6man League Breakdown

6man Playoff Picture, Week 8

6man Playoff Picture

Once all game are completed i will try and update what i think the seeds for the tournament will be.

Final Week of the Regular Season, Week 9 is crossover games and I will not break each league down instead I will just jump straight into the playoff picture and break it down there instead. The rules for selection in the playoffs are as follow: The top two teams in each conference will be automatic qualifiers. The remaining six qualifiers will be selected using power points. Six-man will play an 8 game regular season schedule with Week 9 being used for crossover games. The ninth week teams will be ranked 1-16 based on power points with the five conference winners being guaranteed a home game. The crossover games will match 1 vs 16, 2 vs 15, 3 vs 14, 4 vs 13, 5 vs 12, 6 vs 11, 7 vs 10, and 8 vs 9. The top eight teams will play at home, with exception of conference champions playing at home if they are lower than 8 in power points. The eight winners of the crossover games will then make the 8-team playoffs. The final eight teams will be true seeded using the following criteria: overall record, head-to-head, conference record, strength of schedule, and strength of conference.


Hanover has clinched the League title and one of the two playoff berths. The other playoff berth will be decided between South Park and Genoa Hugo. If Genoa Hugo wins they clinch the other playoff berth. A loss by Genoa Hugo and it creates a three way tie for second place. Genoa Hugo currently sits in 19th place in wild card points so for them to get into the playoffs will need to be with an automatic berth. The other team trying to get in the playoffs is Miami-Yoder who is currently in 16th in wild card points. A good showing vs Eads and they should be in the playoffs, depending on how the Wild Card points look next week. South Park needs this win to create a three way tie. Teams with a chance at the playoffs: Hanover (clinched), South Park, Genoa Hugo, and Miami-Yoder.

Hanover vs Antonito                                                                      South Park vs Genoa Hugo*

Miami-Yoder vs Eads

East Central

Arickaree/Woodlin has clinched the league title and one of the two playoff berths. The number two seed should be figured out his weekend. Otis plays Idalia and that will be for second place. A loss by Otis and puts them at 3-3 League Record and hurts there chance at a playoff berth. If Otis wins they take second and an automatic berth to the playoffs. The other key game is between Hi-Plains and Stratton/Liberty. If Stratton/Liberty win they can finish no worse than third but a loss would be damaging to them as well. Stratton/Liberty currently sits in 18th place in wild card points so they need help to get into the playoffs. Otis is sitting in 14th but a loss to Idalia could potentially keep them out. The fourth team fighting for a playoff berth is Flagler, currently sitting in 13th place. Where a team finish’s in League does not necessary matter for the playoffs as the top four teams in wild card points after the automatic berths get in. So if Flagler wins this weekend they should also get into the playoffs. Teams with a chance at the playoffs: Arickaree/Woodlin (clinched), Otis, Flagler, and Stratton/Liberty.

Briggsdale vs Flagler                                                                        Otis vs Idalia*

Hi-Plains vs Stratton/Liberty*                                                     Bethune vs Arickaree/Woodlin*



Peetz has clinched the league title and the automatic berth that goes with it. Fleming has also clinched second place and the other automatic berth. The big game this weekend is between Prairie and Pawnee. I believe that just as long as the game is not a complete blowout both teams should get a playoff berth. They are ranked 10th and 9th. The other team trying for a playoff berth is North Park currently ranked 11th. I think a good showing will get them into the playoff as well. They have a tough game vs Mountain Valley though. Teams with a chance at the playoffs: Peetz (clinched), Fleming (clinched), Pawnee, North Park, and Prairie

Peetz vs Weldon Valley*                                                              Prairie vs Pawnee*

Fleming vs Cheyenne Wells                                                         North Park vs Mountain Valley

South East

Eads has locked up first place and the automatic berth. Second place and the other playoff berth will be decided in the Key game of the week between Kit Carson and Walsh. Both are ranked 7th and 8th in wild card points so both will be in the playoffs what will actually be on the line is who will be playing at home and who will be on the road. The loser will probably drop to 9th but that is not 100%. Another key game but is not a league game will be between Fleming and Cheyenne wells. If Cheyenne wells gets blown out they still have a chance not to make the playoffs. Currently they are ranked 12th so nothing is 100% certain. Team with a chance at the Playoffs: Eads (clinched), Kit Carson, Walsh, and Cheyenne Wells.

La Veta vs Manzanola                                                                    Cotopaxi vs Cheraw

Fleming vs Cheyenne Wells                                                         Kit Carson vs Walsh*


Mountain valley as locked up the league title and the automatic berth. Second place goes to Cotopaxi who locked up there automatic berth as well. La Veta who is currently ranked 15th in points needs to win though. A huge win might get them into the playoffs. They play Manzanola in a must win game. A lose will all but certain knock them out. Team with a chance at the playoffs: Mountain Valley (clinched), Cotopaxi (clinched), and La Veta

Aguilar vs Primero*

*=Conference Game


  1. Arickaree/Woodlin – 56.714
  2. Eads – 56.286
  3. Mountain Valley – 52.429
  4. Hanover – 51.143
  5. Peetz – 50.429
  6. Fleming – 50.0
  7. Kit Carson – 48.714
  8. Walsh – 47.857
  9. Pawnee – 39.143
  10. Prairie – 38.429
  11. North Park – 38.0
  12. Cheyenne Wells – 37.857
  13. Flagler – 36.857
  14. Otis – 36.857 (tied)
  15. La Veta – 36.286
  16. Miami Yoder – 35.714
  17. Cotopaxi – 35.429
  18. Stratton/Liberty – 32.714
  19. Genoa Hugo – 31.857
  20. Cheraw – 31.286

Bold= clinched berth in playoffs

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