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Future Home Sites for Playoff Football Games on November 27-28

Future Home Sites for Playoff Football Games on November 27-28


How the home sites are determined.

  • For All Classes: The team with the fewest playoff home games will host. If equal, the higher seed will host.

Class 2A (Semifinals)

Potential MatchupTypeHome Team
Resurrection Christian vs Pagosa SpringsHigher SeedResurrection Christian
Resurrection Christian vs EatonHome GamesEaton
Moffat County vs Pagosa SpringsHome GamesMoffat County
Moffat County vs EatonHigher SeedEaton
Sterling vs Platte ValleyHigher SeedSterling
Sterling vs DeltaHome GamesDelta
Lamar vs Platte ValleyHome GamesLamar
Lamar vs DeltaHigher SeedDelta

Class 1A (Semifinals)

Potential MatchupTypeHome Team
Limon vs WrayHigher SeedLimon
Limon vs HotchkissHome GamesHotchkiss
Holyoke vs WrayHome GamesHolyoke
Holyoke vs HotchkissHigher SeedHotchkiss
Strasburg vs FlorenceHigher SeedStrasburg
Strasburg vs CentauriHome GamesCentauri
Meeker vs FlorenceHome GamesMeeker
Meeker vs CentauriHigher SeedCentauri

8-Man (Semifinals)

Potential MatchupTypeHome Team
Sedgwick County vs Dove CreekHigher SeedSedgwick County
Sedgwick County vs RangelyHome GamesRangely
Crowley County vs Dove CreekHome GamesCrowley County
Crowley County vs RangelyHigher SeedRangely
Sanford vs FowlerHigher SeedSanford
Sanford vs MerinoHome GamesMerino
Mancos vs FowlerHome GamesMancos
Mancos vs MerinoHigher SeedMerino

6-Man (Semifinals)

Potential MatchupTypeHome Team
Fleming vs GranadaHigher SeedFleming
Fleming vs EadsHome GamesEads
Kit Carson vs GranadaHome GamesKit Carson
Kit Carson vs EadsHigher SeedEads
Stratton/Liberty vs Cheyenne WellsHigher SeedStratton/Liberty
Stratton/Liberty vs PrairieHome GamesPrairie
Briggsdale vs Cheyenne WellsHome GamesBriggsdale
Briggsdale vs PrairieHigher SeedPrairie