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Class 1A Football Week 4 Top Ten Breakdown

Ark Valley Sports and new by Henry Ashida CC vs Limon
Picture by Ark Valley Sports & News.  (Limon vs Crowley County)

Class 1A Football Week 4 Top Ten Breakdown

In Class 1A we had some movement due to Top 10 battles and a few upsets.  #1 Limon and #9 Meeker are the only two teams that kept their same spot as last week.  Strasburg continues their great start and move up to #2 after Centauri lost to Pagosa Springs and Fell to #7.  Burlington also moves up one spot to #3.  Peyton makes the biggest jump from #7 to #4 after beating both Florence and Colorado Springs Christian to open the season.  Wray on the field is 2-0 and move up to #5.  Yuma also moves up two spots to #6 after this win against Cornerstone Christian.  Crowley County lost to Limon and dropped to #8.  Buena Vista is new to the rankings this week and Cornerstone Christian dropped out.

#1 Limon (2-0)

Limon continued their great start to the season with a big Top 10 win over Crowley County.  Limon scored at least 13 points in the first 3 quarters to take charge of the take and force the mercy rule heading into the fourth quarter.  Limon starting defense had a shutout going into the fourth quarter and kept a very good offense from scoring.  Limon defense held Crowley County to just 123 yards of total offense and only 42 yards of rushing.  Limon defense forced 2 interceptions.  Leading the way for the defense with tackles were Kory Tacha (10 tackles) and Logan Marx (7 tackles).  Limon offensively had a productive day with 333 yards of total offense.  Cannan Bennett led the passing attack with 128 yards passing.  The rushing attack racked up 205 yards and were led by Kory Tacha who ran for 64 yards and 4 TDs.  Limon schedule continues to get tougher as the weeks go on.  This week Limon faces #9 Meeker and next week face #2 Strasburg.  Limon will be facing a team who had an extra week to prepare for this game and will need to continue to play outstanding defense.  Limon offense will be tested this week by an improving Meeker team.

#2 Strasburg (3-0)

Strasburg continues their title defense with a 32 to 8 win over 2A Bennett.  Strasburg was in complete control taking a 32 to 8 lead into halftime and neither team scoring in the second half.  Strasburg has shown in their first 3 games that they are a legit contender to 3-Peat and their defense may be the reason why.  In 3 games Strasburg has yet to give up over 14 points and have given up 27 points on the year.  Strasburg also has proven they can win games with their offense breaking the 30-point mark two times.  Strasburg offense has found the answer at QB with Michael Spence stepping in and putting up solid #’s.  Against Bennett Michael Spence had 142 yards passing, 49 yards rushing and 4 total TDs.  At the running back spot, it seems Tarek Robinson and Kody Robson have stepped into those roles.  Strasburg has a week off this week and will be preparing for their monster game against #1 Limon.

#3 Burlington (1-1)

Burlington grabbed their first win of the season last week blowing past Ellicott 52 to 0.  Burlington offense was able to get back on track and put up impressive numbers.  Burlington also continues to play great defense holding Ellicott to 0 points and their defensive unit will be needed again this week.  Burlington faces 2A Lamar this week.  Lamar picked up their first win blowing out Rocky Ford 46 to 0.  Burlington could be tested by an improving Lamar team and will need their offense to continue to improve.  Burlington cannot look by Lamar and will have to play good football to avoid the upset.

#4 Peyton (2-0)

Peyton picked up a key win against Colorado Springs Christian 37 to 19.  This was Peyton first real test and were down 6 to 0 after the first quarter.  Peyton had 15 unanswered points in the second quarter to take the lead but found themselves up just 2 points heading into the fourth quarter.  Peyton was able to outscore CSCS 22 to 6 in the fourth quarter to snag the win.  This was a solid win for Peyton and their defense played a big role holding CSCS to 232 yards of total offense.  The defense also caused 2 turnovers and 3 sacks in the game to help maintain and grow their lead.  Peyton had 3 players with 13 tackles in the game; JD Hart, Brandon Hussey, Clay Sims, and Nate Mclarty.  Peyton offense continued to run the ball with success rushing for 244 yards and were led by JD Hart (126 yards and 2 TDs) and Trevor Walker (104 yards and 2 TDs).  Peyton this week is facing a different kind of offense.  Peyton hosts Clear Creek this week and Clear Creek offense is a pass heavy offense.  Peyton defense will have to be ready to defense the pass and if they struggle will need their offense to control the clock with their running attack.  This will be a good test for Peyton defense and see if their offense can control the tempo with their power rushing attack.

#5 Wray (1-1) (2-0)

Wray grabbed their first official win this past weekend blowing out Sheridan 48 to 0.  Wray is off to an impressive start on the field giving up just 8 points and breaking 40 points in both games.  Wray offensively ran the ball well rushing for 231 yards.  Cade Hillman (60 yards and 2 TDs) and Tyler Collins (53 yards and 1 TD) had solid days.  Wray also passed for 69 yards and 1 TD.  Defensively the Eagles held Sheridan to 98 yards of total offense and forced 7 sacks, 2 interceptions, and 2 fumbles.  Wray defense was led by Cade Hillman (9 tackles and 3 sacks,) and Junior Arambula (7 tackles and 3 sacks).  This week things do get much tough for Wray.  Wray will hit the road for the first time this season against Cornerstone Christian.  Cornerstone Christian was ranked to start the season but lost to Yuma last week 12 to 7.  This will be a very good game for Wray and we will see if their offense and their defense can have success against Cornerstone Christian.

#6 Yuma (1-1)

Yuma picked up their first win of the season in a close fought game against Cornerstone Christian.  Yuma had to hold on late to avoid the upset but picked up a huge key win on the season and also grabbed some important momentum heading forward.  Yuma defense played well holding Cornerstone Christian to 143 yards of total offense and keeping the rushing attack to under 100 yards.  This was a big win for Yuma in terms of confidence and momentum and now they face their second Top 10 opponent.  Yuma this week will host #8 Crowley County.  This will be another test of Yuma defense and their offense.  This game will help determine a lot about both teams.

#7 Centauri (1-1)

Centauri picked up their regular season loss in over a year and a half with their last regular season loss coming to Center back in 2016.  Centauri was beat by Pagosa Springs 31 to 12.  Pagosa Springs has proven they are going to be much tougher than anticipated and this will be a good loss for Centauri.  Centauri will have to figure out the weakness in the game and address them heading into their next game.  Centauri will not have much time to adjust though as they play a tough Olathe team.  Olathe picked up their first win of the season blasting Center 49 to 0.  Centauri must be ready for a run heavy offense and Centauri offense will be tested by a tough Olathe defense.  I think this game will be very low scoring and will be a defense slugfest.

#8 Crowley County (1-1)

Crowley County picked up their first loss of the season falling to Limon 40 to 6.  Crowley County had little success running the ball racking up just 42 yards rushing.  Crowley County did have a bit more success throwing the ball passing for 81 yards.  Crowley County offense will have to quickly bounce back from this game and use the loss as a turning point in the season.  Defensively Crowley County had a hard time stopping Limon.  Crowley County may have had some weakness pointed out on defense and hopefully use the game to get better as the season goes on.  Things do not get easier for Crowley County as they hit the road this week to face #6 Yuma.  This is another tough test for Crowley County and they will have to play better than last week to pull the upset.  Like I mentioned in the Yuma breakdown this is a huge game for both teams and a big measuring stick for both teams as well.

#9 Meeker (1-1)

Meeker had last week off and I am sure used the extra week to prepare for #1 Limon.  Meeker offensively will be tested by a defense that is playing outstanding.  Meeker though can throw the ball effectively and may need to lean on that to open the running game up.  Meeker defensively will have to be ready for a balanced attack.  Meeker has to try and force Limon to pass the ball and make their offense 1 dimensional.  This will be a good test for a young Meeker team and could really give us an inside on to how much Meeker has grown.

#10 Buena Vista (2-0)

Buena Vista is brand new to the rankings after a 2-0 start to the season.  Buena Vista picked up a big win last week beating Cedaredge 41 to 27.  Offensively Buena Vista ran wild rushing for 373 yards.  Buena Vista had two running backs break the 170 yards mark; Parker Johnson (172 yards and 4 TDs) and Drew Martin (178 yards and 2 TDs).  Buena Vista defensively will have a few things to shore up after giving up 282 yards rushing to Cedaredge.  Buena Vista defensively did force 1 fumble and 1 sack.  Buena Vista seems to grow every week and their offense is becoming more explosive.  This week Buena Vista faces 2A #9 Salida and this will be their biggest test to date.  Salida is off to a 3-0 start and will test Buena Vista offense to the max.  Buena Vista offense must get going if they plan on pulling the upset.  Buena Vista defense may need to step up and limit Salida offensive attack.  This will be a very good test for Buena Vista and if they can pull the upset could propel them forward.