Football Key Players Returning

Top Returning WR 8-Man

Rangely School District Coombs
Picture by Rangely School District 

Top Returning WR 8-Man

I am picking my Top Returning WR based on last year’s stats and team finishes.

Player High School Year Stats
Mario Enriquez Sangre De Cristo Senior 594 Receiving Yards 5 TDs, 18.0 yards per reception, 50 receptions
Michael Kelley South Park Senior 527 Receiving Yards 6 TDs, 17.6 yards per reception, 32 receptions
Tytus Coombs Rangely Senior 522 Receiving Yards 6 TDs, 26.1 yards per reception, 34 receptions
Josh Lang Front Range Christian Senior 443 Receiving Yards 5 TDs, 15.8 yards per reception, 55 receptions
Chris Cappel Vail Christian Senior 440 Receiving Yards 0 TDs, 20.0 yards per reception, 38 receptions
Cole Seger Sargent Senior 378 Receiving Yards 6 TDs, 29.1 yards per reception, 25 receptions
Terrance Heath Sedgwick County Junior 341 Receiving Yards 5 TDs, 17.9 yards per reception, 19 receptions
Christian Cova Mancos Junior 329 Receiving Yards 5 TDs, 21.9 yards per reception, 37 receptions
Hudson Grant Pikes Peak Christian Senior 325 Receiving Yards 8 TDs, 17.1 yards per reception, 21 receptions
Andy Ramos Holly Senior 272 Receiving Yards 6 TDs, 12.4 yards per reception, 29 receptions

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