Volleyball Top Returning Players

Top Returning Volleyball Players Class 2A

Picture by Vibrant Valley Photography 

Top Returning Volleyball Players Class 2A

I am going to list the top returning players in 3A in these categories:  Kills, Assists, Serving Aces, Blocks, and Digs.  I will work my way down through all 3A, 2A, and 1A.  Also, I am going to need a ton of pictures for Volleyball so I will take all volleyball pictures

Top Returning Players: Kills

Player High School Year Stats
Taylor Maguire Lyons Senior 481 Kills, Kill Percentage 36.2%
Mayson Fago Union Colony Prep Senior 393 Kills, Kill Percentage 38.4%
Jacki Bogner Denver Christian Junior 379 Kills, Kill Percentage 49.6%
Kiera Porrey Dawson School Senior 337 Kills, Kill Percentage 36.6%
Anna Kaemingk Denver Christian Senior 302 Kills, Kill Percentage 38.2%
Saedee Davis Holly Senior 274 Kills
Jordan Elder Dolores Senior 270 Kills, Kill Percentage 49.0%
Elise Layton Colorado Springs School Junior 270 Kills, Kill Percentage 34.7%
Myka Glover Del Norte Junior 261 Kills, Kill Percentage 42.8%
Julia Dinwiddie Meeker Senior 261 Kills, Kill Percentage 44.2%
Amanda Dotter John Mall Senior 257 Kills, Kill Percentage 40.9%
Averie Navarette  Hoehne Senior 246 Kills, Kill Percentage 29.6%
Symantha Linnebur Byers Soph. 236 Kills, Kill Percentage 33.3%
Paige Finegan Wiggins Senior 230 Kills, Kill Percentage 47.1%
Makena Weber Clear Creek Junior 210 Kills, Kill Percentage 33.5%

Top Returning Players: Assists

Player High School Year Stats
Reagan Nolin Yuma Senior 952 Assists
Angelina Sala Dawson School Junior 860 Assists
Mariah DeMers Akron Junior 667 Assists
Josie Lee Peyton Junior 553 Assists
Carly Horn Paonia Senior 489 Assists
Chloe Mason Fountain Valley Senior 483 Assists
Maiya Dehoyos Highland Senior 470 Assists
Emmalee Asnicar Mancos Senior 418 Assists
Danica Maes Las Animas Soph. 400 Assists
Alyssa Brown John Mall Soph. 399 Assists
Charlize Renfro Platte Canyon Senior 383 Assists
Kate Moulton Heritage Christian Junior 383 Assists
Madisyn VanNorman Swallows Charter Junior 381 Assists
Desirae Pisano Union Colony Prep Senior 373 Assists
Sarah Trujillo Gilpin County Senior 368 Assists

Top Returning Players: Service Aces

Player High School Year Stats
Angelina Sala Dawson School Junior 82 Service Ace’s
Myka Glover Del Norte Junior 76 Service Ace’s
Chloe Mason Fountain Valley Senior 74 Service Ace’s
Madison Gonzales Las Animas Senior 73 Service Ace’s
Jessie Vallejos Swallows Charter Senior 73 Service Ace’s
Alyssa Stevenson Swallows Charter Senior 70 Service Ace’s
Averie Navarette Hoehne Senior 66 Service Ace’s

Top Returning Players: Blocks

Player High School Year Stats
Tyla Johnson Soroco Senior 142 Total Blocks
Paige Finegan Wiggins Senior 132 Total Blocks
Mayson Fago Union Colony Prep Senior 112 Total Blocks
Joey Deckler Hayden Senior 107 Total Blocks
Kaitlyn Rector Simla Junior 105 Total Blocks
Brooklyn Mueller Swink Senior 101 Total Blocks
McKinzie Tolliver Sargent Junior 98 Total Blocks
Sophia Benjamin Soroco Soph. 98 Total Blocks
Emma Desanti West Grand Senior 97 Total Blocks
Kristin Vieselmeyer Holyoke Soph. 94 Total Blocks

Top Returning Players: Digs

Player High School Year Stats
Alyssa Winter Highland Senior 552 Digs
Carley Mondragon Dayspring Christian Junior 503 Digs
Nicole Scribner Dawson School Junior 490 Digs
Ashlynn Romine Rye Senior 487 Digs
Alex Camilletti Hayden Senior 462 Digs
Zeda Taylor Clear Creek Junior 449 Digs
Sophia Knaysi Caprock Academy Senior 418 Digs
Taylor Maguire Lyons Senior 402 Digs
Averie Navarette Hoehne Senior 394 Digs
Mayson Fago Union Colony Prep Senior 383 Digs

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