2A League Breakdown

Class 2A Football Week 3 League Predictions and Playoff Predictions

Picture by Danielle Bynum (Delta vs University)

Class 2A Football Week 3 League Predictions and Playoff Predictions

We move into the Class 2A Ranks and with that I am going to make a change to how I do my articles.  Instead of doing a breakdown of each league, I am going to start doing more of a prediction style article.  I will then give a look at what that means towards league standings.  Also, remember this is just my opinion on the games and the results of the games rest upon the kids.

Patriot East

5 teams within the Patriot League sit with at least 1 win and only 1 loss.  All 5 of these teams currently I think have a shot at the playoffs.  The two teams sitting at 0-2 will need an upset or two to really push for a playoff spot.  With no RPI numbers it makes things tough for playoff predictions.

Eaton over Fort Lupton

Eaton is coming off a tough 14-10 loss to Sterling.  Eaton will be looking to bounce back off that loss.  Eaton could not get into the endzone and lost the turnover battle 3 to 1.  Look for Eaton to quickly bounce back against Fort Lupton.  Fort Lupton is off to an 0-2.  Fort Lupton did not score against Brush and will try and figure out their offense heading into this week’s game.  Look for Eaton to make quick work of this game especially coming off a tough loss.

Valley over Weld Central

Valley picked up the big non-league win over D’Evelyn last week.  Valley held on late and had a huge game from RB Jeff Gore.  Valley will now turn their attention to Weld Central and look for Valley to try to capitalize off the momentum of the big win over D’Evelyn.  Weld Central is off to a 0-2 start.  Weld Central has struggled with offense scoring just 19 points in two games.  Weld Central has played a difficult schedule to start the season.  Valley will be another tough test and Weld Central will need their offense to get going.  I am going Valley over Weld Central.  Valley picked up the big win last week and look for their running attack to have a big game again this week.

Sterling over Platte Valley

The main event inside the Patriot East League.  Sterling last week picked up the massive 14 to 10 victory over Eaton and gave them a huge leg up in league race.  Sterling now faces Platte Valley which will be another difficult matchup.  Sterling can take control of the league race with a win over Platte Valley.  Sterling has relied heavily on their defense and they will be tested.  Platte Valley has kicked the season off at 2-0 and still face Eaton later in the season.  Platte Valley has scored over 30 points in both of their games, but the true test will be against Sterling lock down defense.  Platte Valley will probably need their defense to be top notch this week as well.  I am going Sterling over Platte Valley.  Defense wins championships and Sterling defense may be one of the best in the State.  Sterling is starting to get things going on offense, but their defense will have to carry in these big games.

League Standing Outcome

IF my predictions are correct that would move Sterling into 1st place and in the driver seat.  Sterling would still have to face Valley and the bottom two teams but this could give Sterling the league title if they beat Platte Valley.  If Platte Valley falls then Eaton and Platte Valley are tied for second at 2-1 and Valley would be sitting at 1-1 with Brush.  I do think 5 teams are still playoff hopefuls.

Playoff Contenders: Sterling, Platte Valley, Eaton, Brush, Valley

Patriot West

The Patriot West has been hit hard by game cancellations.  University still sits at 0-0 in the league standings and Berthoud and D’Evelyn have played just 1 league game.  Plenty still to sort out in the Patriot West League.  One Non-league game to note is Resurrection Christian at Englewood.

D’Evelyn over Arvada

D’Evelyn is off to a 0-2 start and both games against quality opponents.  Last week D’Evelyn fell to Valley 31-25.  QB Shane Bishop had a huge game but D’Evelyn lost the turnover battle 4 to 2.  D’Evelyn will look to get things sorted out this week against Arvada.  Arvada is also off to an 0-2 start.  Arvada has also played two quality opponents and have not scored a point yet.  Arvada will try and get the offense going but will probably need a huge offensive output to get this win.  I am going D’Evelyn over Arvada.  D’Evelyn offensively I think dominates this game and grabs their first win of the season.

University over Severance

University picked up their first loss of the season to Delta 31-21 in a game picked up last second.  University played tough against Delta and had plenty of things going right in the second half.  QB Greg Garza and RB Caden Measner had solid games and those two must step up this week against for University.  Severance is playing their first season of Varsity Football and off to a fantastic 2-0 start.  Severance has not played the toughest opponents and I think this is their first true test.  Severance will lean on their balanced offensive attack and we will learn a lot about this team.  I am going University over Severance.  University showed they can hang with a top team and look for the defense of University to step up in this game.

League Standing Outcome

IF my predictions are correct there is still a ton to be sorted out in the Patriot West.  Resurrection Christian, Berthoud, and University will all be sitting atop the standing if University wins.  If Severance falls then they move into a tie for second with D’Evelyn.  Tons still to be sorted out.  Resurrection Christian, Severance, Berthoud, University, and D’Evelyn are still in the mix.  D’Evelyn is in the worst shape with two losses and probably must win out to get in. 

Playoff Contenders: Resurrection Christian, Severance, Berthoud, D’Evelyn, University

Southwest League

The first week of league play in the books in the Southwest League.  Manitou Springs will have to play the rest of their games going forward or I think will not have enough games to quality for the playoffs.  La Junta played a non-league game against 3A Pueblo County and lost.  Pagosa Springs and Lamar sit atop the standings right now.  Alamosa will face Limon in a non-league game due to Manitou Springs not being able to play. 

Lamar over La Junta

Rivalry games are never easy to predict and especially when these two teams meet up.  Lamar is off to a 2-0 start and have started both games slow in the first half.  Lamar picked things up in the second half against Bayfield outscoring them 27-0.  Lamar will now be tested by a very tough defensive team and expect a big performance from QB Zane Rankin and the Lamar Defense.  La Junta is off to a 1-1 start.  La Junta fell in a non-league game to Pueblo County 45-7.  La Junta will look to fix the mistakes on defense after giving up 343 yards rushing and 164 yards passing.  La Junta will also need their offense to wake up.  I am going Lamar over La Junta.  Lamar I think has to many weapons and their defense has stepped up against quality opponents but remember this is a rivalry game and anything can happen in these games.

Pagosa Springs over Bayfield

Pagosa Springs has kicked 2020 off with a 2-0 start and blasted both opponents in those games.  Last week Pagosa beat Alamosa 46-6 and had a dominate rushing performance from Dylan Tressler and Grant Aucoin.  Pagosa Springs also brought it defensively giving up just 70 yards of total offense.  Bayfield is off to an 0-2 start, but quality opponents and tough performances should give Bayfield some confidence.  Bayfield hung tough with both Delta and Lamar in the first half but in the second half could not get things done.  Bayfield will have to bring the run defense this week.  This is also a rivalry game and expect the unexpected.  I am going with Pagosa Springs over Bayfield.  Pagosa Springs I think is the real deal on both sides of the ball and grab the win over Bayfield.

League Standings Outcome

IF my picks are correct it will put Lamar and Pagosa Springs in first place at 2-0 and on a collision course.  Bayfield would fall to 0-2 in league and 0-3 on the season and probably out of the playoff race.  La Junta would move to 1-2 overall and would probably have to upset Pagosa Springs to get into the playoffs.  Alamosa is playing a non-league game against Limon.  Alamosa could fall to 0-3 on the season and even though all three were losses to quality opponents I think Alamosa will be out of the playoff hunt with a loss to Limon.

Playoff Contenders: Pagosa Springs, Lamar, La Junta, Bayfield

West League

The West League has been hit the hardest by canceled games and just 1 league game has been played between Woodland Park and Elizabeth.  This week we have two league games scheduled and both should be very good. 

Moffat County over Elizabeth

Moffat County has played just 1 game this season and fell to Meeker 36-14.  Moffat County did return plenty of starters from last season and I think will work on fixing the mistakes from the Meeker game.  QB Ryan Peck must have a big game this week against Elizabeth and the run defense will also need a big game this week.  Elizabeth is off to a 0-2 start but have played quality opponents in both games.  Elizabeth has a do or die game this week against Moffat County.  A win keeps Elizabeth in the hunt for the playoffs.  Elizabeth will need their pass defense to be on point this week.  I am going Moffat County over Elizabeth.  This should be a good game and I think the experience for Moffat County help them win this game.

Delta over Woodland Park

The main event in the West League and it’s a good one.  Delta vs Woodland Park will probably decide the league title and this will be a good game.  Delta is off to an 2-0 start but neither win has come easy.  Delta beat University last week 31-21 and their defense stepped up big to prevent the comeback in the second half.  QB Nolan Bynum and RB Timothy Horn have led the charge for Delta and look for those two to have big games on offense.  Woodland Park picked up the impressive 34-0 victory over Elizabeth last week.  Woodland Park had big games from both QB and a huge performance from RB Braden Roskam.  This week Woodland Park faces a passing attack that is very good and will be tested.  I am going Delta over Woodland park.  I think defense will be a pivotal part of this game.  I also think Delta offensively is starting to get things figured out and I think they escape with the close win over Woodland Park

League Standings Outcome

IF my predictions are correct Delta would be sitting atop the league standings with Moffat County.  League Standings wise there is a ton to short out.  Playoff wise Englewood plays a huge non-league game against Resurrection Christian.  I think teams with two losses are still in play to make the playoffs.  Elizabeth may be the first to be eliminated if they loss to Moffat County.

Playoff Contenders: Delta, Woodland Park, Englewood, Moffat County

Playoff Predictions

I think all league champions will get into the playoffs:


Resurrection Christian



I do think the second-place teams from the Southwest, Patriot East, and West all get in as well.    So, that puts Pagosa Springs, Eaton (or Platte Valley), and Woodland Park into the playoffs.  That would put the last playoff spot up for grabs.  I think Platte Valley (3rd place Patriot East), University (2nd Place Patriot West), and Possibly La Junta (3rd place Southwest) into a battle.  I do think if University only loses to Resurrection Christian going forward gets in ahead of the 3rd place Patriot East team.

(These are not in order)

#1 Delta

#2 Resurrection Christian

#3 Lamar

#4 Sterling

#5 Pagosa Springs

#6 Eaton

#7 Woodland Park

#8 University