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Review of Week 8 Predictions

How did I do on my Predictions from Week 8


Correct: 11 out of 14 games

Incorrect: 3 out of 14

79% Correct, C+ for this weeks predictions for 2A.  The incorrect picks were: Florence over St. Marys (St. Mary’s Won), Ridgeview Academy over Alameda (Alameda won), Roaring Fork over Coal Ridge (Coal Ridge won).


Correct: 8 out of 13

Incorrect 5 out of 13

62% correct, D for this week’s predictions for 1A.  The incorrect picks were: Hotchkiss over Paonia (Paonia won), Limon over Crowley County (Crowley County won), Holyoke over Wiggins (Wiggins won), Wray over Yuma (Yuma won), Peyton over Salida (Salida won).


Correct: 11 out of 13

Incorrect: 2 out of 13

85% correct, B for this week’s predictions for 8man.  The Incorrect picks were: Akron over Caliche (Caliche won), and Hoehne over Simla (Simla won)


Correct: 9 out of 13

Incorrect: 4 out of 13

69% correct, D for this week’s predictions for 6Man.  The incorrect picks were: Kit Carson over Walsh (Walsh won), Mountain Valley over North Park (North Park won), La Veta over Manzanola (Manzanola won), Cotopaxi over Cheraw (Cheraw won).

My overall grade was 74%.

New Rankings will be Released Tomorrow as will the Official 6Man Crossover Games.


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