Class 1A Boys Basketball Breakdown

Boys Basketball District Breakdown & Predictions Class 1A

Wildcat Pride Photography KC vs Holly
Picture by Wildcat Pride Photography (Kit Carson vs Holly)

Boys Basketball District Breakdown & Predictions Class 1A

With just 2 weekends left until District tournament we are in the final grind.  For Class 1A you must finish Top 3 (Top 2) to qualify for the Regional Tournament so putting yourself in the best position in the District tournament is key.  We look at each District Race and give are prediction on the District.  We will be using these District Predictions on my Playoff Projections.

District 1 (Only qualifies 2 teams)

  1. De Beque
  2. Ouray

District 1 gets only two teams into regionals.  De Beque is your Defending State Champions and are off to a fantastic 15-1 start.  De Beque will be the hands down favorite to win the District 1 tournament.  Ouray was the easy pick for second but after their loss to Dove Creek things could be interesting for the #2 spot.  I still think Ouray is the pick for second but which ever teams faces Ouray will give them a challenge.

District 2

  1. Kit Carson
  2. Cheyenne Wells
  3. Cheraw

District 2 gets 3 teams into regionals.  Kit Carson has locked up the #1 seed for the District tournament.  Kit Carson has one league game left and even with a loss have the head to head over the #2 team.  Kit Carson should nearly be a lock for the Regional Tournament.  The #2 seed is still up for grabs and with some of the recent results things should get very interesting for the final 2 spots.  Cheyenne Wells has the easiest path to the #2 seed.  If Cheyenne Wells beats Eads on 2/21, they lock up the #2 seed for the District Tournament.  Eads on the other hand still must face Cheraw on 2/14 and a loss would make things very interesting for the #2 seed.  Cheraw must beat Eads to try and force a three-way tie for the #2 seed.  Cheraw is on a bit of a slide and with 3 remaining games hopefully can have things corrected.

District 3

  1. Walsh
  2. Kim/Branson
  3. South Baca

District 3 gets 3 teams into Regionals.  Walsh and Kim/Branson are both undefeated in the District and face each other this weekend on 2/15.  The winner will be the #1 seed and the loser will be the #2 seed.  Walsh has played impressive lately with 3 wins over 16 points or more.  Kim/Branson has also played impressive along the way and have a tough schedule to end the year with games against Walsh, Crowley County, and Sangre De Cristo.  The #3 spot looks like it will go to South Baca.  South Baca has one league game remaining against Springfield and the win will lock up the #3 seed.  Springfield and Wiley will both be tough teams to face in the District tournament but seeding will be important.

District 4

  1. Merino
  2. Briggsdale
  3. Fleming

District 4 get 3 teams into Regionals.  District 4 has been one of the most competitive Districts this year with teams beating each other weekly.  7 teams are in the mix for just 3 spots and getting the final 3 teams looks to be extremely interesting.  Seeding will be critical for this District.  Currently Briggsdale and Merino look to be the #1 and #2 seeds.  They face each other on 2/20 and the result of that game could really shake up seeding in District 4.  Briggsdale has 3 games remaining and 2 of the 3 will be huge for the District Standings.  Briggsdale with wins over Merino and Prairie lock up the #1 seed but a loss to either and could see them drop to the #3 or #4 seed.  Merino still has to face Fleming and Briggsdale and the results there will affect the standings.  Merino with wins over both will lock up the #1 seed but losses will make things interesting.  Prairie keep their hopes of a top 3 seed alive with their win over Fleming and Peetz.  Prairie faces Fleming for the second time on 2/14 and Briggsdale on 2/21.  If Prairie can pick up wins, they could easily see themselves looking at a top 3 seed.  Fleming will be looking to bounce back quickly especially with their huge game against Prairie this weekend.  Fleming needs a win over Prairie to stay in the hunt for a top 3 seed.  Caliche looks to have the #5 seed all locked up.

District 5

  1. Stratton/Liberty
  2. Idalia
  3. Haxtun

District 5 qualifies 3 teams to regionals.  I am honestly not sure how they seed the District 5 tournament, but I believe it’s RPI but no 100% sure.  I have not idea also how this tournament will play out but seeding will be a huge factor.  I am sticking with Stratton/Liberty, Idalia, and Haxtun as my 3 teams.  If anyone knows how they are going to Seed the District 5 tournament let me know.

District 6 (Only 2 teams make it to Regionals)

  1. Sangre De Cristo
  2. Cotopaxi

District 6 gets just two teams into regionals this year.  Sangre De Cristo looks to be in the driver seat for the #1 seed.  Sangre De Cristo has key games against Sierra Grande and Manzanola this weekend and two wins lock up the #1 seed.  Sangre De Cristo has a pair non-league games against Salida and Kim/Branson that could improve their RPI.  The #2 seed is still up for grabs, but Primero has taken over with their 64-60 win over Cotopaxi.  Primero has league games against La Veta and Centennial and a win over La Veta should lock the #2 seed up.  Cotopaxi and Manzanola are fighting for the #3 seed and this is critical to avoid facing Sangre De Cristo in the Semifinals.  Cotopaxi and Manzanola meet up on 2/20 and the victor should be the #3 seed.  I am still going with Cotopaxi as the #2 team to get in but anything can happen.

District 7

  1. Evangelical Christian
  2. Genoa-Hugo
  3. Edison

District 7 gets three teams into regionals.  District 7 looks to be extremely competitive this season.  Edison, Pikes Peak Christian, Evangelical Christian, and Genoa-Hugo are all teams I am watching.  Some recent results have me leaning with ECA as favorite to win District 7.  ECA though won’t have it handed to them and I expect the District tournament to be very exciting.  Seeding and Matchups will be key in this district.  Genoa-Hugo picked up some big results recently and I have slide them into the #2 spot.  Edison and Pikes Peak Christian will look to battle for the #3 spot and should be a solid matchup.  I am leaning Edison this week.

District 8

  1. Denver Waldorf
  2. Mile High Academy
  3. Flatirons Academy

District 8 qualifies 3 team to regionals.  It has been two weeks since we updated are predictions and things have changed drastically in District 8.  Denver Waldorf is now my pick to win District 8 with Mile High Academy as my #2 team.  Flatirons Academy has fallen to the #3 spot and Denver Jewish Day is right on their tail.  The District tournament will be fun to watch and seeding and matchups will be key for certain teams.  I am expecting Denver Waldorf, Denver Jewish Day, Mile High Academy, and Flatirons Academy to all reach the semifinals but last year upsets happened and could happen again.