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Wrestling update by Carlos Valencia

Well readers, wrestling season is upon us. What a crazy year its gonna be. As you probably know, the season is going to be a little different this year due to Covid-19. Tournaments will not be happening this year, due to restrictions. Duals, quads and triangulars will be the only thing happening. So schools will have one of those twice a week. Some schools will be combining this year due to small numbers, but most of the teams will be competing with full teams. With saying this, Ive got some work to do to figure out what teams are producing the numbers and what teams are wrestling with a squad. Trackwrestling will be my best friend this year.

Well readers, I’m excited that wrestling season is here and ready to provide you with all the information I possibly can.

I want to wish the all the Coaches and the Wrestlers good luck this year and be safe out there.
Carlos V.