Class 1A Boys Basketball Breakdown

Boys Basketball Regional Predictions Class 1A


Boys Basketball Regional Predictions Class 1A

We kick off the Regional Tournament this weekend.  Win your Pod and you advance to the State Tournament.  I am giving you my Regional Predictions and a Quick Breakdown of each Region.  I will also give seed a State Tournament on my predictions.  I would love to see some of your Regional Predictions.  Predictions are always fun to do and would like to compare to everyone else.

Region 1 Pod 1-Hosted at Gunnison HS 3/7 @ 2:30pm

Sangre De Cristo vs Ouray

Winner: Sangre De Cristo

Sangre De Cristo was your winner out of District 6.  Sangre De Cristo cruised in the District tournament beating Primero in the District Championship 70-35.  Sangre De Cristo is now at full strength as well and will be interesting to see how they match up with Ouray.  Ouray nearly pulled the upset of De Beque in the District 1 Championship.  Ouray will be facing another top 5 team this week.  I am picking Sangre De Cristo over Ouray and should be a good game.  I expect a high scoring game.

Region 1 Pod 2-Hosted at Gunnison HS 3/7 @ 11:30am

De Beque vs Primero

Winner De Beque

De Beque won the District 1 tournament in exciting fashion hitting a 3 to give De Beque the lead.  De Beque is looking to defend their state and took the correct step winning the District tournament.  De Beque has the experience for another big run.  Primero won an exciting Semifinal game to advance to regionals beating Cotopaxi 59-56.  Primero will now face another top 5 team and will have to play their best game of the season to try and pull the upset.  I am picking De Beque over Primero to advance to the state tournament.

Region 2 Pod 1-Hosted at Englewood HS

#6 Longmont Christian vs #7 Haxtun-3/6 @ 2:00pm

Winner of #6 vs #7 plays #1 Mile High Academy 3/7 @6:30pm

Winner: Mile High Academy

Longmont Christian pulled a big upset in the District tournament beating Briggsdale 64-51 to punch their ticket to Regionals.  Longmont Christian did fall to Merino in the District Championship.  Longmont Christian will face a young but fast Haxtun team in the first round of Regionals.  Haxtun won the District 5 tournament over Stratton/Liberty go get to Regionals.  Haxtun will now look to pull back to back upsets to win this Region.  I am going Haxtun over Longmont Christian to play Mile High Academy.  Mile High Academy won the District 8 tournament over Denver Jewish Day.  Mile High Academy proved they will be a team to watch with back to back tough wins.  I am picking Mile High Academy over Haxtun to advance to State.

Region 2 Pod 2-Hosted at Englewood HS

#5 Merino vs #8 Stratton/Liberty-3/6 @5:00pm

Winner of #5 vs #8 plays #2 Denver Waldorf-3/7 @2:45pm

Winner: Merino

Merino comes into regionals as the winner of the District 4 tournament.  Merino beat Longmont Christian in the finals 47-32 and have proven that against 1A opponents they are a serious threat.  Merino will be looking to get to the state tournament again this year.  Stratton/Liberty finished second in the District 5 tournament falling to Haxtun by 7 points.  Stratton/Liberty will have their hands full against a solid Merino team.  Stratton/Liberty will be looking for their biggest win of the season.  I am picking Merino to beat Stratton/Liberty and advance to face Denver Waldorf.  Denver Waldorf finished third in the District 8 tournament.  Denver Waldorf lost to Denver Jewish Day but got to regionals beating Flatirons Academy 58-50.  Denver Waldorf will have a tough task in the Regional Finals.  I am picking Merino over Denver Waldorf to qualify for the State tournament.

Region 2 Pod 3-Hosted at Englewood HS

#4 Denver Jewish Day vs #9 Idalia-3/6 @ 12:30 pm

Winner of #4 vs #9 plays #3 Briggsdale-3/7 @ 8:15pm

Winner: Briggsdale

Denver Jewish Day finished second in the District 8 tournament falling to Mile High Academy 34-25.  Denver Jewish Day picked up the upset of Denver Waldorf in the Semifinals 54-45.  Denver Jewish Day will be the slight favorite to win this District looking at the past results this regular season.  Idalia finished 3rd in the District 5 tournament.  Idalia lost to Stratton/Liberty by 3 in the semifinals but punched their ticket to Regionals beating Flagler/Hi Plains 68-62.  Idalia will be looking for their biggest win of the season and hope to pull an upset.  I am picking Denver Jewish day to beat Idalia.  Briggsdale comes into regionals finishing 3rd in the District 4 tournament.  Briggsdale was upset by Longmont Christian in the semifinals 64-51.  Briggsdale will be looking to knock off the slight favorite in Denver Jewish Day.  Briggsdale will need some big performances from key players to get to state.  I am picking Briggsdale to beat Denver Jewish Day in the Regionals finals to advance to the State Tournament.

Region 3 Pod 1-Hosted at La Junta HS

#2 Pikes Peak Christian vs #3 South Baca-3/6 @6:30pm

Winner of #2 vs #3 plays #1 Kit Carson-3/7 @6:30pm

Winner: Kit Carson

Pikes Peak Christian finished second in the District 7 tournament fallings to ECA 61-37.  Pikes Peak Christian punched their ticket to regionals upsetting Genoa-Hugo 39-38 in the semifinals.  Pikes Peak Christian was the surprise team to get to regionals pulling the upset and will now look to shock the world again at Regionals.  South Baca enters regionals after finishing 3rd in the District 3 tournament.  South Baca lost to Kim/Branson 53-48 in the semifinals but locked up a berth to regionals beating Wiley 48-40.  South Baca will be the underdog once again and will need back to back upsets to get to the state tournament.  I am picking South Baca over Pikes Peak Christian to play Kit Carson.  Kit Carson won the District 2 tournament holding off Cheraw 45-42.  Kit Carson will be considered one of the favorites to win the State Title.  Kit Carson has the playoff experience to make another deep run.  I am picking Kit Carson over South Baca to advance to the State Tournament.

Region 3 Pod 2-Hosted by La Junta HS

#2 Cheraw vs #3 Genoa-Hugo-3/6 @3:30pm

Winner of #2 vs #3 plays #1 Walsh-3/7 @3:30pm

Winner: Walsh

Cheraw punched their ticket to regionals upsetting #2 seeded Cheyenne Wells 50-30.  Cheraw then pushed Kit Carson in the Championship falling 45-42.  Cheraw seems to be playing their best basketball of the season and will be interesting to see how they play at Regionals.  Genoa-Hugo reached regionals finishing 3rd in the District 7 tournament.  Genoa-Hugo beat Edison 47-44 in OT to advance to Regionals.  Genoa-Hugo will be looking to play the underdog role and will need back to back upsets to advance to the state tournament.  I am picking Cheraw over Genoa-Hugo.  Walsh won the District 3 tournament beating Kim/Branson 46-44.  Walsh has won 15 straight games but will have the target on their back at Regionals.  A possible rematch with Cheraw in the Regionals Finals could be very interesting.  Last year Cheraw and Walsh went to OT in the regional’s finals.  I am picking Walsh over Cheraw in another very exciting Regional Finals.

Region 3 Pod 3-Hosted by La Junta HS

#2 Kim/Branson vs #3 Granada-3/6 @12:30pm

Winner of #2 vs #3 plays #1 Evangelical Christian-3/7 @12:30pm

Winner: Kim/Branson

Kim/Branson punched their ticket to regionals beating South Baca 53-48 in the semifinals of the District 3 tournament.  Kim/Branson finished second in the District 3 tournament falling to Walsh 46-44.  Kim/Branson will now be the underdog once again and will need an upset to get to the State Tournament.  Kim/Branson must first get past a team playing their best basketball in Granada.  Granada had the biggest run in the District Tournament.  Granada had 2 upsets to get to Regionals.  Granada finished 3rd place in the District 2 tournament beating Cheyenne Wells 64-60.  Granada will have to pull back to back upsets to get to the State Tournament.  I am picking Kim/Branson over Granada to advance to play ECA.  Evangelical Christian enters Regionals as the District 7 champion.  ECA beat Pikes Peak Christian 61-37 to win the District tournament.  ECA is hoping for a return trip to State but will have a big target on their back and a tough region.  ECA vs Kim/Branson should be one of the best Regional games and I expect a very good regional final.  I am going with the upset and picking Kim/Branson over ECA to advance to the State Tournament.

State Tournament Projections

I am using my regional predictions to seed a state tournament.

#1 Kit Carson vs #8 Merino

#4 Kim/Branson vs #5 Sangre De Cristo

#2 Mile High Academy vs #7 Briggsdale

#3 Walsh vs #6 De Beque