Class 3A Girls Basketball Breakdowns

Girls Basketball 1st and 2nd Round Predictions and Great 8 Projections Class 3A

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Girls Basketball 1st and 2nd Round Predictions and Great 8 Projections Class 3A

Some very good games in the first and second rounds.  The right to play in the Great 8 and at Hamilton gym are on the line.

Class 3A

Quadrant 1

Pick: St. Mary’s

St. Mary’s picked up a solid upset of C.S Christian.  St. Mary’s is the hands down favorite to win their quadrant and in my mind 1 of the 2 teams I think can win a state championship.

Quadrant 2

Pick: Alamosa

Two teams playing really good basketball have a chance to meet in the second round.  Alamosa vs Platte Valley has a chance to be a very good second round game.  I am going with Alamosa over Platte Valley due to Alamosa improving weekly.

Quadrant 3

Pick: Eaton

Moffat vs University could be a very good first round game.  I think Moffat County gets past University but then have to face a good Eaton team.  Eaton showed they are a team to mess with beating Platte Valley for the second time this year.  Eaton is my pick to advance.

Quadrant 4

Pick: Delta

Delta continues to improve weekly and the 15-point win over Cedaredge showed that.  Delta will have their hands full against SkyView Academy, but I think Delta is poised for the Great 8.

Quadrant 5

Pick: C.S Christian

The second team I think has a shot at a State Title is C.S Christian.  C.S Christian should make quick for of their quadrant, but they do face Manitou for the Third time.  I think C.S Christian though advances.

Quadrant 6

Pick: Centauri

The Academy vs Centauri in my opinion is the best game of the second round.  The Academy did not play a tough schedule.  Centauri has played a tough schedule and that is the reason I am picking them over The Academy.  This is a pick I am not 100% sure on due to not knowing much about the Academy.

Quadrant 7

Pick: Lutheran

Cedaredge vs Prospect Ridge could be the second best first round game.  It’s a tough pick to have but either way I think Lutheran advances past whoever wins.  If Lutheran plays Prospect Ridge again I may put Lutheran on upset alert.

Quadrant 8

Pick: Pagosa Springs

Pagosa Springs continues to play with consistency.  Pagosa Springs has played well all year with two of their losses to St. Mary’s and C.S Christian by around 20 points.  If Pagosa Springs grew at all this year they could push one of those two teams.  I think Pagosa Springs got a favorable Region and I think advance to the great 8.

Great 8 State Tournament Bracket

The Bracket is not rearranged after the first two round and is continued.  With that said here is my Great 8 Projections

#1 Lutheran vs #9 Alamosa

#4 Delta vs #5 Eaton

#2 Sterling vs #10 Centauri

#3 Pagosa Springs vs #6 Lutheran