8man League Breakdown

Week 7 8 man Conference Breakdown

8 man Conference Breakdown

Arkansas Valley Conference

Currently we have a tie for first place in the conference between Springfield and Granada. Barring any upsets they game between the two at the end of the season will decide who the League Champion is. Granada plays winless Las Animas and should be the favorite to win. Springfield plays Wiley who is currently in tied for second with McClave. Wiley needs a big win because of their loss last week to McClave. McClave has already played Granada so they have the tie breaker for third place in the conference. McClave this week plays Holly and is a Key game for them if they want to try and get into the playoffs.

Granada vs Las Animas                                                                  Holly vs McClave

Springfield vs Wiley

Central Conference

Currently Vail Christian sits alone in first place and baring an upset will have the straight road to winning the League Championship. They have already beat the top contenders and have teams that are in the bottom half of the conference left. Tied for Second place is Elbert and Rocky Mountain Lutheran. That tie will be broken up this weekend. The winner will be trying to grab a playoff spot and sole possession of second place.

West Grand vs Pikes Peak Christian                                         Longmont Christian vs Nederland

Vail Christian vs Justice                                                                  Rocky Mountain Lutheran vs Elbert

Mountain Conference

Alone on top of the conference is Sangre De Cristo. They are playing an out of conference team in Fowler. So the key games will be between the teams in a 3 way tie for second place. Sanford play Dove Creek. Dove Creek was ranked preseason until starting conference play had not won a game. Dove Creek has already played Sangre and a loss to Sanford would really hurt any chance of them getting second place in the conference. Sanford on the other hand needs to try and keep pace with Sangre De Cristo and with Sargent who they lost to. Sargent another team that was ranked in the preseason has had a hard time replacing players they lost from graduation and also had not won a game since starting conference play. They play rival Del Norte in what is a key game for Sargent to stay in the race for second place and trying to grab a playoff spot. The loss last week to Sangre hurt but they are still in the running for Second place.

Dove Creek vs Sanford                                                                  Mancos vs Sierra Grande

Fowler vs Sangre de Cristo                                                           Sargent vs Del Norte 

Plains Conference

Alone on top of the conference and with a chance to nearly clinch the League championship is Dayspring Christian. They have had a tough two weeks beating Akron and Caliche, who are ranked in the top 5. There is currently a four way tie for second place. The pack for second looks to be thinned out a little when Caliche plays Sedgwick County. Sedgwick County has yet to play Akron and Dayspring so a loss here could be damaging to their playoff chance, same goes to Caliche except they have not played Akron and Merino. A win for Caliche set up an exciting matchup between Akron and they next week in what could be the deciding game for who takes second and who takes third. Next up for Dayspring is Merino. Merino bounce back from a close loss to Akron two weeks ago to beat Sedgwick County. A lot is on the line for Merino if they lose again they will either need to upset Caliche or will be looking at fourth place. Dayspring on the other hand with a win will more than likely clinch the League title and looking for that number one seed. Akron plays Haxtun and will be the Favorites. This League should get four teams into the playoffs but nothing is for sure.

Caliche vs Sedgwick County                                                         Akron vs Haxtun

Merino vs Dayspring Christian

Southern Conference

Currently we have a tie for first place in the League between Simla and Hoehne. Simla does not play Hoehne till next week in what figures to be for the League Championship baring an upset. Simla plays Custer County this week who is currently in second. Custer needs a signature win and are fighting to get into the playoffs. Simla needs to avoid the upset and stay tied with first place. Hoehne plays Kiowa and should be the favorite to win.

Kiowa vs Hoehne                                                                             Simla vs Custer County

Fowler vs Sangre De Cristo                                                          Swink vs Cripple Creek-Victor

Western Slope Conference

The big game this weekend will be between League leader Norwood and third place Rangely who was upset last week by Soroco. That loss makes this game a must win for Rangely who is not fighting to stay in the chase for a playoff spot. A loss makes this league a possible one team playoff league as Soroco has not had a quality win but will be in second alone having the bye week this week. Norwood with a win all but secures the League Championship and in the fight for a top 3 seed.

Norwood vs Rangely                                                                      Hayden vs Plateau Valley

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