tradition and this should be a great game.  I like the way Centauri plays defense and I am leaning their way.  I could see an upset here if St. Mary’s locks up on defense as well.

#6 Platte Valley over #3 C.S Christian

My upset pick but I don’t consider this an upset.  Platte Valley has not lost to a 3A opponent in two years and all of their losses this season were to 4A and 5A teams.  I do think C.S Christian can matchup with Platte Valley, but experience will be key in this game and Platte Valley has that edge.

Final Four Predictions

#5 Vanguard over #9 Ellicott

#6 Platte Valley over #2 Centauri

Championship Saturday

#6 Platte Valley over #5 Vanguard (Championship)

#2 Centauri over #9 Ellicott (3rd Place Game)