2A Boys Basketball Top Ten Breakdown

Boys Basketball District Predictions Class 2A

Picture by Ranchland News (Peyton vs Simla)

Boys Basketball District Predictions Class 2A

In Class 2A things are much different than 3A.  In Class 2A you must finish in the Top 4 of your district to make it to Regionals (5 for District 5 or 3 for District 3).  Class 2A also gives the league champion the right to host a regional.  Changes are based so far on how teams have performed, SOS, head to head matchups and quality wins.

District 1

  1. Sargent
  2. Sanford
  3. Del Norte
  4. Center

District 1 is starting to slowly sort it self out.  Del Norte, Sanford, and Sargent are still all undefeated in league but that will change this weekend and next weekend.  Sargent is 4-0 in league play beating Custer County, Center, Crested Butte, and South Park.  Sargent plays Del Norte this weekend and this will help break the tie.  Del Norte is 3-0 in league with wins over Crested Butte, Center, and Custer County.  Del has two games this weekend against Ignacio and Sargent.  Sanford is 2-0 in league with their final 4 games being all league games and will all have big implications on the District race.  The three teams fighting for the final spot are Center, South Park, and Crested Butte.  Center has the slight edge right now with wins over South Park and Crested Butte, but Center must play Crested Butte one more time and that is the league game.  South Park still has three league games remaining and a few upsets could really push them into a better spot.  Crested Butte needs a ton of help to improve their standings.  My 4 picks for regionals are: #1 Sargent, #2 Sanford, #3 Del Norte, #4 Center.

District 2

  1. Yuma
  2. Sedgwick County
  3. Wray
  4. Akron

We are seeing the 4 teams that have been projected most of the season to advance to regionals really take steps to secure their spot.  Yuma locked up the #1 seed for the district tournament beating Sedgwick County 57-29.  Yuma does have 3 games remaining, but none will affect the District standings.  Yuma should be tested by Haxtun in their final game of the year.  Sedgwick County picked up just their first District loss.  Sedgwick County has wins over Wray, Holyoke, and Wiggins and only 1 team stands in their way of the #2 seed in the district tournament.  Sedgwick County faces Akron this weekend in their final game and will be for the #2 seed.  Wray is hoping to lock up the #3 seed but games against Wiggins and Akron also remain and the Akron game will be the difference between the #3 seed and the #4 seed.  Akron really controls were they can finish this year.  Their final three games are all important games and they could finish 2nd thru 5th.  My picks for regionals have not changed much this year and once again stay the same they are: #1 Yuma, #2 Sedgwick County, #3 Wray, #4 Akron.

District 3 (Only 3 teams make it to Regionals)

  1. Mancos
  2. Ignacio
  3. Telluride

District 3 is down to the wire with 4 teams pushing for just 3 spots.  Mancos controls their own fate but have huge games against Ignacio and Telluride remaining and with both Ignacio and Telluride sitting just 1 game back cannot afford to drop either.  Mancos did loss to Telluride head to head and make for a very good game next week.  Ignacio picked up a massive 34-33 win over Telluride last weekend and now has the head to head over Telluride.  Ignacio must face Mancos one more time as stated and an upset would force a tie atop the league standings.  Telluride can still finish in first as well with their previous upset of Mancos they would need to pull the upset one more time.  My picks for regionals are: #1 Mancos, #2 Ignacio, #3 Telluride.  Dolores is still in the hunt as well but will need a few upsets to push for a Top 3 spot.

District 4

  1. Limon
  2. Denver Christian
  3. Byers
  4. Clear Creek

If I remember correctly District 4 will be seeded by RPI so teams must push to pick up big wins to improve their district standings.  This is a 9 teams district so avoiding the top 2 teams is key.  RPI wise Limon would be the #1 seed, Denver Christian is the #2 seed, Byers is the #3 seed, and Clear Creek would be the #4 seed.  Lotus School, Front Range Christian and Burlington are the #5, #6 and #7 seeds and with that District layout pushing for a top 4 spot will be tough.  I have noticed that I have made a mistake and put Clear Creek in the wrong District and they are in District 4 so this also changes the projection up.  If this is the District seeding then my pick for regionals are: #1 Limon, #2 Denver Christian, #3 Byers, #4 Clear Creek.  The reason for Limon over Denver Christian is Denver Christian must face Byers and Burlington in back to back games before getting to Limon.

District 5 (5 teams into regionals)

  1. Vail Christian
  2. Plateau Valley
  3. Paonia
  4. Soroco
  5. Meeker

Just when we though some clarity would be found in District 5 this past weekend really shook things up.  The one constant is Vail Christian.  Vail Christian is 8-0 against 2A District opponents with their lone league loss coming to 1A De Beque.  Vail Christian could lock up the #1 seed this weekend if they beat Paonia.  Vail Christian does play Soroco in their final game of the season but Soroco does have two league losses so a win against Paonia locks up the #1 district seed.  3 teams are tied in second place they are Plateau Valley, Soroco, and Paonia.  Plateau Valley two league losses are to Vail Christian and West Grand who they were upset by this past week.  Plateau Valley plays Soroco and Hotchkiss this weekend and both wins should give Plateau Valley the #2 seed.  For Soroco things are not that easy.  Soroco still has 3 tough games remaining against Meeker, Plateau Valley, and Vail Christian.  All three will be tough games for Soroco.  Soroco does own the head to head wins over Hotchkiss and Paonia which could come in handy.  Paonia also has 3 games remaining with the biggest coming tomorrow against Vail Christian and the final game of the season against Hotchkiss.  Looking deeper into the league Meeker, Hotchkiss, and West Grand are all tied in the next group of teams.  My picks for regionals were not easy especially with all the upsets this past weekend.  My regional picks are: #1 Vail Christian, #2 Plateau Valley, #3 Paonia, #4 Soroco, #5 Meeker.  West Grand and Hotchkiss are still in the race but will need some help with seeding to push for a final 5 spot.

District 6

  1. Holly
  2. Fowler
  3. Rocky Ford
  4. John Mall

District 6 has 10 teams in the District and 7 of those teams are in the hunt for 4 spots.  Two teams have emerged as the front runners and in my mind are locks for regionals that is Holly and Fowler.  After those two things just get interesting and will make the District 6 tournament very interesting.  Rocky Ford currently is in control of third with John Mall, Hoehne, and Swallows Charter tied for fourth.  Crowley County is in fifth.  Looking at remaining schedule of the teams mentioned Rocky Ford has two games remaining and need just one win to lock up the #3 seed for the district tournament.  John Mall has two games remaining and both will determine everything.  John Mall plays Swallows Charter on 2/8 and Hoehne on 2/12.  If John Mall wins both they lock up the #4 seed.  Swallows Charter has three games remaining but John Mall and Fowler are still on the schedule.  Swallows Charter will need some help to finish with the #4 seed.  Swallows Charter needs to beat John Mall then have John Mall beat Hoehne to finish with the #4 seed or Swallows Charter will need to beat John Mall and upset Fowler.  Hoehne is also in a similar boat they need to beat John Mall and have John Mall beat Swallows Charter to snag the #4 seed.  Hoehne does have the head to head over Swallows Charter.  With all that said my picks for regionals are: #1 Holly, #2 Fowler, #3 Rocky Ford, #4 John Mall.

District 7

  1. Highland
  2. Heritage Christian
  3. Dayspring Christian
  4. Dawson School

1 team has emerged as the front runner and that is Highland.  Highland has been on a terror in 2019 beating all by double digits and breaking 80 points 7 times.  Highland biggest victory in 2019 came over Heritage Christian by 32 points.  Highland has some big games remaining on their schedule.  Highland has 3 games remaining and 2 of those 3 games are quality opponents.  Heritage Christian has picked up back to back big wins over Gilpin County and Dayspring Christian.  Heritage Christian plays Front Range Christian on 2/14 and a win their locks the #2 seed up for Heritage Christian.  Dayspring Christian still has 3 league games remaining.  Dayspring Christian is favored in all 3 but their game against Gilpin County could decide if they finish with the #3 seed.  Loveland Classical, Gilpin County, Lyons, and Dawson School are all teams hoping to snag the #4 spot and #4 seed.  Games this weekend will help sort the seeding process out.  My picks this week for regionals are: #1 Highland, #2 Heritage Christian, #3 Dayspring Christian, #4 Dawson School.

District 8

  1. Peyton
  2. Simla
  3. Dolores Huerta
  4. Colorado Springs School

District 8 seems pretty straight forward at least to determine the Top 4 seeds.  Simla, Peyton, Dolores Huerta, and Colorado Springs School are the four teams who have separated themselves from the rest of the District but figuring out seeding is still to be determined.  Peyton still has 2 league games remaining the biggest happens this weekend against Dolores Huerta.  If Peyton beat Dolores Huerta they lock up the #1 seed for the District tournament.  Peyton does have some big non-league games against ECA and Byers on tap.  Simla has 1 league game remaining against Miami-Yoder and should finish league play with just 1 loss.  Simla does have the head to head over Dolores Huerta.  Simla will be hoping for Dolores Huerta to upset Peyton and force a three-way tie atop the District standings.  If Peyton beat Dolores Huerta, then Simla is the #2 seed.  Dolores Huerta has two league games remaining against Peyton and Calhan.  Dolores Huerta is still hoping to snag the #1 seed and if they upset Peyton force a three-way tie.  Colorado Springs School is sitting in the #4 spot and have one game league game remaining against Simla.  If CSS was to pull the upset, they could push into a Top 3 seed.  My picks for regionals are: #1 Peyton, #2 Simla, #3 Dolores Huerta, #4 Colorado Springs School.

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