Class 1A Girls Basketball Breakdowns

Class 1A Girls Basketball Sweet 16 Predictions

Class 1A Girls Basketball Sweet 16 Predictions

The First Round is complete and a nearly perfect bracket after the first round.  One quick not Shining Mountain had to forfeit their game against Manzanola so Manzanola moved on to the Sweet 16.  There is another game that could be a forfeit in this round, but nothing is official so will not say any more. 

Playoff Prediction Review: 7-0 (100%)

The only game I would have missed was Manzanola getting the forfeit win over Shining Mountain.  Since I did not know about this, I am not going to count it against my Prediction Record. 

#1 Briggsdale over #16 Haxtun

Haxtun moved into the Sweet 16 with a 47 to 46 victory over Idalia.  Haxtun had to hold off a late rally by Idalia to hold onto the victory.  Haxtun was led in scoring by Taylor Schram (12 poings) and Bella Torri (12 points).  Great game by both teams but now Haxtun has to quickly refocus on their sweet 16 game.  Briggsdale enters the playoffs with a 12-0 record and winner of the North Central League.  Briggsdale is playing good basketball and 3 of their last 4 wins were over top 9 teams in the playoffs.  Briggsdale is led in scoring by Kylie Krise (15.6 ppg), Jenna Krise (14.0 ppg), and Shelby Hoffman (13.3 ppg).  These two teams have played head-to-head with Briggsdale capturing the 60 to 46 victory.  I am expecting another good game this time around.  Haxtun will have the advantage of playing a playoff game but with Briggsdale big wins to end the season should be enough to shake off any playoff rust.  I am going with Briggsdale over Haxtun.

#8 South Baca over #24 Manzanola

Manzanola received the Forfeit win over Shining Mountain.   Manzanola will finally hit the court on Thursday when they travel to South Baca.  Manzanola will have to play their best game of the season to pull the upset.  South Baca enters the playoffs with a 12-2 record and winners of the 1A Arkansas Valley league.  South Baca lost their final game of the season and will be looking to shake that loss off in this game.  South Baca is led in scoring by Alissa Hebberd (17.2 ppg), Jamie Quick (12.1 ppg), and Jentry Patrick (10.1 ppg).  South Baca will be the heavy favorite in this game but cannot overlook any opponent.  I am picking South Baca over Manzanola. 

#5 Kim/Branson over #12 Cotopaxi

Cotopaxi moved into the Sweet 16 with the 39 to 36 victory over Evangelical Christian.  Cotopaxi was able to hold off ECA and capture the victory in the First Round.  Cotopaxi now must quickly refocus on their next game.  Kim/Branson enters the playoffs with a 13-1 record and a second-place finish in the Arkansas Valley league.  Kim/Branson ended the season on a 5-game winning streak including two wins over playoff teams.  Kim/Branson is led in scoring by Talara Nittler (10.8 ppg), A.J Winford (10.6 ppg), and Emmalee Buhrle (8.2 ppg).  Kim/Branson and Cotopaxi have faced each other before with Kim/Branson snagging the 45 to 42 win over Cotopaxi.  I am expecting a similar result this time around.  I am going with Kim/Branson over Cotopaxi.  I think Kim/Branson will be ready for the height of Cotopaxi and win this game.

#4 Flatirons Academy over #13 Merino

Merino moved into the Sweet 16 with a 43 to 24 victory over Eads in the Sweet 16.  Merino had 3 players break into double digits, Faith Trenkle (11 points), Makenna Sutter (14 points), and Taysa Conger (11 points).  Merino now will quickly move their focus to a battle in the Sweet 16.  Flatirons Academy enters the playoffs with a 10-4 record and winners of the 5280 league.  All of Flatirons Academy losses are to top teams in Class 2A and 1A.  Flatirons Academy is led in scoring by Kenlee Durrill (16.6 ppg), Emma Cox (14.0 ppg), and Emily DeHaan (10.9 ppg).  This in my opinion could be one of the best games in the Sweet 16.  Merino has played tough against all their opponents and same goes to Flatirons Academy.  These two teams match up well and I think this game comes down to the wire.  I am going with Flatirons Academy over Merino, but I think this goes either way.

#2 Kit Carson over #15 Lone Star

Lone Star moved into the Sweet 16 with the 64 to 52 victory over Kiowa.  Lone Star had a big performance from Alison Davis who led all scorers with 25 points.  Lone Star will now turn their attention to the #2 team in the state.  Kit Carson enters the playoffs at 13-0 and winners of the High Plains League.  Kit Carson picked up 3 wins over playoff teams in their final 5 games.  Kit Carson is led in scoring by Sedonia Isenbart (9.8 ppg), Tess Johnson (9.8 ppg), and Stepanie Framel (7.4 ppg).  Kit Carson looks poised for another deep playoff run.  Lone Star and Kit Carson have not faced each other but both are 2-0 against common opponents.  Lone Star will need to have break out performances once against for their Junior leaders.  Kit Carson will look to use their size and their multi scoring offense will be tough to beat.  I am going with Kit Carson over Lone Star.  I think the size and tradition for Kit Carson will be to much.

#10 McClave over #7 Dove Creek

McClave moved into the Sweet 16 with the 43 to 30 victory over Belleview Christian.  McClave used a 15 to 5 2nd quarter to build their lead and move on with the victory.  McClave will now have to quickly refocus and be ready for a very good Dove Creek team.  Dove Creek enters the playoffs with a 13-0 record and winners of the San Juan Basin.  Dove Creek has an impressive win over Ignacio in their second to last game of the season.  Dove Creek will be looking to reach the elite 8 for the first time in 3 years.  Dove Creek is led in scoring by Grace Hatfield (21.2 ppg), Kobie Beanland (7.8 ppg), and Kalie Gatlin (7.4 ppg).  McClave has playoff experience from a year ago that could be pivotal in this game.  Dove Creek offensively must have a huge game from star Grace Hatfield.  This should be another great game and expect a very close result.  I am going with McClave over Dove Creek.

#6 Fleming over #11 Simla

Simla moved into the Sweet 16 with a 62 to 35 win over Longmont Christian.  Simla outscored Longmont Christian 29 to 14 in the First Half and cruised to the big win over Longmont Christian.  Simla had big performances from Kaitlyn Rector (26 points) and Cede Smith (19 points).  Simla now must focus on a traditional 1A power.  Fleming enters the playoffs with a 9-3 record and finished second in the North Central League.  Fleming is fully healthy and playing good basketball.  Fleming picked up 3 wins over playoff teams in their final 4 games and are battle tested.  Fleming is led in scoring by Kendyl Kirkwood (18.3 ppg), Whitney Chintala (14.0 ppg), and Madi Serrato (7.4 ppg).  Fleming and Simla did not face each other but both went 2-0 against Similar opponents.  In my opinion this is the best game I the Sweet 16 and probably could have been a game deeper in the playoffs.  Both teams match up well and will come down to defense and rebounding.  I am picking Fleming over Simla in a very close game.

#3 Sangre De Cristo over #14 Elbert

Elbert moved into the Sweet 16 with a close victory over Springfield 60 to 51.   Elbert was able to close the game out using a big 4th quarter and outscoring Springfield 27 to 21.  Elbert will now have to quickly recover and be ready for another big game with a top 3 team.  Sangre De Cristo is 10-2 on the season and winners of the Southern Peaks League.  Sangre De Cristo loses are to top 5 teams in Class 2A and both under 12 points.  Sangre De Cristo ended their season with the loss to Rocky Ford but should be ready for the playoff game.  Sangre De Cristo has plenty of tradition and will be ready for this game.  I am going with Sangre De Cristo over Elbert.  Elbert size could be a factor in this game but I think the speed and multiple scoring abilities from Sangre De Cristo prove to be the difference.  I do expect a close game but going with Sangre De Cristo.

Entire Playoff Bracket Predictions

Just a repost of my bracket I posted on Monday.