1A League Breakdown

Class 1A Semifinals Breakdown

1A Semifinals Breakdown

  1. Paonia vs 4. Resurrection Christian Saturday 1:00 pm

Paonia continued its title defense with a big win over Platte Canyon 32-0. Paonia dominated the entire game and now that is two straight shut outs for the defending champions. Paonia used a great rushing attack running for 289 yards on 42 carries. That win was Paonia 5th in a row with over 30 points and also their 7th in a row only allowing 21 points or less. Up next for Paonia is Resurrection Christian. Resurrection Christian grab a close victory over Centauri 22-16. Resurrection scored the only points in the fourth quarter to secure the win. Once again Resurrection Christian used a strong passing attack to lead them to the victory throwing for 141 yards and only rushing for 85 yards on 24 carries. The 22 points snaps the 7 game streak of 40 point scored by Resurrection Christian. Weather could be a factor in the game due to Resurrection Christian throwing the ball more than most teams. According to weather.gov it is forecasted to be 45 dagrees and 20% chance of precip. These two teams have a few common opponnets. Both teams played Platte Canyon, Centauri, and Cedaredge. Both teams beat all three of those teams as well. Resurrection beat Platte canyon 27-22, Cedaredge 56-13, and Centauri 22-16 and Paonia beat Platte Canyon 32-0, Cedaredge 42-21, and Centauri 44-0. So this could turn into a fun game to watch. The key to the game will be Offensive efficiency. Both teams offenses can put up points Paonia averages 42 ppg and Resurrection Christian averages 46 ppg. Paonia has been very run oriented rushing for 309 yards and Resurrection Christian has been very balanced throwing for 156 yards and rushing for 155 yards. Paonia will win if they can stop the pass, they have not run into a team that can throw the ball like Resurrection Christian. Resurrectoin Christian wins if they can match the physicality of Paonia. I don’t think Resurrection Christian is going to be able to do that. Paonia run first run second run third offense is very physical and I think they will be too hard to stop, Paonia will win by 14.

  1. Buena Vista vs 3. Meeker Saturday 1:00 pm

Buena Vista continued its roll by handling Crowley county 52-14. Buena Vista used a 35 point first half to gain control of the game and had a stifling defense limiting Crowley County offense to just 155 yards of total offense. Buena Vista used a very good rushing attack, rushing for 347 yards on only 37 carries averaging 9.4 yards per carry. That win for Buena Vista was their 8th game in a row of scoring over 35 points and the 7th in a row of 14 or less points. Up next for Buena Vista is Meeker. Meeker rolled Rye 43-6. Meeker used a 38 point first half and a great defense to grab the win. Meeker had a very balanced attack in the win. Throwing for 222 yards and rushing for 202 yards, Meeker will definitely need to limit it turnovers, against Rye they threw 3 INTs. The win for Meeker was their 6th in a row and also their 6th in a row for over 40 points scored so they are on a roll. These teams have a few common opponents. They each played Rye, Hotchkiss, and Ellicott. Each team won all their games against their opponents. Meeker beat Rye twice 26-14 & 43-6, Hotchkiss 40-7, and Ellicott 44-21 and Buena Vista beat Rye 40-14, Hotchkiss twice 27-0 & 41-7, and Ellicott 35-14. Based on the scored this looks to be a great game. The key to the game will be offense. Buena Vista and Meeker both rely on their rushing attack to pace the game. Buena Vista averages 270 rushing ypg and Meeker averages 242 rushing ypg.   The key will be which team will control the line of scrimmage. If both teams are able to move the ball this could be a shootout. The problem with that is Buena Vista defense has been very good and the same goes for Meeker. The one advantage I will give Meeker is they are averaging more passing yards per game. I do think this will be somewhat high scoring, I think both teams score over 21 points. Buena Vista is wanting to take that next step into the championship and they will this year their defense has been dominate and they will grab a 7 point victory.

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