1A League Breakdown

Week 7 1A Conference Breakdown

1A Conference Breakdwon

Metro Conference

Resurrection Christian has the sole possession lead in the Conference and has already played second place Platte Canyon and won. Resurrection Christian has basically all but locked up first place barring a Upset. Platte Canyon has all but locked up second place with wins already over Front Range Christian and Cornerstone Christian. If Platte Canyon can avoid the upset bid over the last three weeks they lock up the second playoff spot and possibly they are fighting for a home playoff game. Third place is still very up for grabs but could possibly be settled this weekend when Front Range Christian and Cornerstone Christian play. The winner will all but lock up third place and will be fighting for a Wildcard bid.

Clear Creek at Estes Park                                              Front Range Christian at Cornerstone Christian (SAT)

Lyons at Platte Canyon (SAT)

North Central Conference

This Conference was shaken up last weekend when Wray beat Burlington. Now we have a tie for first and a tie for second. Wray plays Holyoke this weekend where Wray will be the favorite to win. Wray has played a much tougher schedule whereas Holyoke has played the bottom of the Conference. A win for Wray will all but lock up the conference championship. A win for Holyoke will make things more interesting because Burlington still has to play Holyoke as does Wiggins. Burlington and Wiggins are tied for Second and also play each other this weekend. If Burlington wins it puts them on track to finish no worse than third. With Wiggins win it puts Wiggins in track to finish no worse than third. Wiggins will move into a tie for second with the loser between Holyoke and Wray.

Yuma at Highland                                                            Burlington at Wiggins

Holyoke at Wray

South Central Conference

We got a tie for first place between Limon and Crowley County. Those two won’t meet up until next weekend and that game could very well determine the Champion. This week though Crowley County plays Rocky Ford and will be the favorite to win. Limon battles Byers where Limon will be the Favorite. Byers was blasted last week by Crowley County. If both favorites win it will set up next weekend’s game. If Byers can pull the upset it will really shake things up in the conference and make the Meeting between Limon and Crowley County very interesting. If Byers loses it means that they will take 3rd place or worse and but could possibly still fight for a wild card berth.

Colorado Springs Christian at Calhan                      Crowley County at Rocky Ford

Limon at Byers (SAT)

Southern Peaks Conference

With Centauri beating Center last week it all but set up the same scenario this conference has had since Monte Vista and Centauri moved to 1A. Monte Vista and Centauri meet at the end of the season and the winner of the game gets 1st and the loser gets 2nd. I don’t think this year that the team that takes second will get a home playoff game but with both teams playing tough schedules I would not rule that out. Monte Vista play John Mall this weekend in which Monte will be favored and Centauri travel to Ignacio in which Centauri will be favored. The game to look out for is between Dolores and Center. Dolores has had an easier schedule so far and has only played Centauri and still has to play Monte Vista. Center on the other hand has already played both. The winner will be looking at taking third in the conference. The loser will more than likely take 4th. The third place team has a far outside chance of getting a wild card berth.

Dolores at Center (THURS)                                          Centauri at Ignacio

Monte Vista vs John Mall

Tri Peaks Conference

The race for the conference championship looks to be a good one. Buena Vista who is tied for first with Rye has yet to play the Rye, Salida, and Ellicott. They will play Ellicott this weekend. Ellicott is fighting to try and get into the playoffs and nothing would help more than upsetting Buena Vista. Ellicott with a loss though will be looking for Rye to beat Salida which will all but ensure Ellicott taking third and more than likely getting a playoff bid. When Rye and Salida play each other there is a lot on the line for Salida. Salida with a win will move into a tie for second but still has to play Buena Vista. A loss will all but knock Salida out of the playoff picture. A Rye win will set up a huge clash between them and Buena Vista next week in which the winner of that game will win the championship and loser take second. Also the second place team could also be on pace to host a playoff game. I believe this Conference will get 3 teams in the playoffs.

Salida at Rye                                                                      Buena Vista at Ellicott (SAT)

Dolores Huerta at Peyton (SAT)

Western Slope Confernece

This conference has 4 playoff teams but only 3 will get in. (unless you can get 4 but not 100%)   The game between Paonia and Meeker was a great game. Currently though we have a Tie for first place between Hotchkiss and Paonia. Hotchkiss who knocked off Cedaredge two weeks ago had a brutal opening season schedule playing two conference leaders and a 2A team which is why there record looks the way it does. The only problem for Hotchkiss is that they still have to play Meeker and Paonia but by them beating Cedaredge they put themselves in position to take 3rd and grab a playoff spot. Both them and Paonia have easier games this week and should win which will set up a huge game next weekend. The game to watch is between Meeker and Cedaredge. Cedaredge needs this win if it’s looking at making the playoffs. A loss for Meeker really puts Meeker in a bad spot and could possibly keep Meeker out. The following couple weeks will make the playoff picture better for this conference. I believe this conference will get 3 teams in the playoffs.

Meeker at Cedaredge                                                    Grand Valley at Hotchkiss

Lake County at Paonia

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