Football Top Ten and Key Game Predictions

Playoff Predictions Week 8

Playoff Predictions Week 8 (2A, 1A, and 8man) and Crossover Games for 6man

What my Predictions are going off of is Current Wild Card Points, League Standing, Rankings and My Predictions for this weekend games.


Automatic Bids:

Kent Denver, Faith Christian, Strasburg, Bennett, Brush, Platte Valley, Lamar, La Junta, Aspen, Gunnison, Montezuma-Cortez


Florence, Sterling, Eaton, Bayfield, St. Mary’s


  1. Brush
  2. Kent Denver
  3. Strasburg
  4. Gunnison
  5. Lamar
  6. Platte Valley
  7. Faith Christian
  8. Aspen
  9. Florence
  10. Bennett
  11. Sterling
  12. Montezuma-Cortez
  13. Eaton
  14. Bayfield
  15. St Mary’s
  16. La Junta


Automatic Bids:

Resurrection Christian, Platte Canyon, Wray, Burlington, Limon, Crowley County, Monte Vista, Centauri, Buena Vista, Rye, Paonia, Meeker.

Last Four in:

Hotchkiss, Ellicott, Cedaredge, Salida

First Four Out:

Center, Byers, Wiggins, Front Range Christian


  1. Paonia
  2. Buena Vista
  3. Resurrection Christian
  4. Monte Vista
  5. Meeker
  6. Platte Canyon
  7. Limon
  8. Wray
  9. Rye
  10. Centauri
  11. Burlington
  12. Ellicott
  13. Crowley County
  14. Cedaredge
  15. Hotchkiss
  16. Salida

8 Man

Automatic Bids:

Springfield, Vail Christian, Sangre De Cristo, Dayspring Christian, Hoehne, Norwood

At Large Bids

Akron, Caliche, Granada, Merino, Simla, Sargent

Last Four in:

Sedgwick County, Dove Creek, Sanford, Custer County

First Four Out: Elbert, McClave, Soroco, Fowler


  1. Dayspring Christian
  2. Akron
  3. Norwood
  4. Caliche
  5. Springfield
  6. Sangre De Cristo
  7. Hoehne
  8. Vail Christian
  9. Merino
  10. Granada
  11. Simla
  12. Sargent
  13. Dove Creek
  14. Sedgwick County
  15. Sanford
  16. Custer County

6man Crossover

Automatic Bids:

Hanover, Genoa Hugo, Arickaree/Woodlin, Otis, Peetz, Fleming, Eads, Kit Carson, Mountain Valley, Cotopaxi,

Wildcard bids:

Pawnee, Prairie, North Park, Cheyenne Wells, Flagler, La Veta


  1. Arickaree/Woodlin
  2. Eads
  3. Mountain Valley
  4. Hanover
  5. Peetz
  6. Fleming
  7. Kit Carson
  8. Walsh
  9. Pawnee
  10. Prairie
  11. North Park
  12. Cheyenne Wells
  13. Flagler
  14. Otis
  15. La Veta
  16. Cotopaxi

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