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Class 1A Football Week 3 League Predictions and Playoff Predictions

Picture by Wendll’s Coffee Shop located in Meeker (Meeker vs Gunnison)

Class 1A Football Week 3 League Predictions and Playoff Predictions

We move into the Class 1A Ranks and with that I am going to make a change to how I do my articles.  Instead of doing a breakdown of each league, I am going to start doing more of a prediction style article.  I will then give a look at what that means towards league standings.  Also, remember this is just my opinion on the games and the results of the games rest upon the kids.


Strasburg and Banning Lewis sit atop the league standing this week but only 1 will be there after this week.  Platte Canyon and Prospect Ridge also meet up and will be an important matchup going forward. 

Prospect Ridge over Platte Canyon

Prospect Ridge picked up there first loss of the season to Strasburg 60 to 0.  Prospect Ridge will now have to quickly bounce back and will be fighting for the playoff hopes to stay alive.  Prospect Ridge relies heavily upon the rushing attack and QB Dylan Meredith must lead the offense.  Platte Canyon sits at 0-2 on the season and must win out to have any shot at the playoffs.  Platte Canyon fell to Yuma last week 43-0.  Platte Canyon is a run heavy team and look for them to establish that early in this game.  I am going Prospect Ridge over Platte Canyon.  I think this will be a very good game, but I am going with Prospect Ridge in a close game.

Strasburg over Banning Lewis

Strasburg has cruised thru their first two games scoring over 40 points in each game.  Strasburg balanced offensive attack is led by QB Collin Russel and RB Trystan Graf.  Strasburg defensively has yet to surrender a point and will be tested this week.  Banning Lewis is off to a 2-0 start in their first varsity season but face their first true test this week.  Defensively this will be a tough challenge and must be able to hang with the speed of Strasburg.  Offensively they must take care of the ball and QB Kaden Levi must have a big game.  I am going Strasburg over Banning Lewis.  Strasburg has the experience and I think their defense will be to much for Banning Lewis in this game.

League Standing/Playoff Outlook

Platte Canyon and Pinnacle are the only two teams sitting at 0-2 in the Foothills league.  I think you can eliminate Pinnacle from the playoff chase and if Platte Canyon falls to Prospect Ridge, they will join that list.  Strasburg, Banning Lewis, Bennett, Jefferson, and Prospect Ridge all are still in the mix for a playoff spot.  Lots still to play out in the Foothills league.

Playoff Contenders: Strasburg, Bennett, Banning Lewis, Prospect Ridge

North Central

Only 1 team in the North Central has 2 losses and they are still in the mix for the playoffs.  Two non-league game to quickly touch on.  Limon makes the trip to Alamosa to face Alamosa and Wray will host 3A Niwot.  Both games should be good tests as both Limon and Wray are playing up this week.

Highland over Yuma

Highland is off to a 0-2 start but have played quality opponents in Holyoke and Limon.  Highland now is playing for their lives weekly and probably need to win out to have a shot at the playoffs.  Highland last week against Limon found some success passing the ball.  Highland will now look to balance things out offensively.  Defensively Highland must be able to stop the Yuma rushing attack to have any success.  Yuma is off to a 1-1 start and picked up their first win over the season blanking Platte Canyon 43-0.  Yuma relied heavily upon their rushing attack and RB Clay Robinson had a big game rushing for 170 yards.  Yuma has some big games ahead of them still so picking up the win over Highland will put them in prime position to have a shot at the playoffs.  I am going Highland over Yuma.  I think Highland has the offensive weapons to pull the upset and I think their rushing attack gets going this week.

Holyoke over Wiggins

Holyoke did not play a game last week but are hoping to build off the OT win over Highland from two weeks ago.  QB Miles Sprague and RB Carlos Legarreta must lead the offense for Holyoke.  Holyoke will be facing a defense who has shown they can be a tough out.  Defensively Holyoke will focus on stopping a very good dual threat QB.  Wiggins is coming off their first loss of the season to Wray 40 to 6.  Wiggins defensively had a rough game giving up 448 yards of total offense.  Wiggins must refocus for another very good QB this week.  Offensively Wiggins could not get this going and QB Cole Kerr will be needed to have a big game if Wiggins wants to pull the upset.  I am going Holyoke over Wiggins.  Both teams have proven they can hang with top teams.  I am picking Holyoke in a close game because I think their defense will adjust better to a more balanced attack.

League Standing/Playoff Outlook

The North Central League could get 3 teams into the playoffs but plenty of things will have to be sorted out in the meantime.  No teams have been eliminated from the playoff hunt yet.  I do think you have to play at least 4 games to have a shot to possibly Burlington could be eliminated from the playoffs but will need to check on this.  We could have 3 teams sitting atop the league standing after this week if Holyoke picks up the win over Wiggins.

Playoff Contenders: Limon, Wray, Holyoke, Highland, Yuma, Wiggins

Southern Peaks

Familiar names are top the Southern Peaks league in Monte Vista and Centauri but joining them is Ignacio who picked up the win over Center 27 to 18.  3 games this week inside the Southern Peaks League and 1 to really watch for.

Centauri over Del Norte

Centauri started league play with a 69-0 win over Dolores. Centauri offensively is led by RB Mason Claunch and he has 9 TDs on the year on just 11 carries.  Centauri has yet to be tested by a quality opponent and that won’t happen till they face the other 4 teams in league.  Del Norte was welcomed back to the SPL with a 48 to 0 loss to Monte Vista.  Del Norte struggled to get going offensively.  Defensively Monte Vista was able to score 40 points with 7 minutes to go in the 2nd Quarter.  Del Norte will learn from these tough games against Centauri and Monte Vista.  I am going Centauri over Del Norte.  Centauri cannot overlook Del Norte but look for them to make quick work of this game and focus on Ignacio next week.

Ignacio over Dolores

Ignacio moved to 1-0 on the season beating Center 27 to 18.  Ignacio nearly let Center come back but they were able to hold on to the win and now have a shot to compete with both Monte and Centauri for the league title.  Dolores picked up their second loss of the season falling to Centauri 69 to 0.  Dolores struggled to get anything going and allowed Centauri to start every drive on their side of the 50.  Dolores is still very young and building.  I am going Ignacio over Dolores.  I think Ignacio rushing attack will be to much for Dolores.  Ignacio will face Centauri next week.

Monte Vista over Center

The Big game inside the SPL is Monte Vista vs Center.  Monte Vista picked up their first win of the season blanking Del Norte 48 to 0.  Monte Vista balanced offensive attack has been the leading factor.  QB Colton Mellott and RB Cobi Garcia are leading the way for Monte Vista offensively.  Defensively Monte Vista will face a experienced QB and a tough rushing attack.  Center moved to 0-2 on the season and will now have to win out to have any shot at the playoffs.  Center was down 21 to 0 to start the 4th quarter but rallied to score 18 points and nearly come back and win.  Center will have to find a new offensive weapon and look for QB Habran DeLacruz to really step up for Center this week.  I am going Monte Vista over Center.  I think Monte Vista balanced offensive attack will prove difficult for Center to stop.  

League Standing/Playoff Outlook

Monte Vista, Centauri, and Ignacio if all are winners will be in the playoff hunt.  Centauri and Ignacio face each other next week and Monte Vista faces Dolores.  The final 2 weeks of the season should be good inside the SPL

Playoff Contenders: Centauri, Monte Vista, Ignacio


5 of the 6 teams inside the Tri-Peaks still are alive for the playoffs but look for that number to be trimmed to 3 after this week’s games.  One non-league game to mention is Rocky Ford hosting Bennett.  Rocky Ford is in a due or die situation and must pull the upset. 

C.S Christian over Rye

C.S Christian did not play a game last week due to Trinidad forfeiting to them.  C.S Christian hopefully is well rested for the tough stretch of games ahead of them.  C.S Christian offensively is led by QB Caleb Stockton and RB Joe Dunn.  Defensively this unit is extremely tough and will prove difficult for most teams.  Rye is coming off their first loss of the season to Peyton 43 to 0.  Rye is now in win only mode and I think a loss to C.S Christian end their playoff hopes.  Rye must have a big performance from their defense and look for Rye rushing attack to try and lead the way in this game.  I am going C.S Christian over Rye.  C.S Christian has to many weapon on offense and I think their defense is very underrated and one of the best in the state.

Florence over Peyton

Florence moved to 2-0 on the season picking up the 48 to 6 win over Rocky Ford.  Florence has yet to be tested in their first two games but face a true test this week.  Offensively Florence is a run heavy team and led by RB’s Owen Busetti and Jacob Kennedy.  Defensively Florence is always tough and the speed they show on defense makes things very difficult for teams.  Peyton is 2-0 on the season and beat Rye last week 43 to 0.  Peyton had a big day on defense holding Rye to just 72 yards of rushing.  Offensively Peyton is led by RB Brandon Hussey and the rushing attack.  Peyton this week will be tested by a very tough offense and a quick defense.  I am going with Florence over Peyton.  I think defense will be the difference in this game.  I also think the two headed rushing attack of Florence will prove difficult to stop.

League Standing/Playoff Outlook

I think after this week just 3 teams will be in the playoff hunt.  Florence, C.S Christian, and Peyton will all have their hopes alive.  I do think only 2 teams will get in from this league, so we have plenty of good games to look forward to.

Playoff Contenders: C.S Christian, Florence, Peyton

Western Slope

3 teams sit atop the league standing but after this week possibly only 2 teams will remain.  Meeker, Hotchkiss, and Cedaredge are all 2-0 on the season.  All teams still remain in the playoff hunt but I think we will have that list to only 4 after this week.

Olathe over Paonia

Olathe picked up their first loss of the season falling just short to Cedaredge 14 to 12.  Olathe will have to quickly bounce back against Paonia.  Olathe still have their playoff hopes but must beat Paonia before running into Hotchkiss and Meeker.  Paonia is off to a tough 0-2 start.  They must win out to have any shot at the playoffs.  Picking up the upset win over Olathe could be the confidence this team needs.  I am going Olathe over Paonia.  I think this will be a good game, but I think the Olathe rushing attack gives them the slight edge.

Cedaredge over Gunnison

Cedaredge moved to 2-0 on the season.  Cedaredge scored in the 3rd quarter to give them the 14 to 12 victory over Olathe.  Cedaredge offensively relies on QB Jacob Brown and RB Conner Brooks and both will be needed this week against an improve Gunnison team.  Defensively Cedaredge has proven tough giving up just 12 points so far this season.  Gunnison moved to 0-2 on the season after not playing for a few years.  Gunnison has played tough in both of their games against Quality opponents and now are looking to win out to keep their playoff hopes alive.  Gunnison offensively is led by QB Nico Marchitelli and if the has a big game Gunnison will look to pull of the upset.  Defensively Gunnison is looking to improve heading into this week’s game.  I am going Cedaredge over Gunnison.  I think the experience Cedaredge has is the difference in this game.

Meeker over Hotchkiss

The main event and possibly the best game in Class 1A is Hotchkiss hosting Meeker.  This should be a great game and good luck to both teams.  Meeker is off to a 2-0 start and picked up the 48 to 0 victory over Gunnison last week.  QB Ryan Phelan and RB Jeremy Woodward lead the way for Meeker offensively.  Defensively this unit has proven tough and will face a big challenge this week.  Hotchkiss is also off to an 2-0 start.  Hotchkiss has scored 50 in each of their first two games but have not faced a quality opponent yet this season.  Hotchkiss offensively is a run first team with RB Mordecai White leading the way and QB Yahir Chavez.  Defensively Hotchkiss will have to focus on stopping a balanced offensive attack and their secondary will be tested by this passing attack. I am going Meeker over Hotchkiss.  This was a tough pick.  I think the experience Meeker has will be the difference in this game.  Hotchkiss has improved a ton and will give Meeker all they can handle but look for QB Ryan Phelan to have a big game.

League Standing/Playoff Outlook

Meeker, Cedaredge, and Hotchkiss are all at 2-0 and should all remain in the playoff hunt unless Cedaredge was to be upset then I think we could almost cut the field down to 2.  Olathe is still in the hunt but with Meeker and Hotchkiss still on their schedule they would have to win out.

Playoff Contenders: Meeker, Cedaredge, Hotchkiss

Playoff Predictions

I think all league champions will get into the playoffs:




C.S Christian


The 5 league champions will take 5 of the 8 spots and leave just 3 spots open for the wildcard spot.  I do think the final 3 spots will go to second place teams possibly the 3rd place team from the North Central.  I think you have to give the North Central (Wray) and Tri-Peaks (Florence) 2 of the 3 spots.  That leaves one spot for either Bennett (Foothills), Hotchkiss (Western Slope), or Monte Vista (IML) a shot.  Bennett loss to Wiggins could go a long way to hurting their playoff shot. Hotchkiss non-league game against Dolores could hurt them as well if Dolores does not win a game.  Monte Vista would have 2 losses but their non-league game against C.S Christian who may win out or lose just 1 game could be huge.  I am still going Hotchkiss over Monte Vista for that final spot.

(These are not in order)

#1 Limon

#2 Strasburg

#3 Centauri

#4 C.S Christian

#5 Meeker

#6 Wray

#7 Florence

#8 Hotchkiss