Class 2A Girls Basketball Breakdowns

Girls Basketball Regional Predictions Class 2A


Girls Basketball Regional Predictions Class 2A

We kick off the Regional Tournament this weekend.  Win your Region and you advance to the State Tournament.  I am giving you my Regional Predictions and a Quick Breakdown of each Region.  I will also give seed a State Tournament on my predictions.  I would love to see some of your Regional Predictions.  Predictions are always fun to do and would like to compare to everyone else.

Region 1-Hosted by Holyoke HS

#1 Holyoke vs #32 Lotus School-3/6 6:00pm

#16 Denver Christian vs #17 Soroco-3/6 7:30pm

Winners play each other 3/7 @ 1:00pm

Holyoke enters the Region 1 tournament as the clear favorite to advance to the State Tournament.  The winner of Denver Christian and Soroco could challenge Holyoke but they will need their best game of the season to pull the upset.  Holyoke is one of the favorites to win the Class 2A Championship

Prediction: I am picking Holyoke over Lotus School and Denver Christian over Soroco.  I am then picking Holyoke over Denver Christian in the Regional Finals and advance to the State Tournament.

Region 1 Winner: Holyoke

Region 8-Hosted by Ignacio HS

#8 Ignacio vs #25 Sargent-3/6 @6:00pm

#9 Rocky Ford vs #24 West Grand-3/6 @ 7:30pm

Winners play each other 3/7 @2:00pm

Ignacio and Rocky Ford both will need to avoid overlooking their first-round opponents.  Ignacio and Rocky Ford know a game between them two will be a huge matchup and will be a battle.  Ignacio is playing their best basketball of the season and in the month of February beat Del Norte and Pagosa Springs and will look for another big win over Rocky Ford.  Rocky Ford has also been playing well but back to back losses to Rye have somewhat slowed their momentum.  Rocky Ford will have a tough task at playing on the road in Ignacio.

Prediction: I am picking Ignacio over Sargent and Rocky Ford over West Grand.  I am then picking Ignacio over Rocky Ford in probably the best Regional Final game.  I have Ignacio advancing to the State Tournament.

Winner: Ignacio

Region 5-Hosted by Rye HS

#5 Rye vs #28 Center-3/6 @6:00pm

#12 Dawson School vs #21 Yuma-3/6 @7:30pm

Winners play each other 3/7 @1:00pm

Some interesting matchup in this regional should make for a fun Region.  Rye will be tested by Center if Center plays their best basketball.  Dawson School vs Yuma is very intriguing and could be an upset.  Yuma has the tradition, but Dawson School has some solid momentum.  Rye will be the favorite to advance to the State Tournament, but I think Yuma or Dawson School can challenge Rye and this will be a very good Region.

Prediction: I am picking Rye over Center and Dawson School over Yuma.  I am then picking Rye over Dawson School in the Regional Finals and advance to the State Tournament.

Winner: Rye

Region4-Hosted by Heritage Christian

#4 Heritage Christian vs #29 Byers-3/6 @5:00pm

#13 Sanford vs #20 Hayden-3/6 @6:30pm

Winners play each other 3/7 @2:00pm

A very tough Region is ahead for all teams involved.  Heritage Christian and Sanford both should win their first-round games but both teams cannot overlook their first-round opponents.  Heritage Christian vs Sanford should be a fantastic game.  Heritage Christian must be ready for in your face defense and cannot panic.  Sanford must find a way to get scoring for their leaders.  Sanford proved last year they can pull an upset and watch out again this year.

Prediction: I am picking Heritage Christian over Byers and Sanford over Hayden.  I am then picking Sanford to upset Heritage Christian in a fantastic Regional Finals.  Sanford would advance to the State Tournament

Winner: Sanford

Region 2-Hosted by Limon HS

#2 Limon vs #31 Loveland Classical-3/6 @7:00pm

#15 Hotchkiss vs #18 Sedgwick County-3/6 @4:00pm

Winners play each other 3/7 @2:00pm

Limon will be the favorite to win this region.  Hotchkiss vs Sedgwick County may be one of the best games in the first round of regionals.  The winner will hope to give Limon their best shot and try and pull the upset.  Limon is one of the favorites to win the Class 2A State Title.

Prediction: I am picking Limon over Loveland Classical and Sedgwick County over Hotchkiss.  I am then picking Limon over Sedgwick County in the Regional Finals and advance to the state tournament.

Winner: Highland

Region 7-Hosted by Simla HS

#7 Simla vs #26 Gilpin County-3/6 @3:00pm

#10 Colorado Springs School vs #23 Holly-3/6 @4:30pm

Winners play each other 3/7 @1:00pm

Simla will be looking to avoid any let downs against Gilpin County and cannot overlook Gilpin County in the first round.  Colorado Springs School plays a tough opponent in Holly in the first round and like Simla cannot overlook this opponent.  Simla vs CSS in the Regional finals would be the 3rd time these teams meet with Simla winning the first two matchups.  It’s always hard to beat a team 3 times in 1 season and I expect a very good matchup in the Regional Finals if Simla and Colorado Springs School meet up.

Prediction: I am picking Simla over Gilpin County and Colorado Springs School over Holly.  I am then picking Simla over Colorado Springs School in the Regionals Finals and advance to the State Tournament.

Winner: Simla

Region 6-Hosted by Del Norte HS

#6 Del Norte vs #27 Mancos-3/6 @3:00pm

#11 Peyton vs #22 Swink-3/6 @4:30pm

Winners play each other 3/7 @1:00pm

Del Norte will be the heavy favorite against Mancos but cannot overlook Mancos.  Del Norte must avoid overlooking their first-round opponent.  Peyton vs Swink could be a top matchup in the 1st round and I will be interesting to see who advances.  If Del Norte and Peyton meet up this will be a great matchup between to solid scorers.  Region 6 finals will be a great game with the two winners.

Prediction: I am picking Del Norte over Mancos and Peyton over Swink.  I am then picking Del Norte over Peyton in the Regional finals to advance to the State Tournament.

Winner: Del Norte

Region 3-Hosted by Meeker HS

#3 Meeker vs #30 Telluride-3/6 @5:30pm

#14 Wray vs #19 Calhan-3/6 @7:00pm

Winners play each other 3/7 @2:00pm

Meeker should advance to the Regional Finals but avoiding any let downs against Telluride will be key.  Wray vs Calhan should be a great game and one of the best in the first round of regionals.  If Wray wins then the matchup between Wray and Meeker should be one of the best Regional Finals.  Two teams who have history of making the state tournament should make for an entertaining regional final.

Prediction: I am picking Meeker over Telluride and Wray over Calhan.  I am then picking Meeker over Wray in the regional finals and advance to the State Tournament.

Winner: Meeker

State Tournament Projections

I am using my regional predictions to seed a state tournament.

#1 Limon vs #8 Ignacio

#4 Meeker vs #5 Del Norte

#2 Holyoke vs #7 Sanford

#3 Rye vs #6 Simla

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