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How to Qualify for Regionals and the State Tournament Class 2A


How to Qualify for Regionals and the State Tournament Class 2A

Class 2A

A regional tournament will be played in Class 2A.

Identical Format used for both Boys and Girls

  • The 8 District shall qualify a specified number of teams to the regional tournament as follows: 4 Teams-District 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8. 5 Teams-District 5, 3 Teams-District 3.
  • The District Champions shall be seeded 1-8 based on RPI and shall host the regional tournaments.
  • The remainder of the teams shall be seeded 9-32 by RPI avoiding first round district matchups.
  • RPI Seeds 25-32 may be moved to accommodate geography if it benefits the entire bracket.
  • The 8 regional winners shall advance to the state tournament.
  • After the Final 8 teams have been determined, the teams will be re-seeded based on the following: The 8 regional winners advance to the state tournament where they will be seeded by a committee, made up of administrative representatives. The committee may use the following criteria to seed the final pairings: Final RPI rankings, previous district matchups, head to head competition, and common opponents.