8man League Breakdown

Week 4 Football 8-Man Top Ten Breakdown

Rangely vs Del Norte
Rangely vs Del Norte

Week 4 Football 8-Man Top Ten Breakdown

The Top 10 for 8-Man has been a mess with teams grabbing a key win then losing their next game.  After Sedgwick County at #1 and West Grand at #2 things get very fluid.  I have Holly at #3 and Hoehne at #4 but it could easily be switched with Sargent at #3 and Fowler at #4.  Akron also is in the mix to be higher up but #3 through #7 this week could be switched around.  Rangely at #8 is off to an impressive start and we will be keeping an eye on them to see if they can keep up it up.  Caliche at #9 is also hoping to move into the conversation to be higher up.  Mancos at #10 pulled a huge upset last week beating Merino on a neutral field.  Mancos now faces another Top 10 team and they may also be a team to watch out for.

#1 Sedgwick County (2-0)

Sedgwick County keeps rolling with a blowout win over Gilpin County 62 to 0.  Sedgwick County has not scored 102 points in just two games and also just allowed 8 points.  Sedgwick County is the team to beat and they open league play this week against #7 Akron.  Sedgwick County will have to be ready for the rushing attack from Akron and will also be facing a tough defense.  This will give us another good look into how good Sedgwick County is.  No stats have been posted for Sedgwick County but I am guessing Layne Green is off to a great start this season.

#2 West Grand (3-0)

West Grand is off to a great start with 3 solid wins and a Top 10 victory already in their corner.  West Grand has been dominate in their first 3 games scoring 125 points in 3 games and giving up 20 points.  West Grand made quick work of last week’s opponent winning 44 to 0 over South Park.  West Grand scored all 44 points in the first half and had mercy rule going by half time.  Luis Dominguez was dominate once again for West Grand passing for 118 yard, rushing for 58 yards, and racking up 4 total TDs.  Dominguez seems to have found his favorite target in Hugh Wheatly who had 115 yards receiving and 1 TD.  West Grand defensively was also impressive against South Park holding the Burrows to 128 yards of total offense.  West Grand was led by Jordan Knight (17 tackles) and Hugh Wheatly (10 tackles) in tackles.  West Grand also had 3 sacks and 1 interception.  West Grand opens league play this week against Plateau Valley.  Plateau Valley is 0-3 on the season and nearly grabbed their first win falling to Dove Creek 36 to 30.  West Grand must stay focused on these games and cannot look ahead.

#3 Holly (2-1)

Holly moves into the #3 spot after beating Balko OK 35 to 6.  Holly was able to get their offense going last week after scoring just 6 points two weeks ago.  Holly offense was effective racking up 326 yards of total offense.  The passing attack was led by Kobe Davis who passed for 78 yards.  William Kennedy led all rushers with 61 yards but Andy Ramos and Erick Chaparro both scored two TDs.  Holly defense also continued to play well giving up just 8 points.  Holly has giving up just 30 points in three games and are looking like a Top 10 defense.  Eli Ramos (11 tackles) and Grayden Flint (8 tackles) led Holly in tackles and Holly also forced an incredible 10 sacks, 6 of which were by Eli Ramos.  Holly opens league play this week against Las Animas.  Las Animas was able to pick up their first win last week beating Sangre De Cristo 32 to 26.  Holly will be the favorite as they continue to try and improve as the year goes on.

#4 Hoehne (1-1)

Hoehne moves back to #4 after a impressive 54 to 36 win over Dayspring Christian.  Hoehne was able to win the shootout and it was due to outscoring their opponent 32 to 6 in the second half.  Hoehne offensively had a great day rushing for 471 yards and both QB Weston Hill (218 yards rushing and 1 TD) and Trysten Moltrer (235 yards rushing and 3 TDs) ran for over 200 yards.  Hoehne will be looking to fix the 3 turnovers their offense had as well.  Defensively Hoehne was able to keep Dayspring Christian under 100 yards rushing but gave up 265 yards passing.  Hoehne did force 3 turnovers in the game and had 2 sacks.  Dalton Hudson (15 tackles) and Trysten Moltrer (10 tackles) led Hoehne in tackles.  Hoehne opens league play with a tough opponent in Springfield.  Springfield started the season ranked in the Top 10 but loses to Akron and Sargent have them sitting at 1-2 and outside the rankings.  This will be a key game for both teams looking to move to 1-0 in league play.

#5 Sargent (2-0)

Sargent continues their rise up the rankings with another key win over Springfield 20 to 6.  Sargent played much better defensively giving up just 6 points.  Sargent did give up over 300 yards of offense to Springfield but played well to keep Springfield out of the end zone.  Jacob Deacon (18 tackles) and Frank Torrez (13 tackles) led the Farmers in tackles and have stepped up as leaders for this team on defense.  Offensively the Farmers continue to grow as a unit and they also had a good night racking up 480 yards offense but only scored 3 times.  Frank Torrez led the Sargent passing attack with 216 yards and 1 TD.  The Farmer rushing attack was able to rack up 264 yards and Jacob Deacon led all rushers with 97 yards.  Sargent will have to continue to work on their offense to keep scoring points and their defense must also continue to improve.  Sargent will face another Top 10 opponent this week when they play #10 Mancos.  Sargent will be test on offense as they are playing a Mancos team who held Merino to just 6 points.  This is also a league game and will have big implications going forward into the league season.

#6 Fowler (1-1)

Fowler had their home opener last week and faced a Top 10 opponent and were able to pull the upset over Akron 28 to 20.  Fowler was able to bounce back from their week 1 lose to Sargent.  Fowler was able to respond to every Akron TD but also must improve their run defense.  Akron was able to run for 340 yards but Fowler forced 2 fumbles and 1 INT to help their team win this game.  Dylan Palomino (13 tackles) and Zane Denton (7 tackles) led all Grizzlies in tackles.  Fowler offensively had some success throwing the ball passing for 62 yards, but the main offensive attack was their rushing attack which ran for 221 yards.  Fowler rushing attack was led by Luke Bitter (94 yards rushing and 3 TDs) and Quinton Flanscha (76 yards).  This was a huge win for Fowler in terms of momentum and now Fowler has a rivalry game this week against Swink.  Swink is 1-1 on the season and were blasted by Sanford 66 to 0.  Fowler is hoping to have the same success as Sanford did against Swink.

#7 Akron (2-1)

As mentioned above Akron picked up their first lose this week against Fowler.  Akron had 3 turnovers which hurt them in this game.  Akron offense is pretty one sided with 0 passing yards but they did have 340 yards rushing.  Akron will have to find a way to get their passing attack going this week when they play #1 Sedgwick County.  This is a big game for Akron as they will try and slow down the Sedgwick County offense.  If Akron can run the ball with the same success then they may be able to stick in the game against Sedgwick County but Akron would need to play their best game to pull the upset.

#8 Rangely (3-0)

Rangely continued their success but do not have a Top 10 win and just a Top 15 win over Norwood which is one reason they fell to #8 behind the mess of teams ahead of them.  Rangely though does look like they are much improved, and they made very quick work of Del Norte.  Rangely scored all 52 points in the first half and gave up 7 with their starting defense on the field.  Rangely had the mercy rule going by halftime.  Offensively the Panthers had over 550 yards of offense.  The passing attack was led by Drew Brannan who had 200 yards passing and 2 TDs.  The rushing attack had 370 yards rushing and Tytus Coombs led all rushers with 144 yards and 2 TDs.  Rangely has been impressive this year but things will get much tougher as they head into league play.  Rangely this week faces Vail Christian who is 2-0 and coming off a 56 to 22 win over Rocky Mountain Lutheran.  Rangely cannot overlook Vail Christian and must stay focused this week.  Rangely will have to be effective at stopping the run this week and their offense also must continue to take care of the ball.  Getting off to 1-0 in league play will be huge for Rangely.

#9 Caliche (1-1)

Caliche had a bye last week and an extra week of preparation for their first league game against Byers.  Byers is off to a 2-0 start and their offense has been explosive scoring 118 points in two games.  Caliche will have to be able to stop the run or could be in trouble of being upset.  Caliche also must get their offense going as well incase this turns into a shootout.  Byers first two opponents have not been the best, so this will be a real test for how good Byers is.  Caliche is also looking to bounce back from their loss two weeks ago and will have their hands full against Byers.

#10 Mancos (2-0)

Mancos is brand new to the Top 10 and what an impressive start for the Blue Jays.  Mancos pulled a monster upset last week against Merino 14 to 6.  Mancos held Merino to just 6 points and Zero points in the second half.  Mancos will need that same sort of defense intensity this week.  Chance Garcia (20 tackles) and Christian Cova (17 tackles) led the Blue Jays in tackles.  Mancos also had 3 sacks and 1 interception.  Mancos offensively had 279 yards of total offense.  The passing attack for Mancos scored both touchdowns and Breccen Morelli was able to lead the passing and rushing attack.  Mancos this week will need similar defensive intensity and their offense to be as productive or a more productive.  Mancos faces #5 Sargent and is a huge league game as well.  Mancos defensively will be tested by a good offensive attack and this should be a good game.