2A League Breakdown

Class 2A Quarterfinals Breakdown

2A Playoffs Break, Quarterfinals

  1. Brush vs 8. Faith Christian

Brush opened up their run for a state championship with an impressive win over Moffat County 49-7. Up next for Brush is Faith Christian who dominated 9th seeded Bayfield 40-14. Faith Christian has been on a roll since their lose to Kent Denver. Their offense has been on a terror. Scoring over 40 points in the 3 games and having a dominating defense. Brush is continuing it dominating run this year by once again scoring over 40 points and their defense shutting Moffat County down. Faith Christian and Brush are normal powerhouses in 2A but usually meet in the next round but this year they meet earlier and it figures to be a great game. They do not have a common opponent but each played a tough schedule. The key to the game will be which defense can shut down the other teams rushing attack first. Faith Christian is averaging 254 rushing ypg and Brush is averaging 277 rushing ypg. Brush may have an advantage in terms of passing they have averaged 134 compared to Faith Christian 92. Faith Christian has struggled at times passing the ball and with Brush’s great defense figures to be the same. I do think that Brush will win this game their defense has been dominate all year, it will be a closer game but I am guessing Brush wins by 20 points.

  1. Gunnison at 13. Eaton Sat 1:00 pm

Gunnison sneaked out a close victory vs Sterling 29-28 in overtime, needing to convert a 4th and 8 to win the game. They now face Eaton who had the biggest upset of the weekend, beating 4th seeded Lamar 41-20. Gunnison had their closest game of the season since their week one loss to Kent Denver. Sterling was able to shut down Gunnison offense and this game turned into a great defensive game, Sterling forced 4 turnovers but Gunnison was still able to win the game. Eaton will have to match their defense intensity it had last week. Eaton used a great first half to push themselves to the victory. Now Eaton will have to deal with a much better offensive team. Gunnison offense is much better than Lamar’s averaging 40 ppg compared to Lamar 23 ppg so this game could turn into a shoot-out, I don’t think that will happen though. Both teams’ defenses are very good and will keep this game close. These two had a common opponent in Sterling. Eaton lost to Sterling 14-21 and Gunnison beat sterling 29-28. So this game will be a tough one. I think Gunnison is going to win this game, their offense will wake up this round and propel them to the Victory, also Gunnison defense will be too much to handle. I think Gunnison will win by 15 and continue their run into the next round.

  1. Strasburg vs 6. Platte Valley Sat 1:00 pm

Strasburg had a big first round victory over Florence 48-6, dominating the entire game. Next up for Strasburg is Platte Valley who grinded out a 30-15 win over Bennett. Strasburg’s offense was very effective both in the Air and on the Ground. They had a total of 437 yards of Offense. Strasburg dominated the entire game putting up 21 first half points and not giving anything up until the second half. Platte Valley had a tough game with Bennett. Platte Valley jumped out to an early 8-0 lead after the first quarter and never lost the lead. Platte Valley was dominate on the ground rushing for 294 yards. This second round game is also a rematch game for the two and they have common opponents in Bennett and Sterling. Strasburg beat Platte Valley 26-22, the game was run dominated by both teams. Strasburg ran for 403 yards and Platte Valley ran for 323. It was a very close game and figures to be another close game. Both teams won against Sterling, Strasburg won 28-7 and Platte Valley 50-26 and both teams beat Bennett, Strasburg won 56-14 and Platte Valley beat Bennett twice 36-7 & 30-15. The key to the game is going to be run defense. Whichever teams defense can take control of the line of scrimmage will win this game. Platte Valley will have the edge in passing but not by much. Strasburg will have a tough time beating a top quality opponent twice. I don’t think that Strasburg is going to beat Platte Valley twice, and I think Platte Valley will sneak out with a win.

  1. Kent Denver vs 7. Montezuma-Cortez Sat 1:30 pm

Kent Denver rolled into the next round knocking out La Junta 58-14. Next up for Kent Denver is Montezuma-Cortez who beat St. Mary’s in a thriller 40-37. Kent Denver has been on an absolute tear. They continue with their run of 50 point games, 3 in a row now. Their defense has been great as well allowing only 12 points in a game all season. Kent Denver only had rushing yards in the game vs La Junta getting 400 yards in the game. Kent Denver used a monster first half in the victory scoring 35 points. Montezuma-Cortez had a thriller of a game vs St. Mary’s. Montezuma-Cortez jumped out to an early 33-7 lead in the first half and then St. Mary’s roared back in the second half to get it within three but could not complete the comeback losing by 3. Montezuma-Cortez used a run first attack vs St. Mary’s running for 363 yards and passing for 149 yards. Kent Denver and Montezuma-Cortez have a common opponent in Gunnison. Kent Denver beat Gunnison 39-12 in week one of the season and Montezuma-Cortez lost 50-15. Kent Denver will be the favorite to win, their offense has been unstoppable. The key to the game will be if Montezuma-Cortez can continue to use it run dominate offense to keep the game close. I think Kent Denver will continue its winning streak and win but I think Montezuma-Cortez is going to challenge them and will keep Kent Denver under 30 points.

*All stats were from Maxpreps.com

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