Class 2A Boys Basketball Breakdown

Boys Basketball Class 2A District Breakdown & Predictions

ranchland news Peyton vs Calhan
Picture by Ranchland News & Karen Mooty (Peyton vs Calhan)

Boys Basketball Class 2A District Breakdown & Predictions

Just 4 weeks until Districts and District races are starting to heat up.  In Class 2A you must finish in the Top 4 of your districts to make it to Regionals (5 for District 5 or 3 for District 3).  Class 2A also gives the league champion the right to host a regional.  I will continue to update this weekly or bi-weekly.

District 1

  1. Sanford
  2. Center
  3. Crested Butte
  4. Sargent

Most teams in District 1 have at least played 2 games.  District 1 can be confusing sometimes which games count towards league standings and which games don’t.  Sanford has jumped to the front of the league standing.  Sanford is 1-0 in league play with their win over South Park.  Sanford has played Crested Butte, Center, and Sargent but those games do not county towards league standings till they face them the second time.  Sanford will face Custer County and Del Norte this weekend.  Center is still my pick to second place.  Center is on a two-game losing streak losing to Sanford and Crested Butte, but Center will face both again later in February.  Center must quickly bounce back with games against Sierra Grande and South Park this weekend.  Crested Butte has moved into third place.  Crested Butte has picked up wins over Del Norte, South Park, and Center.  Crested Butte will have to face all three again plus Sargent two more times.  Crested Butte has surprised a few teams this year and we will see if they keep momentum up.  Sargent rounds out my top 4.  Sargent has not faced Crested Butte or South Park yet so they could move back up next week.  Sargent will face both this weekend.

District 2

  1. Yuma
  2. Wray
  3. Sedgwick County
  4. Wiggins

District 2 I think has 3 teams who are ahead of the pack with the remaining teams fighting for the final spot.  Yuma is my pick to win District 2.  Yuma has league wins over Wray, Akron, and Wiggins but must face Sedgwick County and Holyoke.  Yuma can nearly lock up the #1 seed when they face Sedgwick County and Holyoke this weekend.  Wray holds onto the #2 spot.  Wray has only face Holyoke and Wray in league and won’t face Sedgwick County and Wiggins till later in February.  Wray will face Haxtun this weekend.  Sedgwick County is my pick for 3rd.  Sedgwick County is off to a fantastic 11-0 start.  Sedgwick County still must face Yuma and Wray.  Sedgwick County face Perkins County NE and Merino this weekend.  Wiggins rounds out top 4 but they are being chased by Holyoke.  Wiggins won’t face Akron and Holyoke till 2/7 & 2/8.

District 3 (Only 3 teams make it to Regionals)

  1. Ignacio
  2. Mancos
  3. Telluride

Ignacio controls their own destiny.  Ignacio picked up the big 67-61 win over Mancos.  Ignacio followed up that win by beating Ridgway and Telluride.  Ignacio must face them all one more time but have set the tone for District 3.  Ignacio does not have a game this weekend.  Mancos slides into the #2 spot.  Mancos bounced back from the loss to Ignacio beating Ridgway and Dolores.  Mancos has not faced Telluride and won’t till 2/6.  Mancos also does not have a game this weekend.  Telluride rounds out the top 3.  Telluride picked up the 53-50 win over Ridgway.  Telluride must face all the teams one more time so they have not locked anything up.  Telluride faces Dove Creek this weekend.

District 4

  1. Denver Christian
  2. Limon
  3. Byers
  4. Burlington

District 4 is a mix on a bunch of leagues.  Denver Christian is my pick to win District 4.  Denver Christian is 10-2 and have the head to head win over Limon.  Denver Christian also has District wins over Clear Creek and Lyons.  Denver Christian will face Heritage Christian this weekend.  Limon holds the #2 spot.  Limon has bounced back well from their loss to Denver Christian winning 5 straight games.  Limon still must face Byers and Burlington and won’t face them till later in February.  Limon faces Merino this weekend and will be a solid test for Limon.  Byers sits in 3rd.  Byers is hitting a critical part in their schedule with a big game against Burlington this weekend.  Byers also must face Denver Christian and Limon in February but are on pace to at least lock up a top 4 seed.  Burlington moves into the #4 spot.  Burlington recently picked up the 48-42 OT win over Peyton and Burlington seems to be playing better basketball.  Burlington face Byers this weekend and will hope to move into the #3 spot.

District 5 (5 teams into regionals)

  1. Vail Christian
  2. Paonia
  3. Plateau Valley
  4. Meeker
  5. Vail Mountain

District 5 continues to have teams beat each other and the standings continue to change.  Vail Christian has been the only consistent team and are the favorite to win District 5.  Vail Christian is 4-0 in league play but have a tough remaining schedule.  Vail Christian will face West Grand and De Beque this weekend.  After Vail Christian things get very murky.  I am sticking with Paonia as the #2 team.  Paonia recently has picked up back to back losses to Meeker and De Beque but have wins over Plateau Valley and West Grand the week before.  Paonia does not have a game this weekend and have remaining league games against Soroco, Vail Christian, Rangely, and Hotchkiss.  Plateau Valley moves into the #3 spot. Plateau Valley picked up big wins over Vail Mountain, Rangely, and Hayden but face Meeker this weekend and could fall back in the standings with a loss.  Plateau Valley still has to face Meeker, West Grand, Soroco, and Hotchkiss.  Meeker moves into the #4 spot.  Meeker is playing improved basketball and big thanks to Cole Rogers who is having a great season.  Meeker still has some big games ahead and face Plateau Valley and Vail Mountain this weekend.  Vail Mountain rounds out the top 5.  Vail Mountain has league losses to Paonia and Plateau Valley which is why they fell.  Vail Mountain faces Hayden and Meeker this weekend.  Vail Mountain has 5 very tough games remaining in the season.

District 6

  1. Fowler
  2. Holly
  3. Crowley County
  4. Hoehne

4 teams have seemed to risen to the top of the standings.  Fowler is my pick to win District 6.  Fowler has league wins over Holly and Swallows Charter but still must face Hoehne, Rye, and Crowley County.  Fowler will face Hoehne this weekend and can take another big step to locking up the #1 seed for the district tournament.  Holly has nearly locked up the #2 seed.  Holly has wins over Crowley County and Hoehne but will face Crowley County for the second time this weekend.  If Holly wins, they will lock up the #2 seed.  Crowley County is my pick for third. Crowley County has some big remaining games.  Crowley County face Holly and Rye this weekend and will either move into the #2 spot or could possibly fall out of the top 4.  Crowley County still must face Fowler as well at the end of the season.  Hoehne has moved into the #4 spot.  Hoehne has taken over the #4 spot with wins over Rye and Swallows Charter but still have some big games remaining.  Hoehne will face Swallows Charter and Fowler this weekend.  Hoehne will also face Rye and Fowler for the second time later in February.

District 7

  1. Highland
  2. Dayspring Christian
  3. Dawson School
  4. Heritage Christian

District 7 has 5 teams fighting it out for 4 spots.  Highland has emerged as the favorite to win District 7.  Highland has picked up big wins over Union Colony Prep and Heritage Christian.  Highland does not have a game this weekend but have big games against Dayspring Christian, Dawson School, and Denver Christian remaining.  Dayspring Christian holds the #2 spot.  Dayspring Christian recently picked up the big 69-60 win over Dawson School.  Dayspring Christian still has the meat of their league schedule remaining and this weekend face Longmont Christian and Front Range Christian.  Dayspring Christian has a tough couple weeks ahead.  Dawson School moves into the #3 spot.  Dawson School picked up the impressive 82-71 win over Heritage Christian.  Dawson School has 6 games remaining of those 6 games 4 are big games with big implications on the District tournament.  Heritage Christian rounds out the top 4.  Heritage Christian will be looking to bounce back this weekend against Denver Christian.  Heritage Christian next big District game is against Union Colony Prep on 2/4.

District 8

  1. Dolores Huerta
  2. Peyton
  3. Thomas MacLaren
  4. Calhan

Some changes this week in District 8.  I have moved Dolores Huerta as my team to win District 8.  Dolores Huerta is playing good basketball right now and have a stretch of games against 3A and 4A teams coming.  Dolores Huerta moves back into District play on 2/6 against Thomas MacLaren and won’t face Peyton till 2/14.  Dolores Huerta has a tough remaining Schedule.  Peyton slides into the #2 spot.  Peyton has the edge for a top 2 spot with wins over Calhan and Thomas MacLaren but still have a few big games remaining.  Peyton does not have a game this weekend.  Peyton gets back into action against Swallows Charter and Simla next weekend.  Thomas MacLaren holds the #3 spot.  Thomas MacLaren picked up a big win over Calhan and control their own fate.  Thomas MacLaren face Simla this weekend and is a must win game.  Calhan rounds out the top 4.  Calhan still has some big games remaining and face Colorado Springs School this weekend.