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Mile High Prep Report Girls Basketball Class 1A All-District Teams

Mile High Prep Report Girls Basketball Class 1A All-District Teams

Like I have for the past few years we have decided to do All-District Teams.  I will be picking from Districts instead of leagues because there are too many mixed classification leagues.  Honorable mention will be given if needed.  These of course are not official from CHSAA but from MileHigh Prep Report.  These awards lists are never easy especially since I cannot make it to every game.  If your school has not posted Stats, I cannot give awards without some sort of stats or video.  I will still post my end of the year awards after the State Tournament has completed.  If you think I missed someone feel free to message me.

This only includes thru the District Tournaments and not thru regionals.  I will have my end of the year awards the week after the State Tournament.

District 1 Awards

Player of the District

Lexi Gray Sr. Dove Creek High School

Coach of the District

Julie Kibel, Dove Creek High School

Surprise team of the District

Nucla High School

District 1 Teams

Lexi Gray Sr. Dove Creek

Rylee Hickman Sr. Dove Creek

Kylie Gatlin Jr. Dove Creek

Candis Staats Sr. Nucla

Lisa Sutherland Sr. Nucla

Ally Sandidge So. De Beque

Rachel Graham Jr. De Beque

Dezirae Gonzales Jr. North Park

Abby Altwine So. North Park

Brooke Chang Sr. Caprock Academy

Honorable Mention District 1

Kalie Gatlin Jr. Dove Creek, Trista Barnett Sr. Dove Creek, Ralynn Hickmann So. Dove Creek, Keiran Bray Jr. Nucla, Avery Rigsby Fr. De Beque, Ava Vines So. De Beque, Talynn Schmidt Sr. North Park, Emily Thomas Sr. Caprock Academy, Mercedes Garcia Jr. Caprock Academy

District 2 Awards

Player of the District

Mckayla Kiniston Jr. McClave High School

Coach of the District

Brianne Howe, McClave High School

Surprise team of the District

Eads High School

District 2 Teams

1st Team District 1

Abrielle Gomez Fr. McClave

Mckayla Kiniston Jr. McClave

Tess Johnson Sr. Kit Carson

Kiana Herrera Sr. Granada

Trinidie Quintana Sr. Granada

Tailee Weeks-Johnson Fr. Eads

Abby Provost Sr. Cheraw

Paige Ryser So. Cheyenne Wells

2nd Team District 2

Ashlynn Steinbrunn Fr. McClave

Kenzie Waggoner Sr. Kit Carson

Lindsey Mayhan Jr. Kit Carson

Marissa Valenzuela Jr. Granada

Crislyn Miell Jr. Cheraw

Fatima Gomez Sr. Wiley

Honorable Mention District 2

Zoe Martinez Fr. McClave, Kennedy Vallejos Sr. McClave, Payge Booker-Rady Jr. Kit Carson, Nadaya Buttry Jr. Kit Carson, Vanessa Ayala Sr. Granada, Torilin Riddle Jr. Granada, Lexi Shotton Fr. Eads, Alessandra Paez So. Eads, Kieran Harris So. Cheraw, Shaylee Scheler Jr. Cheyenne Wells, Izzy Trevino-Lopez Jr. Cheyenne Wells, Grace White Sr. Wiley, KJ Phillips Jr. Wiley

District 3 Awards

Player of the League

Brakelle Westphal Sr. Springfield High School

Coach of the League

Tom Jacobs, Springfield High School

Surprise team of the League

La Veta High School

District 3 Team

Brakelle Westphal Sr. Springfield

Kendall Myers Sr. Springfield

Aspen Autry So. La Veta

Kendyl Eddleman Sr. La Veta

Emmalee Buhrle Sr. Kim/Branson

Faith Vernier Sr. Kim/Branson

Kate Elmore Jr. South Baca

Kayla Penick Fr. Walsh

Isabela Maldonado Fr. Primero

Honorable Mention District 3

Lainee Leathers Jr. Springfield, Aliya Cohoon Jr. Springfield, Tami Morgan Sr. La Veta, Ysabel Gonzalez Jr. Kim/Branson, Emma Amato So. Kim/Branson, Chloe Johnson Sr. South Baca, Bailey Coon Sr. South Baca, Emily Hume So. Walsh, Skyler McCorkle Jr. Primero, Hailey Harris Sr. Primero

District 4 Awards

Player of the League

Jenna Krise Jr. Briggsdale High School

Coach of the League

Colin Nicklas, Briggsdale High School

Surprise team of the League

Prairie High School

District 4 Teams

Jenna Krise Jr. Briggsdale

Kayl Klem So. Briggsdale

Peyton Nicklas Sr. Briggsdale

Kally Kirkwood Sr. Fleming

Madi Serrato Jr. Fleming

Lexi Schaefer Sr. Fleming

Alliyah Nelson Sr. Prairie

Skylar Scott Fr. Weldon Valley

Rayn Ndow Jr. Longmont Christian

Honorable Mention District 4

Macie Klem Sr. Briggsdale, Claire Brown Fr. Briggsdale, Madison Harms Sr. Fleming, Ciana Lousberg Fr. Fleming, Tanna Bailey Fr. Prairie, Emily Andrews Jr. Prairie, Kayla Kugler Jr. Prairie, Haylee Nelson Fr. Weldon Valley, Nicole Anderson So. Weldon Valley, Sofia Greenridge So. Longmont Christian,

District 5 Awards

Player of the League

Sedonia Isenbart Jr. Stratton High School

Coach of the League

Trey Thompson, Stratton High School

Surprise team of the League

Arickaree High School

District 5 Teams

1st Team District 5

Sedonia Isenbart Jr. Stratton

Sophia Isenbart Fr. Stratton

Jaylyn Kechter So. Idalia

Jenna Wieser Sr. Idalia

Aedyn Tribelhorn Fr. Otis

Janiya Smith So. Arickaree

Caelan Church Jr. Hi-Plains

Jaylie Stone Jr. Flalger

2nd Team District 5

Clare Miltenberger So. Stratton

Krist Wieser So. Idalia

Alli Hornung Jr. Otis

Cora Schrock Sr. Arickaree

Allison Daly Sr. Flagler

Jade Kuntz Fr. Lone Star

Peyton Ruhs So. Bethune

Honorable Mention District 5

Mckenna Notter Jr. Stratton, Ailyn Monarrez Fr. Idalia, Brigette Kite Fr. Idalia, Hailey Stivers Sr. Otis, Madelyn Willeke So. Otis, Rowan Tribelhorn Sr. Otis, Raeya Schrock So. Arickaree, Lily Monat Jr. Arickaree, Serenity Hernandez So. Hi-Plains, Molly Hubbell Sr. Hi-Plains, Cloe Smith Jr. Hi-Plains, Brooklynn Henschel Jr. Hi-Plains, Madison Crisp Jr. Flagler, Kacee Saffer Jr. Flagler, Amanda Kubitz Jr. Lone Star, Ana Lockard Sr. Lone Star, Madilyn Powell So. Bethune, Jamie Strobel So. Bethune

District 6 Awards

Player of the League

Peyton Metz Sr. Sangre De Cristo High School

Coach of the League

Dave Forster, Sierra Grande High School

Surprise team of the League

Creede High School

District 6 Teams

1st Team District 6

Peyton Metz Sr. Sangre De Cristo

Idahlia Garcia Jr. Sangre De Cristo

Mariana Loya Sr. Sierra Grande

Xiomara Maestas Sr. Centennial

Lila Fairchild Fr. Creede

Kate Cunningham Sr. Lake City

2nd Team District 6

Presley Wilson So. Sangre De Cristo

Mia Esquer-Montoya Sr. Sierra Grande

Jayden DeLeon Sr. Centennial

Jasmin Laing Fr. Creede

Patricia Silvas Sr. Antonito

Paige Hammel So. Moffat

Honorable Mention District 6

Palma Enriquez Jr. Sangre De Cristo, Haylee Freel So. Sangre De Cristo, Jaylyn Quezada So. Sierra Grande, Aracely Minchaca Sr. Sierra Grande, Alexia Gonzalez Jr. Sierra Grande, Rhylina Serna Jr. Centennial, Carmelita Rael Sr. Centennial, Jaden Twite Sr. Creede, Jalen Laing Jr. Creede, Rowan McNeese Fr. Lake City, Luz Parra Jr. Antonito, Zanita Ruybal Jr. Antonito, Shauna Pollard Fr. Moffat,

District 7 Awards

Player of the League

Kendra Byrd Sr. Kiowa High School

Coach of the League

Rick Carothers, Kiowa High School

Surprise team of the League

Pikes Peak Christian

District 7 Teams

1st team District 7

Kendra Byrd Sr. Kiowa

Jordan Perreault Jr. Kiowa

Baylee Kelly Sr. Genoa-Hugo

Rebecca Thomas Jr. Pikes Peak Christian

Lavana Sweazy Jr. Hanover

Alex Donovan Sr. Deer Trail

2nd Team District 7

Paola Vidales Jr. Kiowa

Haley Ewing Jr. Genoa-Hugo

Sarah Harris Jr. Pikes Peak Christian

Valeria Diaz Jr. Hanover

Ki McDowell Jr. Cripple Creek

Lydia Davis Sr. Miami-Yoder

Honorable Mention District 7

Lauryn Morehead Jr. Kiowa, Rylee Kelly Fr. Genoa-Hugo, Amy Pinion Fr. Genoa-Hugo, Millie Harmon Jr. Pikes Peak Christian, Savanna Bannister Fr. Hanover, Ally Hardwick Jr. Deer Trail, Kim Gonzalez Jr. Deer Trail, Allyson Durham Fr. Cripple Creek, Rylee May So. Cripple Creek, Kylie Mcknight So. Miami-Yoder, Carley Bringhurst Jr. Miami-Yoder

District 8 Awards

Player of the League

Kenlee Durrill Sr. Flatirons Academy

Coach of the League

Eric Rakers, Flatirons Academy

Surprise team of the League

Front Range Baptist

District 8 Team

Kenlee Durrill Sr. Flatirons Academy

Emma Cox Jr. Flatirons Academy

Emily Dehaan Jr. Flatirons academy

Bethany Long Sr. Belleview Christian

Jessica Aldstadt Sr. Belleview Christian

Katie Jaques Jr. Front Range Baptist

Libby Sutton Sr. Front Range Baptist

Ginny Shade Jr. Rocky Mountain Lutheran

Hanna Witkoff Sr. Denver Waldorf

Honorable Mention District 8

Annabelle Rakers So. Flatirons Academy, Victoria Mallory Sr. Belleview Christian, Kelsey Boggs Sr. Front Range Baptist, Eva Vogel Fr. Rocky Mountain Lutheran, Sophie Thiel Jr. Rocky Mountain Lutheran, Arwen Opyd So. Denver Waldorf


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  1. Please review your District 3 1 A honors for Primero . According to Darryl Abeyta one if our district administrators, Skyler McCorkle and Isabela Maldonado we’re all conference and Hailey Harris is an honorable mention. If you have any questions please contact him at the Primero School District. Thank you


    1. Hello, these awards are not from the district themselves but from MileHigh Prep Report as stated at the top. We came up with how many players each team received on are All-District teams. I will add Hailey Harris as honorable mention.


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