6man League Breakdown

6-Man Playoff Breakdown and Playoff Predictions

Picture by Wilson Photography (Cheyenne Wells vs Eads)

6-Man Playoff Breakdown and Playoff Predictions

We look at the Quarterfinals Match ups in the 6-Man.  I have decided to combine my Breakdown Article with My Prediction Article.  Should have the league awards out today for 6-Man.

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6-man State Playoff Predictions

#1 Fleming vs #8 Kit Carson 11/21 @1pm


Defensive Stats

Points Against: 83,3rd Best in 6-Man

Top Tacklers: Chris Goss (59), Brady Kuntz (49), Kade Comstock (42)

TFL Leader: Brady Kuntz (10)

Sack Leader: Brady Kuntz (6)

Interception Leaders: Kade Comstock (2)

Offensive Stats

Points For: 259, 5th best in 6-Man

Passing Leader: Kade Comstock, 369 yards passing and 6 TDs

Rushing Leaders: Nolan Japp (318 yards and 5 TDs) and Charles Hobbs (273 yards and 6 TDs)

Receiving Leader: Brady Kuntz, 132 yards receiving and 3 TDs

Kit Carson (No Stats)

Defensive Stats

Points Against: 118, 7th Best in 6-Man

Offensive Stats

Points For: 154, 20th Best in 6-Man

#4 Granada vs #5 Eads 11/21 @1pm


Defensive Stats

Points Against: 182, 16th Best in 6-Man

Top Tacklers: Bailey Hernandez (42), Lupe Martinez (41), John Hainer (40)

Sack Leader: Bailey Hernandez (3)

Interception Leader: Dominic Coleman (3)

Offensive Stats

Points For: 376, Best in 6-Man

Passing Leader: Dominic Coleman, 1137 yards passing and 25 TDs

Rushing Leaders: John Hainer (579 yards and 8 TDs) and Dominic Coleman (518 yards and 9 TDs)

Receiving Leaders: Ivan Yanez, 371 yards and 9 TDs


Defensive Stats

Points Against: 164, 12th Best in 6-Man

Top Tacklers: Porter Spady (42), Ty Wilson (34), Damian Barnes (20)

TFL Leader: Porter Spady (5)

Sack Leader: Damien Barnes (3)

Interception Leader: Brandon Lening (1)

Offensive Stats

Points For: 236, 7th Best in 6-Man

Passing Leader: Damien Barnes, 257 yards passing and 1 TD

Rushing Leaders: Damien Barnes (801 yards and 16 TDs) and Porter Spady (407 yards and 6 TDs)

Receiving Leader: Porter Spady, 188 yards and 1 TD

#2 Stratton/Liberty vs #7 Briggsdale 11/21 @1pm


Defensive Stats

Points Against: 46, Best in 6-Man

Top Tacklers: Riggin Wiliams (19), Logan Breyer (19), Tyler Hase (15)

Sack Leader: Cyler Notter (2)

Interception Leader: Alex Cruz (1)

Offensive Stats

Points For: 194, 15th Best in 6-Man

Passing Leader: Charlie Tagtmeyer, 116 yards passing and 4 TDs

Rushing Leaders: Alex Cruz (357 yards and 5 TDs) and Charlie Clapper (255 yards and 4 TDs)

Receiving Leader: Alex Cruz, 37 yards receiving and 1 TD


Defensive Stats

Points Against: 98, 5th Best in 6-Man

Top Tacklers: Tanner Fiscus (40), Layne Brown (36), Shane Donoho (35)

TFL Leader: Tanner Fiscus (6)

Sack Leader: Aidan Malovich (1)

Interception Isiah Nava (3)

Offensive Stats

Points For: 206, 13th Best in 6-Man

Passing Leader: Braden Krise, 618 yards rushing and 11 TDs

Rushing Leaders: Malik Carlson (464 yards rushing and 10 TDs) and Braden Krise (138 yards rushing and 2 TDs)

Receiving Leader: Malik Carlson, 187 yards receiving and 4 TDs

#3 Cheyenne Wells vs #6 Prairie 11/20 @1pm

Cheyenne Wells

Defensive Stats

Points Against: 87, 4th Best in 6-Man

Top Tacklers: Evan Worley (49), Ty Scheler (44), Dillon Ball (41)

Sack Leader: Dillon Ball (8)

Interception Leader: Rogelio Rangel (1)

Offensive Stats

Points For: 279, 4th Best in 6-Man

Passing Leader: Preston Hernandez, 355 yards passing and 7 TDs

Rushing Leaders: Evan Worley (667 yards rushing and 12 TDs) and Rogelio Rangel (198 yards rushing and 6 TDs)

Receiving Leader: Dillon Ball, 259 yards receiving and 4 TDs


Defensive Stats

Points Against: 161, 11th Best in 6-Man

Top Tacklers: Parker Jaeger (57), Andy Long (49), Claytin Hove (46)

TFL Leader: Parker Jaeger (13)

Sack Leader: Erik Lebsock (2)

Interception Leader: Claytin Hove (6)

Offensive Stats

Points For: 296, 3rd Best in 6-Man

Passing Leader: Andy Long, 1069 yards passing and 19 TDs

Rushing Leader: Arek Wulf (504 yards rushing and 7 TDs) and Claytin Hove (477 yards rushing and 9 TDs)

Receiving Leader: David Speicher, 526 yards receiving and 12 TDs

Playoff Predictions

Round by Round

#1 Fleming over #8 Kit Carson (by 28)

#4 Granada over #5 Eads (by 10)

#2 Stratton/Liberty over #7 Briggsdale (by 21)

#3 Cheyenne Wells over #6 Prairie (by 7) (Best game in 6-Man)

6-Man Complete Playoff Predictions