Volleyball Top Ten Breakdown (All Classes)

If the Playoffs Started Today, Playoff Projections Volleyball Class 2A

OT Sports Yuma vs Akron
Picture by OTSportChek (Yuma vs Akron)

The First official RPI has been released and with that State Tournament speculation can begin.  Like I did last year for basketball every week I will post my “If the Playoff Started Today”.  This really give a more in depth look at were teams could end up.  Of course, a few assumptions will have to be made.  Also remember we are still in September and things will change.  I am using todays information to put a playoff projection.

If the Playoffs Started Today, Playoff Projections Volleyball Class 2A

The Regional format for 2A goes as follows:

All League Champions (possibly 11) will automatically earn a berth to Regionals, the remaining teams (up to 36) will be selected based on the CHSAA RPI Rankings published at the end of the season.  Teams will then be seeded based on the CHSAA Regional Seeding Criteria: CHSAA RPI Rankings will be the primary seeding consideration and CHSAA seeding committee will only make changes based on splitting up league opponents and geographical considerations (if and when possible).  Teams seeded No.1 thru No.12 will host regionals.  All Regional Winners will automatically advance to the State Championships.

League Champions ()=RPI

Black Forest League: Simla (19)

Lower Platte League: Yuma (3)

Mile High League: Denver Christian (4)

Union Pacific League: Byers (7)

Santa Fe League: Swink (2)

San Juan League: Mancos (29)

Southern Peaks League: Del Norte (8)

Western Slope League: Meeker (1)

At Large Teams

Union Colony Prep, Wiggins, Vail Mountain, Rye, Sanford, Akron, Dawson School, Highland, Hoehne, Lyons, Limon, Peyton, Paonia, John Mall, Holyoke, Front Range Christian, Calhan, Sargent, Crowley County, Rangely, Sedgwick County, Fowler, Soroco, Dolores, Hayden, Plateau Valley, Holly, West Grand

First Four Out

Lake County, Heritage Christian, Rocky Ford, Victory Prep

Top 12 seeds based on RPI and Will host a Regional

#1 Meeker

#2 Union Colony Prep

#3 Swink

#4 Yuma

#5 Denver Christian

#6 Wiggins

#7 Byers

#8 Del Norte

#9 Vail Mountain

#10 Rye

#11 Sanford

#12 Akron

Bracket Note: District Matchups will be avoided in first round and 24-32 can be moved due to geography.  I will not move teams due to geography and just avoid league matchups.

Bracket: Must win your region to advance

Region 1
#1 Meeker
#24 Calhan
#36 Holly


Region 2
#2 Union Colony Prep
#23 Front Range Christian
#35 West Grand


Region 3
#3 Swink
#22 Holyoke
#34 Plateau Valley


Region 4
#4 Yuma
#21 John Mall
#33 Hayden


Region 5
#5 Denver Christian
#20 Paonia
#32 Dolores


Region 6
#6 Wiggins
#19 Simla
#31 Soroco


Region 7
#7 Byers
#18 Peyton
#30 Fowler


Region 8
#8 Del Norte
#17 Limon
#29 Mancos


Region 9
#9 Vail Mountain
#16 Lyons
#28 Crowley County


Region 10
#10 Rye
#15 Highland
#27 Rangely


Region 11
#11 Sanford
#14 Hoehne
#26 Sedgwick County


Region 12
#12 Akron
#13 Dawson School
#25 Sargent


State Tournament Bracket

Volleyball state bracket

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