2A League Breakdown

Class 2A Football Week 7 League Breakdown

Danielle Bynum Delta vs Aspen
Picture by Danielle Bynum (Delta vs Aspen)

Class 2A Football Week 7 League Breakdown

For Class 2A thru 6-Man I plan on doing league awards to give more recognition to teams who don’t make it to the playoffs.  I did this for Basketball last year.  We move into the second week of the league season this week.  RPI is also starting to become a factor with us in October.

Colorado League

The Colorado League started with who I thought were the top 3 teams playing against the bottom 3 teams and it split that way after 1 week.  Machebeuf, Kent Denver, and Englewood were all victorious in their first league game and I think those 3 teams plus 1 other, Riverdale Ridge are the favorites to win the league and push for a playoff berth.  This week we have Ridge View Academy vs Alameda, Riverdale Ridge vs Machebeuf, and Englewood vs Kent Denver.  2 of the 3 games are big matchups.  Riverdale Ridge vs Machebeuf is were we will start.  Riverdale Ridge lost to Englewood last week 49-28 giving up 34 points in the first half before rallying a bit to close the gap.  Riverdale Ridge struggled slowing down the run last week and must be able to stop the run this week against Machebeuf.  Machebeuf opened league play with a 26-13 victory over Alameda.  QB Ryan Schmitt had his best game as QB throwing for 246 yards leading the offense.  Machebeuf defense also forced 4 INTs in the game.  This was a much closer game than thought but a win is what Machebeuf needed.  Riverdale Ridge will be desperate for a win to keep pace.  Machebeuf is looking to move up the RPI and a win is needed this week.  The main event is Englewood vs Kent Denver.  Kent Denver pulled out a close one against Ridge View Academy 16-14.  The win broke a 3-game losing streak for a young Kent Denver team.  Kent Denver struggled offensively only rushing for 133 yards, but their defense played well to close the game out.  Kent Denver will need their defense to play outstanding this week against a tough offensive team.  Englewood is on a 4-game winning streak and are looking to beat Kent Denver for the first time in some years.  Englewood must take care of the ball on offense and they must have a big day for QB Mason Robertson and RB Yakez Daughtry.  Englewood defensively has played great in the first half and must be able to stop the run this week.  The winner of the game will be sitting in first place and a huge advantage going towards the RPI.

Playoff Contenders: Englewood, Machebeuf, Kent Denver, Riverdale Ridge

RPI: Englewood (10), Riverdale Ridge (27), Machebeuf (30), Kent Denver (33), Ridge View Academy (39), Alameda (41)

Flatirons League

The Flatirons League started about as expected.  Bennett, D’Evelyn, and Faith Christian were all victorious last week.  The only surprise to some would be Bennett over Arvada but I did pick Bennett over Arvada.  I see Bennett, D’Evelyn, and Faith Christian as the teams to watch when it comes to the playoffs.  The games inside the Flatirons league are: D’Evelyn vs Denver West, Bennett vs Middle Park, and Faith Christian vs Arvada.  If the 3 favorites all win this week we could easily see the league split in half and only 3 teams fighting for the league title.  Only one game to really talk about in the Flatirons league this week.  Faith Christian at Arvada.  Arvada is on a two-game losing streak and lost to Bennett 42-6 last week.  Arvada I am guessing struggled to stop Bennett run heavy offense and must get those problems worked out this week.  Arvada offensively must get things figured out as they play another very good defensive team.  This is a big game for Arvada if they plan on making a run for a league title.  Faith Christian is now on a 4-game winning streak and beat Denver West last week 41-12.  Faith Christian continues to fun the ball well rushing for 328 yards as a team.  Erick Granada is back healthy and will be another big weapon along side Eduardo Castaneda.  Faith Christian defensively forced 4 INTs in the game but did give up 200 yards passing.  Faith Christian is hoping to keep pace with the top 3 teams this week.  Arvada will be desperate for a win, but I think Faith Christian will have success running the ball.  Next week things really pick up in the Flatirons League.

Updated League Predictions:

Playoff Contenders: Faith Christian, D’Evelyn, Bennett, Arvada,

RPI: Faith Christian (12), Bennett (17), Arvada, (19), D’Evelyn (20), Denver West (34), Middle Park (36)

Intermountain League

The IML got off to a crazy start.  Two games took place last week with Alamosa facing Bayfield and Pagosa Springs against Montezuma-Cortez.  Pagosa Springs took care of business easily winning 54-13 but the big surprise was Bayfield beating Alamosa on the road 28-10.  Bayfield was able to slow Alamosa passing offense and really limited what Alamosa did.  Bayfield offensively had success running the ball.  All 5 teams are in actions this week.  Bayfield play their last non-league game of the season against #6 Farmington NM (5A).  Bayfield played a brutal non-league schedule playing against a ton of top 10 opponents out of state.  The two league games this week are Pagosa Springs vs Salida and Alamosa vs Montezuma-Cortez.  Alamosa vs Montezuma-Cortez should be a good bounce back game for Alamosa.  With the way 2A is going though anything is possible especially with Cortez playing at home.  Alamosa must find their grove as there are on a two-game losing streak and we will see how Alamosa bounces back.  The main game to talk about is Pagosa Springs vs Salida.  Salida is 0-5 on the season but have show at times that their offense can be potent.  QB Zayne Walker is off to a great start and if Salida plan to make any sort of run in league he must play out of his mind.  Salida will also hope that a RB can step up and run with success look for Braden Collins to try and fill that hole.  Salida biggest problem will be their defense.  Can Salida defensively step up and especially this week against a run heavy offense.  We will see how Salida comes into league season.  Pagosa Springs picked up their second win of the season and ended a 2-game losing streak beating Montezuma-Cortez 54-13.  Pagosa Springs has played a tough schedule but should have them primed to go.  Pagosa Springs last week ran the ball at will rushing for 414 yards and having big performances from RB Paden Bailey and QB Grant Aucoin.  Pagosa Springs is hoping to stay tied with Bayfield atop the league standing but their defense will be tested this week.  The IML has opened with some surprises and we will see how the rest of the schedule goes.

Playoff Contenders: Alamosa, Pagosa Springs, Bayfield

RPI: Pagosa Springs (18), Bayfield (22), Alamosa (23), Montezuma-Cortez (35), Salida (38)

Patriot East League

Week 1 in the Patriot East league went how I expected.  Sterling, Brush, and Platte Valley were all victorious in week 1.  I do think though that 5 teams will be competitive in the Patriot East league so the first week is big for the winning teams but expect things to be tough in the league.  This week in the Patriot East league we see: Platte Valley vs Fort Lupton, Weld Central vs Valley, and Brush vs Sterling.  Two games catch my eye this week.  Weld Central vs Valley are two teams hoping to rebound this week.  Weld Central lost 31-6 to Platte Valley but did play tough.  Weld Central is on a 4-game losing streak but they have played a tough schedule.  Weld Central will hope to bounce back this week against Valley.  The leadership of Weld Central will need to get everyone going for a chance to pick up a big win.  Valley is 4-2 on the season and lost to Sterling last week 49-0.  Valley struggled offensively to get anything going having less than 100 yards of total offense.  Valley must get the problems fixed heading into a huge matchup with Weld Central.  The winner of this game I think keeps a league title hope alive and playoff hopes so we should see some teams desperate for a win.  The big game in the Patriot East League is Brush vs Sterling.  Brush picked up a big win over Fort Lupton 57-0.  The win was big for Brush snapping a 3 game losing streak.  RB Nick Wellen had a big day offensively as did QB Alejandro Maltos Garcia.  Brush is a young team but continue to improve and we will see how they perform against the #1 team.  Their defense must be top notch this week and their offense must find success.  Sterling moved to 4-1 on the season and picked up a big 49-0 victory over Valley.  Sterling defensively continues to play outstanding holding Valley to under 100 yards of total offense and of course the shutout.  Sterling is 4-0 against Colorado Teams.  Sterling offensively continues to improve weekly and are led by QB Brock Shalla and RB Conner Polenz.  Sterling must be ready to stop the run on defense and this will be a good test for Sterling run defense.  The winner of this game will keep pace with Platte Valley atop the Patriot East League.

Playoff Contenders: Sterling, Platte Valley, Valley, Brush, Weld Central

RPI: Sterling (2), Platte Valley (5), Weld Central (21), Valley (28), Brush (32), Fort Lupton (40)

Patriot West League

The competitive Patriot West league got off to a good start.  Resurrection Christian, The Academy, and Eaton were all victorious in the first week of league.  Those 3 teams plus University and Prospect Ridge I think all are contenders for playoff spots.  This week things really pick up with 3 good games and they are: Resurrection Christian vs University, Prospect Ridge vs Berthoud, and Eaton vs The Academy.  We will briefly talk about all 3 games.  Prospect Ridge vs Berthoud features two teams who lost their first league game.  This game I think essentially will eliminate one of the teams for the league title race and depending on the winner could eliminate or really hurt any shot at the playoffs.  Both teams will be desperate in this game and should be a good matchup.  Resurrection Christian vs University is the second game to mention.  University game up just short against Eaton 25-23.  University will now be looking to bounce back against Resurrection Christian which won’t be an easy task.  Offensively University did find success.  QB Chayden Cox had a solid day passing for 213 yards.  Defensively University did slow Eaton down but their defense must continue to improve.  University could pick up a huge quality win if they can pull the upset.  Resurrection Christian moved to 4-1 on the season beating Berthoud 41-0.  QB Buck Coors continues to improve and he had a big day passing for 151 yards and 2 TDs.  Resurrection Christian offensively continues to improve, and this team will be a huge threat if their offense gets better.  Defensively Resurrection Christian played outstanding holding Berthoud to under 100 yards of total offense.  Resurrection Christian will need their defense to play well this week as they face a balanced offensive attack.  The main event in the Patriot West League is Eaton vs The Academy.  Both these teams were victorious last week and hope to stay in first place.  The Academy is on a 2-game winning streak and picked up a big 55-18 win over Prospect Ridge.  The Academy had a big day from QB Brandon Boston who threw for 285 yards and 4 TDs.  The rushing attack also had a solid day rushing for 201 yards.  Defensively The Academy did give up some yards but limited their success in the red zone.  The Academy will need their defense to really step up again this week as they play a tough offensive team.  The Academy will be tested offensively as well as Eaton has played against some good offense and had some success.  Eaton squeezed out a tough 25-23 win over University last week.  Offensively Eaton had a big day from QB Scott Grable who threw for 175 yards and ran for another 62.  Their offense may be needed to have a big day next week if it turns into a shootout.  Defensively Eaton limited the rushing attack of University but did give up 213 yards.  Eaton defensively must have success stopping the pass or could be a long day for this defense.  This should be a good matchup between these two teams.

Playoff Contenders: Resurrection Christian, Eaton, University, The Academy, Prospect Ridge

RPI: Resurrection Christian (4), Eaton (8), The Academy (15), University (24), Prospect Ridge (29), Berthoud (37)

Tri-Peaks League

The tough Tri-Peaks league got off with a bang and a few surprises as well.  Last week La Junta, Elizabeth, and Classical Academy were all victorious.  The big surprise was Classical Academy beating Lamar 48-27 and La Junta only beating Woodland park 6-0. I do think 5 teams will all be competing for the league title and playoff spots.  The games this week inside the Tri-Peaks league are: Elizabeth vs La Junta, Classical Academy vs Manitou Springs, and Lamar vs Woodland Park.  Two games to really talk about this week.  Lamar vs Woodland Park is where we will start.  Woodland Park lost to La Junta last week 6-0 but surprised me with the score being just 6-0.  Woodland Park proved they will a tough game this year.  Offensively Woodland Park did find success passing for 193 yards and rushing for 115 yards but turnovers really cost Woodland Park with 3 INTs.  Woodland Park this week must find take care of the ball and QB Colin Kucera must have a big game.  Defensively Woodland Park played tough holding La Junta to just 6 points and forcing 2 turnovers.  The defense will be tested this week by a high-flying offense and should be a good test.  Lamar lost last week to Classical Academy 48-27 and now will have to bounce back against another tough opponent.  Lamar defensively had a hard time stopping the run giving up 304 yards rushing.  Lamar this week will look to fix the problems from the game and will have to find success.  Lamar defensively will look to stop a solid offensive threat.  Lamar offensively will face a tough defense and must have big days from QB Zane Rankin and RB Walker Kee.  The main event in the Tri-Peaks is Elizabeth traveling to La Junta.  Elizabeth picked up a big win over Manitou Springs 61-7.  Elizabeth had a big day from their rushing attack racking up 202 yards.  Elizabeth offense really did not put up big numbers due to their defense playing outstanding.  Elizabeth defense held Manitou Springs under 100 yards of total offense and had 3 turnovers.  Elizabeth will hope to find the same success this week against La Junta.  Offensively Elizabeth will face one of the toughest defenses they have this year and we will see if they can find success.  La Junta last week beat Woodland park 6-0.  Defensively they did give up some yards but forced 3 turnovers in the game and of course had a shutout.  La Junta offensively must fix their mistakes as they may be needed to have a big game.  La Junta defense will need to play outstanding this week against a balanced offensive attack.  This should be a great game!

Playoff Contenders: La Junta, Lamar, Elizabeth, Classical Academy, Woodland Park

RPI: La Junta (9), Classical Academy (11), Elizabeth (13), Lamar (14), Woodland Park (16), Manitou Springs (31)

Western Slope League

A good opening week in the Western Slope now sees three teams atop the standing with Rifle, Basalt, and Delta all victorious in week 1.  This week inside the Western Slope we have: Delta at Rifle, Aspen at Moffat County, and Basalt at Coal Ridge.  Aspen at Moffat County is where we will start.  Aspen lost to Delta last week 27-14.  Aspen played tough but an early deficit was the difference in the game.  Aspen defensively had success stopping the run holding Delta to 80 yards.  The passing attack was the difference with Delta throwing for 202 yards.  Aspen will need the same intensity this week and must be able to stop the run.  Offensively Aspen had some success in the second half.  QB Tyler Ward had a solid day passing for 390 yards and 1 TD and he must have a big game again this week.  Aspen will be desperate for a league win.  Moffat County is coming off a tough 49-7 loss to Basalt.  Moffat County defensively had a rough day giving up 416 yards of total offense.  Moffat County will look to fix some of the mistakes as they face another high-powered offense this week.  Offensively Moffat County had success throwing the ball passing for 149 yards, but the rushing attack struggled racking up just 90 yards.  Moffat County will probably need a big day from their offense if they plan to bounce back.  The main event in the West Slope League and probably all of 2A is Delta traveling to face Rifle this is a top 5 matchup and possibly for a top 4 seed in the playoffs.  Rifle is coming off a 44-0 victory over Coal Ridge.  Rifle defensively have played outstanding giving up just 39 points on the season.  Rifle does lack a quality schedule with their best win over Pueblo County (2-3) (3A).  Rifle though has proved they are always a tough team.  Rifle held Coal Ridge to 98 yards of total offense.  Offensively look for Rifle to run the ball.  RB Levi Warfel and Kenny Tlaxccala must have big days for the run heavy offense.  Rifle defensively will face a balanced offensive attack.  Delta is coming off a 27-14 victory over Aspen.  Delta gave up their first points of the season to Aspen.  Delta also has not played the toughest schedule with their best win over Bennet (3-2).  Delta defensively did give up some big passing numbers to Aspen, but this week face a total different offense and must have success stopping the run.  Offensively Delta must continue to find balance and look for QB Nolan Bynum to have a big day.  This should be a good matchup between two of the top teams in the state.

Playoff Contenders: Delta, Rifle, Basalt, Aspen, Moffat county

RPI: Basalt (1), Moffat County (3), Rifle (6), Delta (7), Coal Ridge (25), Aspen (26)