6man League Breakdown

Review of State Championship (6 Man) and State Semifinals (2A, 1A, and 8 Man)

Photo Courtesy of Kai Casey/CHSAANow.com

Review of Predictions from State Semifinals and State Championship

Class Six Man

Congratulations to Arickaree/Woodlin on winning the Six Man State Title. They defeated Eads 44-26. I was correct on my prediction of the game and was a very fun game to watch even though the weather was not the greatest. Throughout the Playoffs I went 7 for 8 on my predictions.

Class 2A

Correct: 1 out of 2

I correctly picked the Brush over Eaton game. Brush won that game 42-7. The incorrect pick was Platte Valley over Kent Denver (Kent Denver won). Eaton’s Cinderella story ended and Kent Denver held off the upset minded Platte Valley. The seeding committee got this bracket correct at least in terms of #1 and #2 seeds as they play in the State Championship.

Class 1A

Correct: 2 out of 2

I correctly picked both winners this weekend. Paonia beat Resurrection Christian 35-15 and Buena Vista beat Meeker 48-18. The victory’s by both teams’ sets up a #1 vs #2 matchup in the state championship.

Class Eight Man

Correct: 1 out of 2

I correctly picked Caliche over Simla, the score was 36-22. The incorrect pick was Dayspring Christian over Granada (Granada pulled the huge upset victory). I don’t think very many people had this pegged as the state championship game. The game sets up the #4 seed vs the #3 seed.

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