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MileHigh Prep Report Week 9 Rankings (Class 2A thru 6-Man)

Photo by Teresa O’Dwyer (Limon vs Wray)

MileHigh Prep Report Week 9 Rankings (Class 2A thru 6-Man)

Week 8 is in the books.  Plenty of movement this week.  No new #1 teams this week.  Bayfield in Class 2A, Calhan in 8-Man, and Briggsdale in 6-Man are all new teams who join the rankings.  Another great week of games upcoming.    

Class 2A                                                                    

 Last Week Results (Last week ranked)
1. Eaton (7-0)Won beat University (1, 9 Weeks)
2. Classical Academy (6-0)Won beat Woodland Park (2)
3. Resurrection Christian (5-1)Won beat Severance (3)
4. Delta (6-1)Won beat Basalt (5)
5. Severance (6-1)Lost to Resurrection Christian (4)
6. Moffat County (7-0)Won beat Aspen (6)
7. Brush (5-2)Forfeit win over Sterling (7)
8. Bayfield (5-1)Won beat La Junta (NR)
9. Elizabeth (5-2)Won beat Alameda (10)
10. University (4-3)Lost to Eaton (8)
·Others: Basalt, Platte Valley, Northfield, Kent Denver, Woodland Park, Alamosa Dropped out: Basalt (9)Notes: A few top 10 matchups and a few shake ups in the rankings.  We add a new team in Bayfield who joins the rankings at #8.  Basalt drops out of the rankings.  University stays in the rankings with a strong showing against Eaton.

Class 1A

 Last Week Results (Last week ranked)
1. Limon (7-0)Won beat Wray (1, 9 weeks)
2. Centauri (6-0)Won beat Northfield (2)
3. Florence (7-0)Bye (3)
4. Buena Vista (8-0)Won beat C.S Christian (5)
5. Wray (5-2)Lost to Limon (4)
6. Strasburg (4-3)Bye (6)
7. Holyoke (5-2)Won beat Wiggins (7)
8. Meeker (5-2)Won beat Gunnison (8)
9. North Fork (5-2)Won beat Roaring Fork (10)
10. Wiggins (5-2)Lost to Holyoke (9)
·Others: Monte Vista, Yuma, Gunnison, Flatirons Academy, Banning Lewis, Bennett Dropped out: NoneNotes: Very little movement this week in the rankings.  The only change is Buena Vista moving up from #5 to #4 and Wray falling from #4 to #5.  Except a few more changes next week as a few big games take place this week.


 Last Week Results (Last week ranked)
1. Haxtun (7-0)Bye (1, 2 weeks)
2. Mancos (5-0)Won beat Sanford (2)
3. Dayspring Christian (6-2)Won beat Sedgwick County (5)
4. Vail Christian (7-0)Won beat Gilpin County (6)
5. Sanford (5-2)Lost to Mancos (3)
6. Sedgwick County (4-3)Lost to Dayspring Christian (4)
7. Dove Creek (5-2)Forfeit win over Melrose (7)
8. Akron (5-2)Won beat Denver Christian (8)
9. Holly (6-1)Won beat Hoehne (9)
10. Calhan (6-1)Won beat Pikes Peak Christian (NR)
·Others: Pikes Peak Christian, Crowley County, Simla, Swink, Byers, Merino Dropped Out: Pikes Peak Christian (10)Notes: Crazy week of games and plenty of changes this week. Both #3 Sanford and #4 Sedgwick County lost.  Dayspring Christian moves up to #3 and Vail Christian move up #4.  Sanford falls to #5 with Sedgwick County right behind them at #6.  Calhan rejoins the rankings this week beating #10 Pikes Peak Christian.  Another crazy week upcoming. 


 Last Week Results (Last week ranked)
1. Cheyenne Wells (8-0)Won beat Genoa-Hugo (1, 5 Weeks)
2. Granada (6-1)Won beat Branson/Kim (2)
3. Fleming (7-1)Won beat Prairie (3)
4. Stratton (6-1)Won beat Peetz (4)
5. Idalia (5-2)Won beat Kiowa (6)
6. Branson/Kim (6-1)Lost to Granada (5)
7. Prairie (5-3)Lost to Fleming (7)
8. Sierra Grande (6-0)Won beat Arickaree/Woodlin (8)
9. Cheraw (5-3)Won beat Cotopaxi (10)
10. Briggsdale (6-2)Won beat North Park (NR)
·Others: Genoa-Hugo, Mountain Valley, Arickaree/Woodlin, Hanover, North Park, Hi-Plains Dropped Out: Genoa-Hugo (9)Notes: Some movement this week.  Idalia moves back into the top 5 at #5.  Branson/Kim falls to #6.  A new team joins the rankings this week with Briggsdale joining the rankings again.  Genoa-Hugo falls out of the top 10.