1A League Breakdown

Class 1A Quarterfinals Breakdown

1A Quarterfinals Breakdown

  1. Paonia at 9. Platte Canyon Sat 1:00 pm

Paonia started its title defense with a big win over Wiggins 49-0. That win was the fourth straight game with over 40 points scored. Paonia started slow in the first quarter then exploded for 35 points in the second quarter. Paonia dominated the game on the ground running for 469 yards and passing for 87. Next up for Paonia is Platte Canyon who beat Wray 30-14. Platte Canyon was losing after the first quarter then used a big fourth quarter to finish of Wray. This game was a defensive struggle, Platte Canyon ran for 192 yards and only passed for 66 yards. Paonia and Platte Canyon depend on their ground game if they want to win. Platte Canyon averages 304 rushing ypg and Paonia averages 311 rushing ypg. These two teams also have a common opponent in Wiggins, Paonia won 49-0 and Platte Canyon won 34-14. The key for the game will be defense. Paonia has had a dominating defense all year giving up 11.8 ppg and Platte Canyons defense has also been dominate giving up 12.1 ppg. I think that Paonia defense is more battle tested playing a much tougher schedule all year. They should be able to shut down Platte Canyon rushing attack and Paonia will win this game, by about 25 points.

  1. Resurrection Christian vs Centauri Sat 1:00 pm

Resurrection Christian started its playoff run on the right foot by beating Cedaredge 56-13. Resurrection Christian dominated the second quarter to push themselves to the monster victory. They passed the ball at will throwing for 400 yards averaging 18 yards per completion. When you throw the ball like that there is not much of a reason to run the ball (16 times for 46 yards). That big win was also the fifth win in a row with over 50 points scored. Up next for Resurrection Christian is Centauri who scored a big win over Limon 21-2. Centauri used a stifling defense to not allow an offensive point. Centauri offense was not that productive though. They had 32 carries for 107 yards and threw for 88 yards. That win for Centauri was their sixth in a row and also their fifth in a row that their defense has not allowed over 6 points. Centauri though will probably need a little more offense if it’s to beat Resurrection Christian. Centauri will need to control the clock with its power running game and hope their defense can stop the pass. I think this game is going to turn into a shoot-out, I think both teams will score over 30 points. I think Resurrection Christian offense will be just too much to handle and will grab a narrow 7 point victory over Centauri.

  1. Meeker vs 6. Rye Sat 1:00 pm

Meeker started its playoff run with an opening round victory over Ellicott 44-21. The first half started slow with Meeker going into half time with a 6 point lead. They then used a 24 point second half to cruise to a victory. Meeker was run heavy, running for 368 yards and only passing for 74. That win was their 4th in a row and fourth with over 40 points scored. Next up is Rye who got a close victory over Monte Vista 26-21. Rye had a two touchdown lead going into half time, Monte Vista got its opening drive of the third quarter and took it to the goal line where Rye had a game changing goal line stand. The game was a defensive struggle with Rye only rushing for 206 yards and passing for 100 yards most of the passing yards were from big plays (33 yards a completion). Meeker vs Rye is a rematch from zero week, where Meeker beat Rye 26-14. When these two played earlier it was a defensive struggle, Rye ran for 230 and Meeker ran for 227. This game also features two great running backs in Zupancic(Rye) and Shelton(Meeker). The key for the game will be defense and which team can control the line of scrimmage. I think Rye last week showed it can hit some passes for big plays and that could be the game changer. I think Rye gained some big momentum in a win vs Monte Vista, I think Rye will win this game by 3 or less points.

  1. Buena Vista vs 7. Crowley County Sat 1:00 pm

Buena Vista took its first steps towards a state title with a 41-7 victory over Hotchkiss. They had a dominating first half and cruised to an easy victory. Buena Vista was dominate on the ground running for 356 yards and only throwing for 25. That win was another dominate victory for Buena Vista and their seventh in a row for games with over 35 points scored. Buena Vista defense has been just as impressive. Since giving up 24 points to Centauri they have not allowed over 14 points. Next up for Buena Vista is Crowley County. Crowley County had an impressive victory over Burlington 22-6, which also knocked out the last North Central team from the playoffs. Crowley County achieved the victory by dominating on the ground, they ran for 389 yards on 49 carries. Buena Vista and Crowley County have common opponent of Rye. Buena Vista blasted Rye 40-14 and Crowley County lost 27-30. The key to this game will be whose offense will make a mistake first. Buena Vista has been dominate on both sides of the ball and figures to be the same this week. I think Buena Vista will win this game by 30 points and continue it streak of 35 points a game scored.

*stats come from Maxpreps.com

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