2A League Breakdown

Class 2A Football Week 6 League Breakdown

OTSports Sterling vs Eaton
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Class 2A Football Week 6 League Breakdown

Class 2A moves into league play this week.  I will go quickly thru each league and give a updated prediction.  I plan on doing league awards this year as well!  In the Top 10 rankings this week.

Colorado League

The Colorado League has 3 teams over .500 and I think those 3 plus 1 other team will all be competing for a league title.  Englewood, Machebeuf, Riverdale Ridge, and Kent Denver are the four teams I think will be in the hunt for the league title.  Englewood is 3-1 on the season with their lone loss of the season to Weld Central but have since won 3 games and open league play against Riverdale Ridge.  Machebeuf is 2-2 on the year and are coming off back to back losses to quality opponents.  Machebeuf should bounce back this week and move to 3-2 they play Alameda at home this week.  Riverdale Ridge is 2-2 on the season and picked up a win over Fort Lupton two weeks ago 41-6.  Riverdale Ridge will hit their toughest stretch of games of the season when they play Englewood, Machebeuf, and Kent Denver in the next 3 weeks.  Kent Denver is 1-3 on the season and are coming off 3 straight losses.  Kent Denver offensively is inexperience and it is showing with just 33 points scored.  Defensively they have played tough holding their opponents under 21 points.  They open the league season against Ridge View Academy and should pick up their second win of the season.

Updated League Predictions:

League Champion: Englewood

Player of the League: QB Mason Robertson Sr. Englewood HS

Playoff Contenders: Englewood, Machebeuf, Kent Denver, Riverdale Ridge

RPI: Englewood (9), Riverdale Ridge (19), Machebeuf (29), Kent Denver (35), Ridge View Academy (39), Alameda (41)

Flatirons League

The Flatirons League has 4 teams over .500.  Currently I think Faith Christian is the early favorite to win the Flatirons League but look for Arvada, Bennett, D’Evelyn, and Middle Park all to push Faith Christian for a league title.  Faith Christian is 3-1 on the season with their lone loss coming to Resurrection Christian.  Faith Christian has won three straight games since dropping their opener and last week beat a tough University team 26-7.  Faith Christian is still the favorite in my eyes to win the Flatirons but will have challengers this year.  Faith Christian opens league play against Denver West.  D’Evelyn is 2-2 on the season.  D’Evelyn opened the year with back to back losses to Classical Academy and Eaton which are quality losses.  D’Evelyn has a lot of youth plus a few injuries but are starting to come together and have two straight games.  D’Evelyn offensively must continue to improve the passing game and I think will be one of the main challengers to Faith Christian.  D’Evelyn opens league play against Middle Park which will be a good test to open the league season.  Bennett is 2-2 on the season and are coming off a tough loss to Delta 40-0.  Bennett is in their second year playing 2A and have competed well in 2A.  Their run heavy offense must work, or they will struggle offensively.  Bennett opens league play against Arvada who is much improved this year and should be a great game.  Arvada is 3-1 on the season and picked up their first loss of the season to Englewood 28-14.  Arvada is off to a surprising 3-1 start but have not played a difficult schedule.  They open league play against Bennett which will be their second toughest opponent of the year.  Things don’t get easy for Arvada with 3 straight tough games upcoming and we will know if they are competitors for the league title or not.  Middle Park is 1-3 on the year and are the dark horse to win/compete for a league title.  They have played tough in all 3 losses and I think are much better than their record indicates.  They open league play against D’Evelyn and will determine a ton if they will really compete or not.

Updated League Predictions:

League Champion: Faith Christian

Player of the League: RB Edoardo Castaneda Sr. Faith Christian HS

Playoff Contenders: Faith Christian, D’Evelyn, Bennett, Arvada, Middle Park

RPI: Arvada (6), Faith Christian (11), Bennett (23), D’Evelyn (28), Middle Park (34), Denver West (36)

Intermountain League

The IML is off to a very interesting start with just 1 team over .500 and the rest with losing records.  Alamosa is entering league play as the favorite to win the IML but expect Bayfield, Pagosa Springs, and Salida to all challenge for the league crown.  The IML is a bit down this year but expect solid competition inside the league.  Alamosa has been a bit of a surprise this year opening the year 3-0 under first year head coach Drew Sandlin.  Alamosa has hit their first adversity of the season picking up a loss last week to Lamar 48-25.  Alamosa will know be looking to bounce back from the loss and we will see how this group handles the loss.  Alamosa is the favorite to win the league and their offense will be tough for teams to stop.  Alamosa opens league play against rival Bayfield.  Pagosa Springs is 1-4 on the season and have lost back to back games.  Pagosa Springs has played tough against 4 of their 5 opponents this year and have just missed out on wins.  Pagosa Springs will look to get back on track against Montezuma-Cortez.  Pagosa Springs must get their offense going if they plan to really compete inside the IML tis year.  Bayfield is 1-3 on the year and are on a 2-game losing streak.  Bayfield was beat by Durango last week 55-0 but Durango is a top team in 3A.  Bayfield inside 2A have played tough beating Aspen 37-20.  They open league play against Alamosa which will be a true test to see how much Bayfield has improved this year.  We will learn a lot more about Bayfield after the Alamosa game.  Salida is 0-5 on the season and are my dark horse pick to win/compete for a league title.  Salida offensively is tough with their passing attack but their defense has struggled this year.  Salida has a bye this week and we will see if they can fix some problems and be ready for Pagosa Springs after their bye.

Updated League Predictions:

League Champion: Alamosa

Player of the League: QB Brendon Madril Sr. Alamosa HS

Playoff Contenders: Alamosa, Pagosa Springs, Bayfield, Salida

RPI: Alamosa (16), Pagosa Springs (18), Bayfield (30), Montezuma-Cortez (33), Salida (37)

Patriot East League

The Patriot East has somewhat separated into two groups with 3 teams over .500 and three teams under .500.  I do think two teams have risen to the top as the favorites to win the league with 3 teams hoping to knock them off.  Sterling and Platte Valley are the two teams I see as the favorites to win the Patriot East and finish runner up.  Valley, Brush, and Weld Central will hope they can knock a one of the two teams from the top.  Sterling is my pick to win the Patriot East league.  Sterling is 3-1 on the year with their lone loss coming to the #2 team in the state of Nebraska.  Sterling against Colorado teams in 3-0 and have 3 quality wins on their schedule.  Sterling had a bye last week to prepare for league play and they open league against Valley which should be a solid match up.  Platte Valley is 3-1 on the year and is 3-0 against 2A opponents.  Platte Valley lone loss of the season was to 3A Lutheran 26-7.  Since the loss Platte Valley has beat Elizabeth and pulled out a tough win against Eaton 14-10.  Platte Valley continues to play great defense this year and we should see this team continue to improve as the year goes on.  Platte Valley opens league play against Weld Central which could be a challenge for Platte Valley.  Valley is 3-1 on the year and have surprised a few starting 3-1.  Valley has not played the toughest schedule with 2 wins against 0-4 teams.  Valley lone loss is to #10 Highland (1A) 27-0.  Valley will be tested immediately in league play and we will see if they are a contender or pretender after their game against Sterling.  Brush is 1-3 on the year but have played a tough to open the year.  Brush is on a 3 game losing streak but should break the streak this week against Fort Lupton.  Brush defense will be key to them competing in league this season.  Weld Central is 1-3 on the year and caught my attention with the 30-21 victory to start the year.  Weld Central has since going 0-3 with back to back big losses to Frederick 66-12 and Resurrection Christian 54-0.  Weld Central continues their tough stretch of games against Platte Valley this week.  We will learn a lot about Weld Central after their game against Platte Valley.

Updated League Predictions:

League Champion: Sterling

Player of the League: QB Brock Shalla Sr. Sterling HS

Playoff Contenders: Sterling, Platte Valley, Valley, Brush, Weld Central

RPI: Sterling (1), Platte Valley (7), Weld Central (20), Valley (26), Brush (32), Fort Lupton (40)

Patriot West League

The Patriot West League is off to a strong start with 5 of the 6 teams at or above .500.  I do think all 6 teams will be competitive now that we have entered league play.  My favorite to start league play is Resurrection Christian to win the league.  The other 5 teams I think will all be very competitive with Eaton and University as top 3 in league.  Resurrection Christian is the favorite to win the Patriot West and are on a 3-game winning streak with their most recent win over Weld Central 54-0 being a breakout game offensively.  Resurrection Christian lone loss of the season was to #1 Sterling 13-7 in OT.  Resurrection Christian has played outstanding defense all year and I think their defense is the reason I am picking them to win the league.  Resurrection Christian opens league play against Berthoud.  Eaton is 2-2 on the year and have played a tough schedule.  Eaton is my pick to finish second in the Patriot West.  Eaton picked up a big 44-8 victory over Machebeuf last week.  Eaton two losses are to top 4 teams in 2A and they should be ready for a tough league schedule.  Eaton opens league play against University and this will be a huge test for Eaton.  University is picked to finish 3rd and this game will truly test both teams.  University is 2-2 on the year and they have played a difficult schedule as well.  University will be looking to bounce back from a loss after losing to Faith Christian 26-7.  University played tough in their two losses but will look to snag their first quality win of the season.  University opens league play against Eaton and will be a great game.  The Academy is 3-1 on the season and have started the year playing well.  The Academy picked up a solid 19-0 victory over Middle park last week.  The Academy lone loss is do D’Evelyn 21-0.  The Academy will look to show they need to be considered for a top 3 spot but must get off to a good start against Prospect Ridge.  The Academy offense will be tough for teams in the Patriot West and we will see how The Academy does.  Prospect Ridge and Berthoud both will be competitive inside the Patriot West, but we will see how they play once in league play.

Updated League Predictions:

League Champion: Resurrection Christian

Player of the League: RB/LB Tanner Applebee Jr. Resurrection Christian

Playoff Contenders: Resurrection Christian, Eaton, University, The Academy, Berthoud, Prospect Ridge

RPI: Resurrection Christian (2), Eaton (13), University (17), The Academy (22), Prospect Ridge (24), Berthoud (38)

Tri-Peaks League

The Tri-Peaks have been one of the toughest leagues in Class 2A and things continue this year with all 6 teams inside the Tri-Peaks at over above .500.  Realistically I see 4 teams competing for the league crown.  It is extremely tough to pick a favorite right now, but I am going to go with La Junta as the favorite still to win the Tri-Peaks with experience and they are just ahead of their rival Lamar.  Elizabeth and Classical Academy I think are also in the mix to win the league, but this should be a very competitive league race.  La Junta is 3-1 on the season with their lone loss coming to Alamosa 22-6.  Since the loss La Junta has bounced back with back to back win.  La Junta is the slight favorite to win the Tri-Peaks league.  La Junta opens league play against a very improved Woodland Park team and La Junta is hoping to get off to a hot start ahead of a grueling league schedule.  Lamar is 3-1 on the season.  Lamar opened the season with a tough 36-27 loss to #4 Limon (2A) but have since won three straight including a huge upset over Alamosa 48-25.  The win for Lamar give them a ton of momentum but we will see how much this team has improved heading forward.  Lamar plays back to back road games to start league season and I want to see how they play against a physical TCA team who they open the league season against.  I think if Lamar can open the league season with a big win over TCA will be dangerous going forward.  Elizabeth is 3-1 on the season and I think could also win the Tri-Peaks league.  Elizabeth lone loss is to #4 Platte Valley 30-7.  Elizabeth has won two straight games over Machebeuf and Summit.  Elizabeth has played balanced offensively and we will see how they play in the Tri-Peaks.  Elizabeth opens league play against Manitou Springs and must get off to a hot start.  Manitou Springs won’t be an easy win but this is a game Elizabeth must win to show they are a serious threat.  Classical Academy is 2-2 on the year but are coming off back to back losses to top 10 teams.  They play their third straight top ten opponent this week when they host Lamar.  TCA must be able to run the ball to have any success in the game.  TCA defensively will be tested by a balanced offensive attack and we will learn how much TCA has improved this year.  Woodland Park I think could be a dark horse in the league.  Woodland Park is 3-1 on the year but have not played the toughest schedule.  I think Woodland Parks balanced offensive attack could give some teams fits but we will see how they perform against La Junta in their league opener.

Updated League Predictions:

League Champion: La Junta

Player of the League: QB/DB Zane Rankin Jr. Lamar HS

Playoff Contenders: La Junta, Lamar, Elizabeth, Classical Academy, Woodland Park

RPI: Lamar (5), Woodland Park (12), La Junta (14), Elizabeth (15), Classical Academy (21), Manitou Springs (31)

Western Slope League

The Western Slope league has been off to a crazy start with 4 teams entering league play with perfect 4-0 records.  The other two teams are no slouches either with Aspen finally getting healthy and Coal Ridge proving their ground attack is tough to stop.  The Western Slope is one of the toughest league in 2A this year and some huge matchup will take place weekly inside the league.  Currently I am going with Delta as the slight favorite over Rifle to win the league, but we will see how things shake out now that league is starting.  Delta is 4-0 on the season but have not played a very difficult schedule.  Delta quality wins are over Bennett and Thornton (3A).  Delta though has been very impressive defensively and have not given up a point yet.  Delta offensively has also broken 40 in all 4 games.  Delta opens league play with back to back road games and every game in league looks to be difficult this season and staying healthy is key for Delta.  Delta opens league play against Aspen who is healthy, and I think Delta defense will have their hands full this week.  Rifle is 4-0 to start the season.  Rifle played three 3A opponents to start the year with their lone quality win over Pueblo County (3A).  Rifle has also been dominating on defense giving up over 7 points just once this season.  Offensively Rifle rushing attack has been hard for any teams to stop.  Rifle opens league play against Coal Ridge who has struggled a bit this season but have been competitive in all their games.  Rifle success will all come down to their rushing attack this season.  Basalt is 4-0 on the season and have surprised me with the 4-0 start.  Basalt has quality wins over Battle Mountain, Pagosa Springs, and Paonia.  Basalt is a team that lost a good senior class but have not missed a beat.  Offensively Basalt is attacking teams with a balanced attack and this will prove difficult heading forward.  Basalt opens league play against Moffat County and will be one of the better games in the state in Class 2A.  Moffat County is 4-0 on the year and they picked up their biggest win of the season beating Pagosa Springs 21-16.  Moffat County has surprised me with the hot start.  Moffat County has relied heavily on their rushing attack and they will be tested this week.  Moffat County will face their toughest opponent to date when the travel to Basalt.  This will truly test Moffat County.  Aspen is my dark horse to make a run for the league title/playoff spot.  Aspen is finally healthy with QB Tyler Ward back and he is off to a hot start.  Aspen offense will have to carry them to victories, but I think this is a team who could sneak up on a few teams if their offense get going.  Aspen will look to see how much they have improved this week against Delta.

Updated League Predictions:

League Champion: Delta

Player of the League: QB Nolan Bynum Jr. Delta HS

Playoff Contenders: Delta, Rifle, Basalt, Aspen, Moffat county

RPI: Basalt (3), Moffat County (4), Delta (8), Rifle (10), Aspen (25), Coal Ridge (27)

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