Class 1A Girls Basketball Breakdowns

Class 1A Girls Basketball League Predictions

Picture by Ranchland News (Simla vs Hanover)

Class 1A Girls Basketball League Predictions

It has been a few weeks since my initial Class 1A league predictions and figured it was a good time to update and give a look at what I think may happen in terms of the league battles.  Remember the league champions automatically qualify for the Class 1A State Tournament.  13 possible automatic berths could be given out, but a lot of leagues are mixed with 1A and 2A and we will dive into that much more in this article.  The rest of the State Playoff Bracket will be selected with the CHSAA Seeding Index (RPI, Coaches Poll, Maxpreps Poll, and Packard Poll)

Class 1A Arkansas Valley League

#1 South Baca

#2 Kim/Branson

#3 Wiley

#4 Springfield

A total of 4 schools makes up the 1A Ark Valley league.  No league games have been played yet.  The Ark Valley league is off to a great start with all 4 teams sitting above .500.  This will probably be one of the better league races to watch.  I am not sure if all 4 teams could make it into the playoffs but you could easily see 3 teams make the playoffs.  South Baca is my pick to win the Ark Valley League.  South Baca is 2-1 on the season and have not lost to a Colorado team.  2/12 is a huge game against Springfield and next week they have another huge game against Kim/Branson.  Kim/Branson is my pick for second place.  Kim/Branson is 5-0 on the season and have won all games by 10+ points.  Their toughest matchup takes place Friday against Cotopaxi before moving back into league play next week.  Wiley is my pick for 3rd place.  Wiley is 3-3 on the season with quality loses to Kit Carson and McClave.  Wiley does have quality wins over Holly, Genoa-Hugo, and Eads.  Wiley has a huge game against Kim/Branson next Tuesday.  Springfield is my pick for 4th place.  Springfield is 3-0 on the season but do not have a quality win yet on the season.  Springfield plays South Baca on Friday which will be their toughest test of the season.

Class 1A Black Forrest League

#1 Simla

#2 Elbert

#3 Kiowa

#4 Miami-Yoder

#5 Pikes Peak Christian

#6 Evangelical Christian

#7 Hanover

A total of 7 schools makes up the Black Forrest league.  Edison would have been #8 but are not playing this season.  The Black Forrest league looks to be in pretty good shape with 4 teams sitting above .500.  It does look to be 4 teams race for the league title and possibly the Black Forrest league could get 3 teams into the playoffs.  Simla is my pick to win the Black Forrest League.  Simla is 4-1 on the season with their lone loss to #2 Kit Carson.  Simla is still missing a quality win but face Genoa-Hugo next Tuesday.  Elbert is my pick for second place.  Elbert is 4-1 on the season and recently split with Kiowa.  Elbert should have the tie breaker over Kiowa, but still big games remain for Elbert.  Kiowa is my pick for 3rd place.  Kiowa recently picked up the OT win over Elbert splitting the season series.  Kiowa plays Simla next week and will be a huge game to try and jump into the top spot in league.  Miami-Yoder is my pick for 4th place.  Miami-Yoder is 4-2 on the season with league losses to Simla and Kiowa.  Miami-Yoder did beat Pikes Peak Christian on Tuesday and have big game against Elbert on Friday.  Pikes Peak Christian is my pick for 5th place.  PPC has a huge game against ECA Friday and the winner should be a in good shape to finish top 5 in league.  ECA and Hanover are my pick to round out the league. 

Class 1A Fishers Peak League

#1 La Veta

#2 Manzanola

#3 Primero

3 teams make up the Fishers Peak League and my guess is only the league champion gets into the playoffs.  Currently just 1 teams has a win and the league title race should be sorted out pretty early on.  La Veta is my pick to win the Fishers Peak League.  La Veta faces Primero on Friday but won’t face Manzanola till March.  La Veta and the rest of the league must try and improve their RPI numbers to get a better seed in the state tournament.  Manzanola is my pick for second place.  Manzanola beat Primero on Tuesday but as mentioned won’t face La Veta till March.  That game should be for the automatic berth.  Primero is my pick to finish 3rd in the Fisher Peak League.  Primero has struggled but hope to pull an upset on Friday.

Class 1A High Plains League

#1 Kit Carson

#2 McClave

#3 Eads

#4 Cheraw

#5 Cheyenne Wells

#6 Granada

Probably one of the tougher leagues in Class 1A.  4 of the 6 teams sit above .500 and 3 teams have just 1 loss.  My guess is the top 3 all get into the playoffs possibly a 4th in the mix.  Kit Carson is my pick to win the High Plains League and are a state title contender.  Kit Carson has quality win over Wiley, Limon, Cheraw, and Simla.  Kit Carson has a big non-league game against Fleming and could be for a top 5 seed in the State Tournament.  McClave is my pick for second place.  McClave reached the state tournament last year and I think are poised to do the same.  McClave is 3-1 on the season and their lone loss is to Rocky Ford (2A) in OT.  McClave also has a quality win over Wiley.  McClave hosts Eads in a huge league game to help determine the top 3 in league.  Eads is my pick for 3rd place.  Eads is 4-1 on the season with their lone loss to Wiley.  Eads best win is over Hi-Plains and Eads face their toughest game of the season when they travel to McClave on Friday.  Cheraw is my pick for 4th place.  Cheraw is 2-2 on the season with a league loss to Kit Carson.  Cheraw is looking for their first league win when they host Cheyenne Wells on Friday.  Cheraw next big games comes 2/16 when they host Springfield in a non-league game.  Granada and Cheyenne Wells round out the bottom of the High Plains League.

1A/2A Lower Platte

1A teams: Haxtun, Merino, Caliche

The Lower Platte League is a 2A/1A mixed league with only the true champion getting an automatic berth.  I do not think a 1A team will win this league.  Merino, Haxtun, and Caliche are the 1A teams.  Merino and Haxtun in my opinion will have a really good shot at making it into the at-large field.  Both teams RPI should be high by the end of the season.  I think if these two 1A teams can win against the bottom of the league and dominate against 1A opponents they should get in.  I won’t give my league predictions until my 2A Article.

3A/2A/1A Mile High League

1A teams: Longmont Christian

Only one 1A team plays in the Mile High League and that is Longmont Christian.  I do not think Longmont Christian will win the Mile High League.  I do think though if Longmont Christian can finish in the top 3, they will put their name in the hat for a playoff spot.  Will have to watch and see how things go.  Will give my full prediction in the 2A Article.

Class 1A North Central League

#1 Briggsdale

#2 Fleming

#3 Prairie

#4 Weldon Valley

#5 Peetz

Traditionally a very tough league but looks to be a two-horse race for the league title.  I also think just 2 teams get into the playoffs from the North Central league right now.  We will have to wait and see how things go moving forward.  Briggsdale is my pick to win the North Central league.  Briggsdale has quality wins over Haxtun and Lone Star and are 5-0 on the season.  Briggsdale has a tough game tonight against Wiggins but their next huge test comes against Flatirons Academy on 2/20.  Briggsdale and Fleming do not meet till 2/22.  Fleming is my pick for second place.  Fleming is 2-2 on the season with losses to Haxtun and Merino both quality opponents.  Fleming has a quality win over Genoa-Hugo.  Fleming face Kit Carson on Saturday and is a big test for Fleming.  Prairie is my pick for 3rd place.  Prairie is 1-4 on the season with their lone win over Weldon Valley.  Prairie has a big RPI game against Lone Star on Saturday and a tough schedule next week.  Weldon Valley is my pick for 4th place with Peetz as my pick for 5th place.  These two teams meet each other tonight with the winner giving themselves a shot at a top 4 finish.

1A/2A San Juan Basin

1A Teams: Dove Creek, Nucla, Ouray

Dove Creek has a real shot at winning the San Juan Basin and should finish top 3 in the San Juan Basin.  Nucla is also 3-1 to start the season and have their name in the hat for a top 4 finish.  I do think the league title goes down to Ignacio and Dove Creek.  I do think Dove Creek and Nucla have a shot at reached the state tournament but will have to be a top 4 finish in the league.  I will give my predictions in the 2A article.

 Class 1A Southern Peaks League

#1 Sangre De Cristo

#2 Sierra Grande

#3 Antonito

#4 Centennial

#5 Moffat

#6 Creede

The Southern Peaks league looks to be a 2-horse race and probably only 2 teams getting into the state playoffs.  Sangre De Cristo and Sierra Grande seem to be the favorites early on.  Sangre De Cristo is my pick to win the Southern Peaks League.  Sangre De Cristo is 3-1 on the season and their lone loss is to Sanford by 11.  Sangre De Cristo will face Antonito on Friday in a big-league game.  Sangre De Cristo has some tough games on the horizon.  Sierra Grande is my pick for 2nd place.  Sierra Grande is 3-1 o on the season with their lone loss to Center.  Sierra Grande picked up an important 52-39 win over Antonito and face Centennial on Friday in another big game.  Sierra Grande does not face Sangre De Cristo till 2/26.  Antonito is my pick for 3rd place.  Antonito is 2-1 on the season and have a big head to head win over Centennial 41-40.  Antonito face Sangre De Cristo on Friday.  Antonito also face Moffat on Saturday.  Centennial is my pick for 4th place.  Centennial is 2-2 on the season with league losses to Antonito and Sangre De Cristo.  Centennial will look to pull an upset on Friday against Sierra Grande.  Moffat is my pick for 5th place.  Moffat is 2-1 on the season.  Moffat face Antonito on Saturday as they look for their first league game win.  Creede rounds out the Southern Peaks League.

1A/2A Union Pacific League

1A Teams: Genoa-Hugo, Deer Trail, Flagler

I do not think a 1A team will win the Union Pacific league.  I will also give my full prediction on the 2A Prediction tomorrow.  I do think a 2A team wins the Union Pacific.  Genoa-Hugo looks to be the 1A team with the best shot at the playoffs in the league.  Genoa-Hugo is 0-4 but they have played a brutal schedule but should start to turn things around this weekend.  Flagler is 2-4 and if they can start picking up wins maybe put their name in the hat.

1A/2A West Central League

#1 Cotopaxi

#2 Custer County

#3 South Park

#4 Cripple Creek

The West Central league I believe comes down to 2 teams Cotopaxi vs Custer County.  The winner gets into the playoffs.  Cotopaxi, I think can get in as an at-large team but will need to win key games along the way.  Cotopaxi is my pick to win the West Central League.  Custer County I think only gets into the 2A playoffs with the automatic berth due to the 2-3 start.  Custer County has played tough in all their games just have not been able to close them out.

Class 1A YWKC League

#1 Lone Star

#2 Stratton/Liberty

#3 Arickaree/Woodlin

#4 Idalia

#5 Hi-Plains

#6 Otis

The YWKC league is a 6 team league.  So far 2 teams sit about .500 with the rest under .500.  The YWKC league might get just 1 maybe 2 teams into the playoffs but of course we will have to watch the numbers and see what they do. Lone Star is my pick to win the YWKC League.  Lone Star has played a tough schedule so far with quality losses to Flatirons Academy and Briggsdale.  Lone Star does have league wins over Idalia and Otis.  A big game to circle for Lone Star is a game against Haxtun on 2/15.  Stratton/Liberty is my pick for 2nd place.  Stratton/Liberty is 2-3 on the season and play a huge league game against Idalia tonight.  Arickaree/Woodlin is my pick for 3rd place.  Arickaree/Woodlin is 2-1 on the season with a league win over Otis.  Arickaree/Woodlin face Idalia on Saturday and then Otis on Monday and we will know if they still are in position for a top 3 finish by then.  Idalia is 1-4 on the season with their lone league loss to Lone Star.  Idalia face Stratton/Liberty tonight and this game will go along way to help determine the league order.  Idalia also face Arickaree/Woodlin on Saturday.  Hi-Plains is 0-5 on the season but have played tough in all games.  Hi-Plains has played a tough schedule and things don’t get easier till next week.  Otis rounds out the YWKC league.

Class 1A 5280 League

#1 Flatirons Academy

#2 Shining Mountain

#3 Belleview Christian

#4 Front Range Baptist

#5 Rocky Mountain Lutheran

#6 Denver Academy of Torah

#7 Mile High Academy

#8 Denver Jewish Day

#9 Beth Eden

#10 Denver Waldorf

The biggest 1A league with 9 teams.  I think possibly 2 maybe 3 teams get into the playoffs but all comes down to numbers.  Flatirons Academy is my pick to win the 5280 league.  Flatirons Academy is 3-1 on the season and they picked up a huge league win over Shining Mountain last Saturday and now I think are in the drivers seat to win the league.  Flatirons Academy plays a pair of non-league games this weekend before moving back into league play next week.  Shining Mountain is my pick for 2nd place.  Shining Mountain is 4-1 on the season and have a pair of league wins.  Shining Mountain face Front Range Baptist on Friday and have a big game against Belleview Christian on Tuesday.  Belleview Christian is my pick for 3rd place.  Belleview Christian is 4-1 on the season and have 3 league wins so far.  They won’t face the top 2 till later in February.  Front Range Baptist is 1-2 on the season and my pick for 4th place.  Front Range Baptist lone league loss is to Belleview Christian.  Front Range Baptist face Shining Mountain on Friday and continue the tough games with a game against Flatirons Academy on Tuesday.  Rocky Mountain Lutheran is my pick for 5th place.  Rocky Mountain Lutheran is 3-3 on the season.  Rocky Mountain Lutheran main league schedule kicks off next week against Shining Mountain.  The rest of the league is still very much in the air and after this weekends game I should have a much better idea from #6 thru #10.