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Class 2A Baseball Regional Predictions

Picture by Ranchland News (Peyton vs Ellicott)

Class 2A Baseball Regional Predictions

I ran out of time to do a full breakdown of Regionals for 2A.  I am just going to post my predictions and any note associated with the games. 

Round 1 Picks

#1 Peyton over #16 Haxtun (by 8)

#9 Sargent over #8 Evangelical Christian (by 1)

Could be one of the best games in the first round of regionals.  I think pitching will be the key and both teams have regional experience from last year.

#4 Hotchkiss over #13 Dawson School (by 7)

#5 Rocky Ford over #12 Lyons (by 2)

Another good game between the #5 seed and #12 seed.  Rocky Ford cannot overlook Lyons and will have to play solid baseball.  Lyons has played great baseball at times and will need to have a great game to pull the upset.

#3 Paonia vs #14 Front Range Christian (by 8)

#6 Limon over #11 Calhan (by 4)

#2 Sedgwick County over Swink (by 1)

This has the making to be an upset or a very interesting matchup.  If Swink pitches their Ace it could cause problems to Sedgwick County.  Sedgwick County can hit the ball well and could be a very interesting match-up.

#7 Dayspring Christian over #10 Yuma (by 1)

This game could be another interesting matchup.  Dayspring Christian is playing some of the best baseball right now.  Yuma has proven they can hang with any team.  Pitching matchups will play a huge key in this game.


#1 Peyton over #9 Sargent

Sargent may have to throw their Ace in game 1 but Sargent does have 2 good pitchers.  I just am not sure if Sargent can hit enough to pull the upset.  Peyton will have their Ace ready for game #2 if they can take care of business in the first round. 

#4 Hotchkiss over #5 Rocky Ford

This is another example of pitching matchups.  If Hotchkiss can save their Ace till this game, then Hotchkiss will have the advantage but If Hotchkiss has to throw their Ace in game 1 then things will be different.  My guess is Hotchkiss throws their #2 in game 1 and Ace in game 2.  Rocky Ford is in the same boat.  Do they pitch their Ace in game 1 or save him and hope you can advance without him.  I still think even if both teams have their Ace’s for game #2 I give the slight advantage to Hotchkiss.  Could be the best game in the Quarterfinals.

#3 Paonia over #6 Limon

Paonia has plenty of depth at pitching and they will have their Ace for this game.  Paonia is the defending State Champion and my pick as the main contender to repeat.  Paonia will face Limon Ace as well.  Limon will have to do anything they can to score runs against one of the best Pitchers in 2A.

#2 Sedgwick County over #7 Dayspring Christian

All four teams could be here instead of the two I selected.  Sedgwick County may be forced to pitch their Ace against Swink which could affect game #2.  Sedgwick County can hit the ball extremely well and they will probably face the #2 pitcher from Dayspring Christian.  Dayspring cannot look past Yuma and will probably pitch their Ace in the game.  Hitting is the key to this game and which team can force the other to go deeper into their pitching staff.

Semifinal Matchups

#1 Peyton vs #4 Hotchkiss

#2 Sedgwick County vs #3 Paonia

State Championship 

#3 Paonia over #1 Peyton