6man League Breakdown

Six Man State Championship Breakdown

Class 6 Man State Championship

  1. Arickaree/Woodlin vs 2. Eads Saturday 1:00 pm

The first champion will be crowned this weekend in the six man classification. The game pits Arickaree/Woodlin vs Eads, the game will be played in Arickaree at 1:00 pm.

Arickaree/Woodlin has been on a tear and continued that in the semifinals round blasting Fleming 72-22. Arickaree/Woodlin used a monster second half to blow the game wide open scoring 43 points. Once again Arickaree/Woodlin used a monster game on the ground to claim the victory, rushing for 401 yards on 32 carries for a whopping 12.5 yards per carry. On defense they were just as stout allowing 175 yards rushing and 153 yards passing but forced 4 turnovers in the process. The win for Arickaree/Woodlin was their 9th game in a row with over 55 points scored.

Eads moved into the championship with a high scoring win over Peetz 52-50. Eads was trailing going into the fourth quarter 44 to 36 and then used a 16 point fourth quarter to secure the wild 52-50 win. I stated last week that this game would be one of the best games of the weekend and that statement held true. No stats were reported from the game. But if I had to guess there were plenty of yards put up on the ground by Eads.

These teams have four common opponents. Each went 4-0 against them, they played Hi-Plains, Stratton/Liberty, Miami-Yoder, and Peetz. Arickaree/Woodlin beat Hi-Plains 72-16, Stratton/Liberty 60-30, Miami-Yoder 66-0, and Peetz 69-46 and Eads beat Hi-Plains 54-12, Stratton/Liberty 39-8, Miami-Yoder 63-25, and Peetz 52-50.

The weather could also factor into the game, according to weather.gov the high for Saturday will be 18 degree with a 70% chance of snow. I do think that this game will still be a fun game to watch. I think plenty of points are going to be scored. Arickaree/Woodlin averages 64 ppg and Eads averages 59 ppg so this will be a shootout. I do think that Arickaree/Woodlin has the edge when it comes to defense though. They have had one of the best defenses in six man all year allowing 15 ppg which in six man is very impressive. Eads defense has also been good allowing 20 ppg. Eads will have the advantage in passing the ball averaging close to 80 yards per game compared to Arickaree/Woodlin 55. One of the keys and especially because of the weather will be the rushing attack of each team. Arickaree/Woodlin averages 326 rushing ypg and Eads averages 184 rushing yards per game. Another key to this game will be offensive efficiency. Whichever team can come out and consistently pick up first downs and control the line of scrimmage will win this game. For Arickaree/Woodlin to win this game they will need their rushing attack to be dominate and control the pace of the game and they will also need their defense to be stout once more. For Eads to win they will need to keep up the pace of their offense. Arickaree/Woodlin loves to run the ball and Eads will need to be able to keep up with their offense. Eads will also need their defense to make a few stops and keep the game close.

Arickaree/Woodlin will be the favorite in the game but it’s the state championship and anything can happen. I do think Arickaree/Woodlin will win the game by 28 points because of their very efficient offense and great defense.

All stats are from Maxpreps.com

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