Class 2A Girls Basketball Breakdowns

Girls Basketball Class 2A District Breakdown & Predictions Class 2A

Debbie Parra Dn vs Sargent
Picture by Debbie Parra (Del Norte vs Sargent)

Girls Basketball District Predictions Class 2A

Just 4 weekends remain before the District Tournaments.  In Class 2A you must finish in the Top 4 of your districts to make it to Regionals (5 for District 5 or 3 for District 3).  Class 2A also gives the league champion the right to host a regional.  This is my early season league predictions and I won’t post this again till after break.

District 1

  1. Del Norte
  2. Sanford
  3. Sargent
  4. Center

District 1 has gone as planned right now.  The only big surprise is Center playing tough against both Del Norte and Sanford.  Del Norte is still my pick to win District 1.  Del Norte cruised to wins last week blasting both Sargent and Custer County.  Del Norte will face a huge test this weekend against Sanford in Sanford.  Sanford holds the #2 spot.  Sanford beat Center and Sargent last week.  Sanford hosts Custer County and Del Norte this week and they will hope to upset Del Norte.  Sargent stays at #3 this week due to their head to head win over Center.  Sargent struggled this past week losing to both Sanford and Del Norte.  Sargent in both games had a quarter of play with 2 or less points scored that allowed the other team to pull away.  Sargent hosts South Park this weekend and will play Center for the second time and 2/6.  Center rounds out the top 4.  Center has back to back losses to Sanford and Del Norte as well but Center has played tough in both games.  Center hosts Sierra Grande and South Park this weekend.  Center will end the season with 4 very tough games.

District 2

  1. Holyoke
  2. Wray
  3. Yuma
  4. Sedgwick County

District 2 has been very competitive this year with Holyoke pulling ahead of the competition.  Holyoke bounced back from their first loss of the season with 3 straight wins and a big win over Wray.  Holyoke has a huge test this weekend against Yuma and a win will put them in the driver seat as the #1 seed in the District Tournament.  Wray holds the #2 spot after picking up their 3rd win of the season over Yuma.  Wray is on a two game losing streak but will look to bounce back against Haxtun this weekend.  Yuma comes in at #3.  Yuma has a critical 2 game stretch coming up.  Yuma plays Holyoke and Sedgwick County and could be in the mix for first or could be looking at the #4 seed.  We will see how much Yuma has grown this season this weekend.  Sedgwick County rounds out the top 4.  Sedgwick County played tough against Holyoke falling by 12 points but now Sedgwick County has two huge games this weekend against Merino and Yuma.  Sedgwick County could move into the 3rd seed with a win over Yuma.

District 3 (Only 3 teams make it to Regionals)

  1. Ignacio
  2. Telluride
  3. Ridgway

Ignacio is in control of District 3.  Ignacio has blow out wins over Ridgway, Telluride, and Dolores and now must stay focused when they play them the second time.  Ignacio will face Del Norte for the second time and Pagosa Springs which will be their toughest games remaining on the schedule.  Telluride comes in at #2.  Telluride beat Ridgway and Dolores and have the #2 seed on lock right now.  Telluride will face both again in February.  Ridgway rounds out the top 3.

District 4

  1. Limon
  2. Denver Christian
  3. Platte Canyon
  4. Byers

District 4 look like it will be a great race for the 4 spots.  Limon is my pick to win District 4.  Limon beat Denver Christian early in January and Limon is playing really good basketball including a top 10 win over Simla.  Limon faces Merino this weekend and Limon is a near lock for the #1 seed in the District tournament.  Denver Christian sits at #2.  Denver Christian has win over Front Range Christian, Clear Creek, and Gilpin County in January but still must face Byers to try and lock up the #2 seed.  Lotus School, Byers, and Platte Canyon are all emerging teams to fight for the #3 and #4 spots.  Lotus School and Platte Canyon will not face Byers or each other before the District Tournament and it is hard to compare two teams that are playing 3A schedules.  I am going to move Platte Canyon into the #3 spot right now.  Platte Canyon is playing well against 3A teams and is sitting in 4th in the Frontier 3A standings.  Byers rounds out my top 4.  Byers will host Burlington this weekend and is a must win for Byers.

District 5 (5 teams into regionals)

  1. Meeker
  2. Soroco
  3. Hotchkiss
  4. Plateau Valley
  5. Hayden

District 5 has been a battle so far.  Meeker continues to be the favorite to win the District.  Meeker will be hitting their toughest part of the District 5 schedule.  Meeker plays Plateau Valley this weekend but have games remaining against Rangely, Soroco, Hotchkiss, and Hayden all who sit in the top 6 in the District 5 standings.  Soroco moves into the #2 spot.  Soroco picked up big wins over Hayden and North Park.  Soroco will face Rangely this weekend and Hotchkiss next weekend and could be looking to lock up a top 3 seed.  Hotchkiss moves into the #3 spot.  Hotchkiss had a great week beating West Grand, Hayden, and Vail Christian.  Hotchkiss faces their biggest test when they travel to Rangely this weekend.  Hotchkiss schedule really heats up on 2/7 to the end of the season.  Plateau Valley moves into the #4 spot.  Plateau Valley did recently lose to Hayden by 14 but have impressive wins over Rangely and Paonia.  Platea Valley will host Meeker this weekend and will be looking for a huge upset.  Hayden rounds out the top 4.  Hayden picked up the big win over Plateau Valley to stay ahead of Rangely.  Hayden did lose to Rangely and I really think this District will come down to who gets hot.

District 6

  1. Rocky Ford
  2. Rye
  3. Swink
  4. Hoehne

Rocky Ford and Rye have emerged as the two front Runners in District 6.  Rocky Ford is still my pick to win District 6 but Rye is right on their tail.  Rocky Ford and Rye don’t meet until the final game of the season on 2/18.  This weekend Rocky Ford faces Las Animas and John mall.  Rye faces John Mall and Crowley County.  Swink holds down the #3 spot.  Swink has continued to grow this season and it showed by falling to Rocky Ford by just 8 points.  Swink has two tough games against Swallows Charter and Sangre De Cristo this weekend.  Swink has a very tough schedule upcoming.  Hoehne rounds out my top 4.  Hoehne picked up the 38-31 win over Holly to jump into the #4 spot.  Hoehne plays Swallows Charter and Fowler this weekend both are must wins.

District 7

  1. Heritage Christian
  2. Dawson School
  3. Gilpin County
  4. Union Colony Prep

Heritage Christian is in control of the #1 seed.  Heritage Christian picked up the 52-30 win over Dawson School and now have the direct path to the #1 seed in the District 7 tournament.  Heritage Christian still must face Union Colony Prep, Gilpin County, and Dayspring Christian but the path to the #1 seed is set.  Dawson School will be looking to rebound after the tough 22-point loss.  Dawson School faces Nederland this weekend but have big games against Lyons, Highland, and Union Colony Prep on the horizon.  Gilpin County comes in a #3.  Gilpin County picked up a big win over Union Colony Prep this past weekend.  Gilpin County still has to face Highland, Heritage Christian, and Dayspring Christian before locking up the #3 seed.  Union Colony Prep rounds out my top 4.

District 8

  1. Simla
  2. Colorado Springs School
  3. Peyton
  4. Calhan

Simla entered as the favorite in District 8 and have so far defended that.  Simla has league wins over Byers, Calhan, and Dolores Huerta but still must face Peyton and Colorado Springs School.  Simla faces Thomas MacLaren this weekend and Peyton next weekend.  Colorado Springs School slides into the #2 spot after beating Peyton 39-32.  CSS faces Calhan this weekend but won’t face Simla till the end of the season.  Peyton drops to #3 but could move back up when they face Simla on 2/7.  Peyton is in lock of a top 3 seed especially with their win over Calhan by 29.  Calhan rounds out the top 4.