8man League Breakdown

8-Man Football Week 3 League Predictions and Playoff Predictions

Picture by Vibrant Valley Photography (Sanford vs Sangre De Cristo)

8-Man Football Week 3 League Predictions and Playoff Predictions

We move into the 8-Man Ranks and with that I am going to make a change to how I do my articles.  Instead of doing a breakdown of each league, I am going to start doing more of a prediction style article.  I will then give a look at what that means towards league standings.  Also, remember this is just my opinion on the games and the results of the games rest upon the kids.

Arkansas Valley League

Week 1 in the books for the Ark Valley League.  Fowler and Crowley County sit atop the standings at 2-0 with Holly at 1-0 since they did not play last week.  3 league games this week and one of them is a big game. 

Wiley over McClave

Wiley moved to 0-2 on the season and now must win out to have any shot at the playoffs.  Wiley played tough against both opponents but offensively have yet to get things going.  Defensively Wiley held Merino to just 16 points, but Fowler was able to score 46.  Wiley will look to get things sorted out this week.  McClave is also 0-2 on the season and have given up over 55 points in both games.  McClave has played quality opponents in both games and will have a much better chance against Wiley.  McClave will look to gets things sorted out on defense.  I am going Wiley over McClave.  Wiley has shown they can hang with tops teams but need to get their offense sorted out.  I think Wiley does that this week.

Fowler over Springfield

Fowler moved to 2-0 on the season beating Wiley 46-6 on a short week.  Fowler will have a full week of preparation.  Offensively Fowler is led by RB Jackson Bates and QB Damian Romero.  Defensively Fowler has been tough giving up just 6 points in two games.  Fowler must be ready to stop the run this week to avoid the upset.  Springfield fell to 0-2 on the season falling to Gilpin County 44 to 20.  Springfield and Gilpin County decided last minute to play this game.  Springfield has relied heavily upon RB Hayden Lasley and he must have a big game.  QB Luke Hutches must also come ready to play if Springfield wants to pull the upset.  I am going Fowler over Springfield.  I think Fowler rushing attack will be to much for Springfield.

Crowley County over Holly

The main event in the Ark Valley League and should be a great game.  Crowley County moved to 2-0 on the season beating McClave last week 59-12.  Crowley County is playing its first season of 8-man Football.  QB Tach Brewer and RB Adam Schultz are the main offensive weapons for Crowley County.  Defensively this will be the first real test for Crowley County and interested to see how they handle a very explosive Holly offense.  Holly did not play last week due to covid concerns.  Holly in week 1 picked up a huge 48-44 win over Haxtun and now are looking to keep building off the momentum.  QB Dakota Eaton and RB Eli Ramos lead the offensive attack for Holly.  Defensively Holly will look to stop the run.  I am going Crowley County over Holly.  I think Crowley County rushing attack will be to much for Holly but this will be a good game and I could easily be wrong.

League Standing/Playoff Outlook

Fowler, Crowley County, and Holly are the only 3 teams that have a shot I think at the playoffs.  I think 3 non-league champions get in.  Wiley and Springfield would need a lot of help to get in but with Wiley and Springfield both losing to Plains league teams it would be very tough. 

Playoff Contenders: Fowler, Holly, Crowley County

Central League

Byers and Lyons take over as the early favorites to win the Central League.  Elbert also picked up an important non-league win over Dolores Huerta to move to 1-1.  This week we have two league games and a non-league game between Byers and Calhan which will go along way to determining playoff hopes.

Lyons over South Park

Lyons picked up their first win in the 8-Man ranks beating Denver Christian 52-8.  Lyons had a big day from QB Sean Stevelinck.  Defensively this was a big game for Lyons, and they showed that.  Lyons is one of the early favorites to win the Central but will look to avoid the upset.  South Park moved to 0-2 on the season.  South Park lost to Byers 54-0.  South Park is very young and are rebuilding.  South Park will have to bring it defensively to stop a very solid dual threat QB.  I am going Lyons over South Park.  I think offensively Lyons has to many weapons in this game.

Elbert over Denver Christian

Elbert picked up a very important non-league win over Dolores Huerta.  Elbert now moves into league play against Denver Christian and are hoping to keep pace with the league leaders.  Denver Christian moved to 0-2 this season.  Denver Christian struggled offensively to stop the run and will look to improve this week.  Offensively Denver Christian is looking for someone to step up and lead the show.  I am going Elbert over Denver Christian.  I think the experience for Elbert leads the way for them in this game.

League Standing/Playoff Outlook

The Central league could be in trouble in terms of Playoff hopes.  I think Byers will need to beat Calhan to have any shot at any of the Central teams of getting in.  I do think Byers, Elbert, and Lyons all are in the hunt but only 1 will get in if things fall right.

Playoff Contenders: Byers, Elbert, Lyons

Mountain League

3 teams sit atop the league standings, but I would say 5 are still in the hunt for the playoffs.  Sanford, Mancos, and Dove Creek were all successful in the first week of league play and lets see how things shake out in week 2. 

Dove Creek over Sangre De Cristo

Dove Creek picked up the huge win over Sargent 41 to 12.  Dove Creek had a big day running the ball racking up 366 yards rushing in the game.  QB Chorbin Cressler, RB Gauge Thompson, and RB Gage Bailey lead the offensive charge for Dove Creek.  Defensively Dove Creek has improved.  Sangre De Cristo is rebuilding the program right now and two tough opponents this year have them off to a 0-2 start.  Kevin Enriquez and Leighton Curtis lead the offense for Sangre and both will need to have big games to pull the upset.  I am going Dove Creek over Sangre De Cristo.  I think Dove Creek offensive attack will be to much for a young Sangre De Cristo team. 

Sanford over Norwood

Sanford moved to 2-0 on the season beating Sangre De Cristo 46 to 8.  Sanford has made quick work of both opponents so far but I think they face a tough test this week.  Sanford offensively is led by QB Josh Holman and RB Kelton Gartrell.  Defensively this team is not joke and have a lot of speed.  Norwood moved to 0-1 on the season falling to Mancos 52 to 12.  Norwood had plenty of positives on offense just were not able to capitalize on the opportunities.  QB Tyler Wytulka is the main catalyst of the Norwood offense and he will need to have another big game this week.  Defensively look for Norwood to try and shutdown the run against Sanford.  I am going with Sanford over Norwood.  Sanford defensively will key to shutdown Wytulka.  Sanford offensively I think has to many weapons and pulls away with a hard-fought win.

Mancos over Sargent

Mancos moved to 2-0 on the season following the 52 to 12 win over Norwood.  Offensively Mancos had a big day from QB Ayden Matthews and RB Chase Moore.  Look for these two to try and have big games this week.  Defensively Mancos did give up over 350 yards of offense but did not allow many scoring opportunities.  Sargent picked up their first loss of the season to Dove Creek 41 to 12.  Back-up QB Burke Temple made his first Varsity start and look for him to continue to improve as the season goes on.  Offensively Sargent will need to have breakout performances from RB’s Payton Brown and Blake Behil.  The defense for Sargent must be able to stop the run or it will be a long game for them.  I am going Mancos over Sargent.  I think the rushing attack for Mancos will be the difference in this game.

League Standing/Playoff Outlook

I do think the Mountain League will get two teams into the playoffs.  Sanford, Mancos, Dove Creek, and Sargent are all in the hunt for one of those spots.  Sargent with a loss to Mancos may hurt their chances in the condense playoff bracket. 

Playoff Contenders: Sanford, Mancos, Dove Creek, Sargent

Northwest League

The Northwest League has been hit with some Covid19 game cancelations and just 2 league games were played last week.  That changes this week with 3 games and some big games ahead.  Rangely, Gilpin County, and West Grand were all victorious last week. 

Hayden over Vail Christian

Hayden is 0-2 on the season but showed last week they can compete against top teams falling to West Grand 44 to 26.  Hayden defensively will have to be able to stop the run or could be a long day for them.  Offensively look for Hayden to take care of the ball and try and pull off the win.  Vail Christian did not play last week due to covid concerns.  Vail Christian did lose to Dove Creek in week 1 52 to 20.  Vail Christian will look to improve their defense heading into this week’s game.  This should be a good game and I am going Hayden over Vail Christian.

Soroco over Gilpin County

Soroco is off to a tough 0-2 start.  Soroco lost last week to Rangely 56 to 12 and look for them to improve this week.  Offensively Soroco must be able to run the ball and expect RB’s Tyler Wixom and Kody Logan to have breakout games this week.  Defensively Soroco must be able to stop the run.  Gilpin County is coming off the 44 to 20 win over Springfield last week.  Gilpin County gained so much needed momentum and now will look to get another win.  RB Stephen King had a huge day rushing for 295 yards and QB Blake Boulter had a solid day as well.  Defensively Gilpin County must be able to stop the rushing attack of Soroco.  I am going Soroco over Gilpin County.  This was not an easy decision, but I think Soroco gets things figured out and pulls out a close victory.

 West Grand over Rangely

West Grand played their first game of the season last week and winning 44 to 26.  West Grand had a solid offensive day rushing for 328 yards but had 2 turnovers in the process.  Offensively RB Rene Dominguez and QB Jakob Buller lead the way.  Defensively look for West Grand to work out the mistakes and bring it against a tough Rangely offense.  Rangely moved to 2-0 on the season after a 56 to 12 victory over Soroco.  Rangely had a big second half scoring 36 points.  RB Zane Varner and RB Anthony Lujan had solid days.  Defensively Rangely played a great game holding Soroco to 136 yards.  This week they face a more balanced attack.  I am going West Grand over Rangely.  I think West Grand balanced offensive attack is the difference in the game.

League Standing/Playoff Outlook

The winner of the West Grand vs Rangely game will be in control of their league and playoff fate.  I think the winner gets in.  Gilpin County and Vail Christian games also go along way to deciding who stays in the playoff hunt.  I think the playoff field will be nearly sorted out in the Northwest League.

Playoff Contenders: Rangely, West Grand, Gilpin County, Vail Christian

Plains League

A big surprise last week when Haxtun upset Dayspring Christian throws a big wrench into the plains league mix.  Sedgwick County, Merino, Haxtun, and Dayspring Christina are all still in the playoff hunt and this weeks game should be good.

Akron over Caliche

Akron is 0-2 on the season but have played two top 10 opponents to start the season.  Akron should be more competitive in this game and look for the rushing attack to get going for Akron.  Caliche is also off to an 0-2 start and have also played two top 10 opponents.  This should be a very competitive game between these two teams.  I am going Akron over Caliche.  Akron returned more players from last years team and the experience pays off for Akron this week.

Sedgwick County over Haxtun

Sedgwick County moved to 2-0 on the season and now move into their more difficult part of their schedule.  Sedgwick County offensively is led by QB Jared Ehmke and RB Kaleb Fowler.  Last week Sedgwick County put up over 400 yards of offense and look for them to have a big game this week.  Haxtun last week picked up their first win of the season upsetting Dayspring Christian 38 to 36.  This young Haxtun team is playing well.  QB Owen Knode, RB Michael Gerk, and RB Ozzy Coss lead the way for Haxtun and these three must bring their A game.  Defensively Haxtun will be dealing with a balanced offensive attack.  This will be a good measuring stick for this young team.  I am going Sedgwick County over Haxtun.  I think Sedgwick County has to much experience and their defense will be tough to play against.  Watch out for Haxtun though next year.

Merino over Dayspring Christian

Another big game in the Plains League.  Merino vs Dayspring Christian should be very good and could either complicate the playoff picture or clear it up.  Merino is coming off a 48 to 6 win over Caliche.  Merino offensively is led by RB Trent Elliott and RB Matt Frank lead the way.  Defensively Merino played well against Caliche holding them to just 38 yards rushing.  This week is a different monster on offense and Merino defense will have to play top notch.  Dayspring Christian is 1-1 on the season after falling to Haxtun 38 to 36.  Dayspring Christian had a solid performance offensively from QB Christian Still but will need another offensive weapon to step up this week.  Defensively Dayspring Christian had a hard time stopping the run.  Dayspring Christina must be able to stop the run this week or could be a long day.  I am going with Merino over Dayspring Christian.  I think Merino rushing attack will be the difference in the game.  Should be a great game.

League Standing/Playoff Outlook

Akron and Caliche, I think are out of the playoff hunt.  Sedgwick County, Merino, Haxtun, and Dayspring Christian are all in the hunt.  This week’s games will give us a picture of who is still in the hunt.  If Dayspring Christian drops to Merino, then Dayspring Christian could be eliminated from the playoff hunt.  Lots to still be figured out in the Plains League.

Playoff Contenders: Sedgwick County, Haxtun, Merino, Dayspring Christian

Southern League

A huge game inside the southern League has massive implications towards the Southern League title.  Also a big non-league game between Byers and Calhan that could boost the Southern League RPI. 

Swink over Dolores Huerta

Swink picked up their first loss of the season falling to Simla 26 to 12.  A slow start hurt Swink as they were down 20 to 0 going into halftime.  Swink did battle back but it may have been a bit to late.  Swink offensively is led by their rushing attack and they must get going right away.  Dolores Huerta picked up their first loss of the season to Elbert 16 to 6.  Dolores Huerta could not get their offense going but have played well on defense both weeks.  Dolores Huerta will need to be ready to stop the run.  I am going with Swink over Dolores Huerta.  I think Swink rushing attack will be to much for Dolores Huerta and Swink keeps their playoff hopes alive.

Pikes Peak Christian over Simla

Simla moved to 2-0 on the season following the 26 to 12 win over Swink.  Offensively Simla was clicking in the first half but only scored once in the second half.  Simla will need a complete game to beat Pikes Peak Christian.  Defensively Simla has played well in both games but this will be a true test of their defense.  Pikes Peak Christian moved to 2-0 on the season beating Calhan 40 to 28.  Offensively Pikes Peak Christian was able to run at will rushing for 327 yards.  QB Andrew Harris and RB Joey Yocum lead the way for Pikes Peak Christian.  Defensively Pikes Peak Christian played much tougher in the second half giving up just 6 points.  Pikes Peak Christian must be ready to stop the run again this week.  I am going Pikes Peak Christian over Simla.  Pikes Peak Christian offensively I think is able to run the ball and will be to much for Simla.

League Standing/Playoff Outlook

Pikes Peak Christian, Simla, Swink, and Calhan are all in the playoff hunt.  Calhan will have to win out to keep their hopes alive.  Simla and Swink still must face Pikes Peak Christian.  Pikes Peak Christian is the favorite right now to win their league but still lots to be sorted out.

Playoff Contenders: Pikes Peak Christian, Simla, Swink, Calhan

Playoff Predictions

I do not think all league champions get in.  I think the Central League is left on the outside due to their losses against the Southern League teams.  I do think the league champions of the other leagues do get in.



West Grand

Sedgwick County

Pikes Peak Christian

This will leave 3 spots available and you must look to the Mountain, Plains, and Ark Valley Leagues to take those spots.  Mancos, Merino, and Crowley County/Holly are the favorites to snag those spots.  Rangely and Simla will be hurt by their non-league games which is why I did not pick them.  The 3rd place teams from the Mountain, Plains, and Ark Valley will be in the mix still but I think results this week will go along way going forward.

(These are not in order)

#1 Sedgwick County

#2 Fowler

#3 Sanford

#4 Merino

#5 Mancos

#6 West Grand

#7 Pikes Peak Christian

#8 Crowley County/Holly