Volleyball Top Returning Players

Top Returning Volleyball Players Class 1A


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Top Returning Volleyball Players Class 1A

I am going to list the top returning players in 1A in these categories:  Kills, Assists, Serving Aces, Blocks, and Digs.  I will work my way down through all 3A, 2A, and 1A.  Also, I am going to need a ton of pictures for Volleyball, so I will take all volleyball pictures

Top Returning Players: Kills

Player High School Year Stats
Whitney Chintala Fleming Soph. 539 Kills, Kill Percentage 32.5%
Kimberlyn Krise Briggsdale Senior 444 Kills, Kill Percentage 36.7%
Ryely Smartt Genoa-Hugo Senior 370 Kills, Kill Percentage 43.0%
Brooke Mertens Merino Senior 319 Kills, Kill Percentage 29.1%
Cassie Gatlin Dove Creek Senior 264 Kills, Kill Percentage 29.1%
Desi Ortivez La Veta Senior 241 Kills, Kill Percentage 50.4%
Nya Sciacca La Veta Senior 239 Kills, Kill Percentage 47.8%
Taysa Conger Merino Soph. 239 Kills, Kill Percentage 29.5%
Linda Amaglio Weldon Valley Senior 226 Kills, Kill Percentage 40.6%
Becca Bleak Otis Junior 192 Kills, Kill Percentage 27.0%
Kylee Christensen Sangre De Cristo Junior 189 Kills, Kill Percentage 28.7%
Avery Palmgren Sangre De Cristo Junior 189 Kills, Kill Percentage 32.9%
Ciera Schelling Haxtun Senior 185 Kills, Kill Percentage 27.4%
Savannah Rothbauer Stratton/Liberty Senior 178 Kills, Kill Percentage 36.1%
Cloey Jones Idalia Junior 177 Kills, Kill Percentage 29.3%

Top Returning Players: Assists

Player High School Year Stats
Kendyl Kirkwood Fleming Junior 910 Assists
Madison Sutter Merino Junior 839 Assists
Rebecca Steerman McClave Senior 678 Assists
Tessa Smith Genoa-Hugo Junior 635 Assists
Alexia Pearson Denver Waldorf Junior 620 Assists
Mary Goins La Veta Junior 584 Assists
Madi Scott De Beque Senior 566 Assists
Taylor Hickman Dove Creek Senior 562 Assists
Renae Sinclair Sangre De Cristo Junior 489 Assists
Shealee Coleman Cotopaxi Junior 428 Assists
Christa Sandoval Weldon Valley Senior 400 Assists
Mattie Crouse Stratton/Liberty Junior 399 Assists
Talia Donoho Briggsdale Senior 398 Assists
Kendyl Saffer Flagler/Hi Plains Junior 391 Assists
Lexi Crane Springfield Senior 347 Assists

Top Returning Players: Service Aces

Player High School Year Stats
Kyler Sweat Pikes Peak Christian Senior 87 Service Ace’s
Koylynn Gulliford Cotopaxi Junior 69 Service Ace’s
Alexie Pearson Denver Waldorf Junior 68 Service Ace’s
Lexi Metz Sangre De Cristo Senior 64 Service Ace’s
Faith Trenkle Merino Junior 63 Service Ace’s
Michaela Kuntz Lone Star Senior 63 Service Ace’s
Sara Torres Belleview Christian Senior 61 Service Ace’s

Top Returning Players: Blocks

Player High School Year Stats
Desi Ortivez La Veta Senior 123 Total Blocks
Brooke Mertens Merino Senior 106 Total Blocks
Koylynn Gulliford Cotopaxi Junior 84 Total Blocks
Alyssa Hammel Mountain Valley/Moffat Senior 75 Total Blocks
Alison Wilson South Baca Senior 75 Total Blocks
Kendyl Kirkwood Fleming Junior 74 Total Blocks
Lauren Fritzler Merino Senior 69 Total Blocks
Olivia Lay Elbert Junior 68 Total Blocks
Kaycee Ellenberger Eads Senior 66 Total Blocks
Alissa Hebberd South Baca Junior 64 Total Blocks

Top Returning Players: Digs

Player High School Year Stats
Faith Trenkle Merino Junior 642 Digs
Whitney Chintala Fleming Soph. 639 Digs
Macy Rowan Wiley Junior 572 Digs
Kylie Parks Springfield Senior 452 Digs
Brisa Perez Idalia Senior 443 Digs
Mindi Carr Genoa-Hugo Junior 427 Digs
Kimberlyn Krise Briggsdale Senior 416 Digs
Talia Donoho Briggsdale Senior 405 Digs
Kendyl Kirkwood Fleming Junior 392 Digs
Ainsley Powell Merino Senior 384 Digs

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