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Top Returning Passers 6-Man (2019)


Top Returning Passers 6-Man

I am picking my Top Returning QB’s based on last year’s stats and team finishes.  If your team has a new starting QB it will be hard to judge.  The bottom 3 QB’s are from teams that could use improved QB play to improve their record or QB’s who could have a breakout year.

Player High School Year Stats
Tyler Blickem Briggsdale HS Senior 2368 Passing Yards 36 TDs 5 INTs
Kade Comstock Fleming HS Junior 1178 Passing Yards 17 TDs 6 INTs
Mitch Dollerschell Prairie HS Senior 1058 Passing Yards 18 TDs 7 INTs
Dominic Coleman Granada HS Soph. 1609 Passing Yards 20 TDs 7 INTs
Salvador Vigil Mountain Valley/Moffat Junior 1265 Passing Yards 20 TDs 5 INTs
Zayd Banks Flagler/Hi Plains Junior 809 Passing Yards 13 TDs 10 INTs, 398 Rushing Yards 6 TDs
Peter Belt Cotopaxi HS Junior 805 Passing Yards 12 TDs 6 INTs
Quade Pelton Cheyenne Wells Senior 652 Passing Yards 12 TDs 1 INT, 763 Rushing Yards 15 TD’s
Dax Towns Idalia HS Senior 676 Passing Yards 10 TDs 7 INTs
Kolter Eldringhoff Deer Trail HS Junior 1142 Passing Yards 27 TDs 6 INTs
Potential Next 3
Axel Escareno Manzanola HS Senior 357 Passing Yards 5 TDs 3 INTs, 443 Rushing Yards 8 TDs
AJ Ojeda Sierra Grande HS Junior 520 Passing Yards 8 TDs 0 INTs,
Trey Pearce Cheraw HS Junior 482 Passing Yards 9 TDs 8 INTs

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